Visual Basic for the Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW

Visual Basic for the Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW

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Back in September, we released the CTP of Visual Basic for the Windows Phone Developer Tools. Today we're pleased to announce the immediate availability of the RTW version of the Visual Basic add-on. You can immediately download VB support for the Windows Phone developer tools.

The big news is that you can now build and release Silverlight applications and games for Windows Phone built in Visual Basic to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

In addition, we've spent time beefing up our VB for WP sample code. Check out new VB versions of our released samples on MSDN.

We're extremely excited to officially add support for Visual Basic to Windows Phone, and we can't wait to see all of the new apps and games you'll create with it.

For more information about this release, check out the following resources:

  • The Visual Basic team's blog
  • Soma's announcement of the release on his blog
  • Jason Zander's blog post on the release

Please note the following:

  • This initial release of the Visual Basic add-on for the Windows Phone Developer Tools requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher; Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone is not supported. If you do not have VS 2010 Pro or higher, you can download a trial version here.
  • This release is only for Silverlight projects only; the Visual Basic add on for the Windows Phone Developer Tools does not support projects built on the XNA Framework.

Larry Lieberman, Product Manager, Windows Phone Developer Experience

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  • Yes. (Ignoring ChevronWP7, which I still have on my computer ;) )

    However, Microsoft is talking with the developers of ChevronWP7 to expand homebrew possibilities. Sounds like it'll become a 'no' in the future.

    Also, don't forget that apple charges the same for the same privilege.

  • Ark-kun
    18 Posts

    Please answer this question (just yes or no):

    Is it true that you must pay MS $99 every year to be entitled to run your own (created by yourself) apps on your own phone?

    P.S. Was it too hard to make this blog Microsoft LiveID compatible (or even OpenID compatible)?

  • John
    26 Posts

    @kitron: Thank you! Yes, it's a VB.NET app (also my desktop app).

  • *sigh*

    What's the ETA on blend support? :/

  • feifan
    1 Posts

    Great. do hope python/perl tool is coming too.

  • When does Visual Basic get XNA Support, I do not see any reason why, just remove the reference to microsoft.visualbasic

  • Congrats guys! Keep up the great work!

  • kitron
    15 Posts

    @divinglog That's a sweet looking app, is it written in VB.NET?

  • John
    26 Posts

    Awesome, thank you! Finally I can submit my app:

  • sunco
    26 Posts

    Initial release ? So will be Express support on next ? Ok, must download Trial for now..

  • This will surely spur more apps in the store. Just hope people focus on quality.