Show Me Your App. Go to a Big Party.

Show Me Your App. Go to a Big Party.

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Next week we will be in San Francisco for the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference.  It’s a big conference with lots of attendees expected.  Microsoft will have a number of people there to connect with developers and partners and will be throwing a big party on Thursday night (March 3rd) to celebrate.

We are going to bring five WP7 developers as our guests to the party.  Want to be one of them?  Here’s what you need to do:

1.  Come to the WP7 lobby device bar (near the entrance) on Thursday, March 3rd between 5:00 – 7:00 PM PST

2.  Bring your app and give us a demo

  • Have the app on your WP7 device or bring your XAP and we’ll view it on one of our phones
  • Preference will be given to apps that are further along, but all apps, regardless of their stage of development, will be considered

3.  We will select our five favorite apps and will bring the developers as our guests to the party on Thursday night (party starts at 9:00 PM)

  • Selections will be made on lots of factors, some of which will be:  creativity of the app, usefulness, polish/quality, potential impact, fun factor, etc.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you are working on!

Ben Lower, Product Manager, Windows Phone Developer Experience

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  • UKDev
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    @Ben Lower, Tweet sent! you can find me at

  • Ben Lower
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    @UKDev get in touch with me on twitter at @benlower.  we have phones available and i want to hear more about what you're working on!

  • UKDev
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    Hi Ben, it's great to see Microsoft interacting with developers like this. I am a student in the UK, and Microsoft are doing a good job of pushing the WP7 platform as one with strong development tools and easy access. The only ambigious area is development hardware. Are there even development phones available? It seems there is no information available.

    My large university is entering students in several competitons involving Silverlight, WP7, XNA and other Microsoft technologies, so there is a wealth of talented young developers with the skills and experience to pick up the platform and run, but I don't know a single person who has received a phone that they can use to test out personal projects outside of university work.