5 of 10 - Give feedback on touch and progress within your UI

5 of 10 - Give feedback on touch and progress within your UI

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Without feedback and progress controls, an application lacks communication to users. Implementing touch feedback and progress ensures the application is performing properly, indicating successful user interaction, furthermore it allows to establish the proper dialogue between the user and the device. Give touch feedback and indicate progress—number seven of top ten things to make sure are implemented on your application.

Feedback on Touch
Feedback provides confirmation in response to user actions. Displaying feedback defines the distinction between interactive and static elements. Visually providing feedback drives the navigation and guides users towards a path. Touch feedback on WP7 is represented with a tilt effect, suggesting the illusion of an item physically being pressed. Utilize the same behavior consistently within your application so the user receives visual confirmation every time they interact with your app.

Progress Indication
Progress indicators visually represent the results of user actions being processed. Touch feedback notifies the user of the element they’ve tapped, however, progress indicators communicate the action is taking effect. You should always incorporate progress indicators throughout your experience. Absence of progress indicators results in a lack of communication between user and device leaving the user wondering if the device is working properly.
You can get more information on when to use determinate and indeterminate progress bars and code samples here. Also a nice variation that lets the animation smoothly finish before disappearing created by one of our Silverlight gurus Jeff Wilcox can be found here.


- Alfred Astort
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  • Thanks "otherRobots", that post on Panorama guidelines is on the pipeline

  • ARTICLE SUGGESTION: You guys should post some additional design guidance on use of panormas. I'm noticing that very few apps that implement panormas are paying any attention to parallax effects. Most panorama apps are using background that are exactly as wide as the panorma foreground, which leads to a degraded, 2-D experience. This has been covered in some articles and guides, but it looks like it needs more attention.

    I haven't tried to create a panorama app yet or seen the templates, but perhaps there's a way for you guys to update the sample apps/templates to encourage developers to choose background images of appropriate, narrower widths.

  • WP7  is very good. But I wish for a couple of improvements. Allow multitasking. Improve IE so that it has flash, silverlight. Plus let notifications be more visible such as phone signal, Wi-Fi, battery, etc.

  • MrChas
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    Not sure if this is the right place but here it is:

    Overall I really like my windows phone 7! Great phone with a ton of potential. I like the UI so much better than Andriod or iPhone. A couple of things though.

    1) When I hit the Phone live Tile I would like to see the dial keypad first instead of a list of my frequent calls. What would be nice is to quickly transition between the dial pad and last calls with a swipe of the screen instead of having to select the keypad button from the small (almost cant see) icon below.

    2) When I go to People it would be great if it defaulted to the recently contated list. I would also want that list to be vertical and not horizontal. Or at least give me option to change the list orientation maybe?

    3) I like the way my zune player navigates music better then the way the phone does it currently. I like the way the zune uses all screen input to go back and forth between the various sections of the app. For example, when I am listening to a particular album it seems I have to use the "back" button ont eh Phone to get back to my list of atists. It would be nice if I could simply navigate back using screen input. Hope this one makes some sense. Not sure if i explained it clearly enough.

    4) It would be great to roll out multi-tasking and some of the missing security features as soon as possible. If for nothing else to get the Apple and Andriod Fanboys to shutup... I know copy and paste is coming..

    5) Anyway to better specify the Main email account on the phone. Sometimes I send email from my hotmail account when I really wanted it to go from my exchange account. I know we can designate per mail but it is somewhat confusing the way it currently is..


  • Genial!, nos vemos el 15 Dic en el Mobilty Show- Madrid...