Be What’s Next with “Mango” Developer Tools and Platform

Be What’s Next with “Mango” Developer Tools and Platform

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” For two thousand years people have evoked this little pearl of wisdom from Seneca to explain why some people appear to stumble upon success more readily than others. Those words resonate with me personally as the guy responsible for the Windows Phone Developer ecosystem. We feel accountable to both sides of the equation: working hard to prepare developers with the tools, guidance, training and platform to create amazing content, on the one hand; and generating new opportunities through a thriving ecosystem, on the other. Today at Microsoft’s annual MIX event we are telling developers why our next version of Windows Phone represents the next great developer opportunity.

Let me start by explaining what “it” is. As Steve Ballmer noted in February, the next version of Windows Phone (code named Mango) will ship later this year and introduce some significant new features like hardware-accelerated IE9 with HTML5, enhanced multitasking capabilities, Twitter in the People hub and better support for Office documents in SkyDrive to name just a few. Today, we’re telling developers about the set of Windows Phone Developer Tools coming next month for Mango. We’re also talking about steps we’ve taken to extend the reach that developers will have with the next version of Windows Phone. What we aren’t doing is demonstrating UI or end user features and capabilities. Today is about preparing developers for the next opportunity.

For the new developer tools and platform, we asked ourselves – and many of you – what developers want most. We heard loud and clear the desire for the ability to create apps and games that addresses new scenarios with things like Web, Augmented Reality and messaging. We also heard that developers love the fact that their apps are tightly integrated into the OS and that they want even more visibility and access. We took that feedback, went to work on the next set of tools and here’s what we came up with:

We are empowering developers with new capabilities that enable new app scenarios, such as;

  • “Multitasking” meets Integrated Experiences with Live Agents: Superior customer engagement with real time interactions via Live Tiles, Push Notifications, Deep Linking and Background Agents. Multitasking is also enhanced to allow for fast applications switching, as well as background audio and file transfer.
  • Phone Integration has been greatly improved for developers looking to enable their applications to do more with their apps. The Live Tiles, Extras and push notifications functionality has been expanded to give developers more flexibility to engage with their customers.
  • Developers will also have access to the Motion Sensor library and the camera, enabling amazing augmented reality experiences. The integration extends deeper into the operating system via sockets and database access now available to apps and games.

Specific to the refreshed Windows Phone Developer Tools that arrive in May, we’ve also added;

  • A new profiler and emulator for testing
  • Support for Silverlight AND XNA in the same project
  • Structured storage that enables access to SQL database
  • Access to calendar and contacts through apps
  • And much more

Developers will be able to take advantage of all of the above when tools arrive in May. As always, we’re working hard to help developers prepare with sessions at MIX, a variety of new training and online content and of course the small army of evangelists working around the globe to help developers get every ounce of capability out of our platform.

We’re also working hard on the second piece of the equation: opportunity. For us, that means thinking about the market holistically and creating an ecosystem that, in terms of commerce and innovation, is truly greater than the sum of its parts. We believe the model should be one that serves the developer, not the other way around. We started with a commitment to quality and transparency and have steadily gained support and momentum for the burgeoning ecosystem. Now we are incredibly excited about what our alliance with Nokia means for our mutual developers and the long term potential of our shared ecosystem. And as you may have read, we’re not alone. Several industry analysts have come out in recent weeks with projections that market share for Windows Phone worldwide would climb as high as #2 over the next four years. Nokia ran a tough competition and a big part of why we won is our early developer momentum. Together Microsoft, Nokia and our other partners have huge, global ambitions.

We’re off to a great start with nearly 13,000 apps, 38,000 registered developers and more than 1.5 million tools downloaded already. Now we need to expand the opportunity for developers and get their creativity in front of more people. The next version of Windows Phone expands the developer opportunity through Windows Phone Marketplace adding:

  • More countries – 35 Mango countries with creation and commerce.
  • More Reach – Dedicated games Marketplace, beta distribution
  • More Discoverability – Exposure through Bing Search “Extras,” search functionality and new merchandising opportunities
  • More Monetization – More MO billing, expanded country support for advertising SDK

Now, you’ve heard us say that every developer matters. To show that we’re serious about helping creative people do what they love, today we made a little deal with one Windows Phone fan we’ve been tracking. Brandon Foy generated some buzz with the “We Love Windows Phone” fan video he created in January. Brandon’s passion inspired the community. He inspired us too, so we asked Brandon to make a second video. And if enough people like it, we’ll run it on television. Just 200k views gets Brandon’s creativity on National TV. Check it out at

So what does it all mean? We’re showing developers that our new ecosystem is taking shape and is already projected to be “what’s next” in mobile. We’re demonstrating that we’re not forgetting what got us here: quality, transparency and enabling the developer community to keep doing what it does best. We’re continuing to grow and invest to bring more apps to more people in new and creative ways. These aren’t commitments or opportunities that start later. The time to prepare for what’s next is now. Developers who are registered with App Hub, working with the existing Windows Phone Developer Tools and have an app or game in Marketplace have a head start. They know the tools, appreciate the Windows Phone design system and probably already have an idea of how Mango unlocks a thousand new doors. We said many times that we understand that we’re a new platform and respect that many developers will take a “wait and see” approach. With Mango, new tools and an accelerated ecosystem, Windows Phone is going to another level. If you haven’t registered, used the tools or explored the platform, we’d love for you to take a fresh look at what we’ve done to create a new long term opportunity with Windows Phone.

Lastly, thank you to all the developers who have already contributed so much momentum to Windows Phone. We are committed to giving back.


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  • technoloG
    21 Posts

    Let your voice be heard for full backup with restore and trasfer capability!

  • technoloG
    21 Posts

    So, what ever happened to full backup and restore? There were hints at a cloud-based solution yet nothing new came out of the Mango release.

    To be clear, when a user has an update the phone will be backed up; however there is no option to perform regular or "at will" backups otherwise. Updates are very infrequent, which doesn't allow for much peace of mind.

    It's unclear as to why the functionality for backing up that is available when performing an update can't be bound to a single button in Zune. No WindowsPhone update is necessary.

    This is an extremely necessary core function of this system, not a feature.

    If you need help with this, I am available for contract work to get this done.

  • Hi Matt,

    I love the dedication your team is showing, as is my team on working with our app.

    Where can I read more specifically which API's will be opened?

    I am looking in particular for contact API's and incoming/outgoing call hooks.

  • Tapsa
    1 Posts

    Hi, "hardware-accelerated IE9 "; what does this mean in practise? Does this require some (new) dedicated HW in chipset? Or re-using some existing one (graphics, video hw)?

  • Will Costa Rica be one of the 35 new countries accepted on App Hub?

  • Will Romania be one of the 35 new countries accepted on App Hub?

  • To what StephC said, I must add this: we're 3+ years into the smartphone craze, and it's not like there's been a lack of creative ideas in that space. The vast majority of emerging WP7 software will be ports of existing mobile apps, as opposed to development from scratch. And here Microsoft goes, erecting a HUGE barrier to entry - in order to port anything, you have to rewrite it into a language no other mobile platform uses (save WinMobile, kinda). Since when is this a good way to grow an app scene?

  • Guys,

    I really would like to understand the MS position about banning C/C++

    Security is not a correct answer, because it's in fact quite easy and efficient to create a sandbox, use an hypervisor-like layer under the app, use the hardware and run the apps in user mode, seriously, look at nacl, that's not that hard.

    More options means more developers, and in this case much more experienced games developers.

    Give us the C++/OpenGL stack,

    I've asked the same, as many others, on the Android forum when they launched.

    The Android team was all for Java, a kind of church, and they considered C++ as dirty, they didn't trust the third parties developers.

    Six months later they released the first version of their Native SDK, now it's a full blown C++/OpenGL SDK, it's used mostly for games.

    It's not because we can't write games with XNA, it's because we don't want to write code that will work for a single platform that is almost non-existent on the market.

    And don't tell me that MS is in a very good shape at the moment in the mobile space, they aren't, and they should seriously reconsider their SDK strategy.

    Developers, developers developers, seems MS forgot that, or maybe they think that the dreams of the best coders out there is to rewrite their code to a new language, easier to use, with a lot of sugar on top.

    That's for inexperienced developers, there are many of them, but they don't build great things.

    Ask a a very good cook is he wants to use an "easy to use" owen, like a microwave.

  • TLM
    3 Posts

    matt, good sir. I'm thinking of buying a windows phone so i would like to ask if could just upgrade it to "mango" or do i need to buy a new phone made for the new phone OS?

  • PedroMA
    1 Posts

    I still think its a big shame, that MS is not supporting a proper sync of all MS Outlook info with the wp7 smartphone. So, just like me, many of us professional Outlook worriers would just come back from iOS and Adroid to MS wp7, just because of finally being able to completely sync with Outlook... like in the "good" old Symbian days!;-)

    Maybe Mr. Elop can convince Mr. Balmer on this..., since Nokia knows what mobile users like and need...?!?

  • I will be purchasing a Dev account just to get early access to the Mango update in May, but I'd really love it if MS would enable users to partake in beta testing of their phone updates. I think it's kind of *meh* that I have to shell out 99$ for 1 year of update previews. Well, it's my own fault for wanting to be on the bleeding edge at all times, but still...

  • JasonB
    2 Posts

    When are we going to see proper App+Hub integration? Of all the features that were most interesting about the WP7 platform the Hubs feature was near the top and has been the most disappointing so far. WP7 was supposed to avoid the "in and out" of apps all the time focus that other platforms use.

    To me this sounded like Apps, if coded to support it, would be able to include their relevant data in common streams in Hubs or add a new panel of their own into the panorama. Not get a link hidden away in an "Extras" section - somewhere no one will notice and doesn't even fit the purpose of the Hubs.

    I imagined it to be something like this:

    The WP7 has a (good) YouTube app and Netflix installed, so the Music & Videos panaroma would look like:

    Zune/Now Playing(Whatever media is playing, if you are watching a Netflix movie, it is here too)/History(incl. YouTube and Netflix videos)/New (again incl. 3rd party new content)/YouTube panel/Netflix Panel

    On the YouTube and Netflix panels it would show a quick look at your recent/suggested content, offer quick functions that would link to functions in the app (search, buy etc) and obviously let you jump straight into the app. This functionality would be available for all Hubs so if say Steam or Sony (unlikely, yeah) wanted to add an App for their relevant game software (so you can chat to your friends using their system, see achievements and whatnot) to WP7 they could have a panel in the Games Hub, where it belongs.

    I realise with this model the Hubs could get overcrowded if you let any App add panels, and don't give any sort of control to the user. So Microsoft should scrutinise any App that adds a panorama panel and the end user should decide if they want the panel there or not. So just as the App asks for permissions on install it should also ask to include its panel and, if you decide later you don't want it, you can remove it at any time from Settings.

  • ziibin
    2 Posts

    When will Chinese developer can get the support?

  • You should solve the issues faced by international developers with IRS letter for getting an ITIN - (anyway, the whole process described at is a mess - Microsoft should try to work with US and EU on this, making it easier for developers to sell software in such international marketplaces can help world economy)

  • @Matt - This all sounds great.  I'm really looking forward to getting the new developer tools.  But what about the OS itself?  Will devs be able to DL CTPs of the Mango OS so that we can test outside of the emulator?  iOS devs have this ability, why not us?

  • maldor
    1 Posts

    Per blog articles

    Please announce access to sockets to allow some better enterprise application. Especially to IBM so Windows Phone 7 can be in the roadmap for Lotus Notes Traveler updates.

    At the moment WP7 has no integration with enterprise configurations of Lotus and from what I am reading there is no plan on the IBM side to do it unless they get better access.

    Please resolve

  • casper7
    14 Posts

    Matt, any way you can convince Eric to be more active on the windows phone blog?  more posts would be nice but if he could at least answer to some comments that would be greatly appreciated.  for "GM, Customer Experience Engineering" he isn't very good at communicating with the customers.

  • Dargos
    1 Posts

    Excellent upgrades for me !

    With all this, I don't know if this is now possible : I need to add a button (extras) in contacts so that i can call my app from a specific contact ! (or switch button for parameters for this contact)

    And another thing : contact chooser : no filter available !? => i want to register the fact that a contact has installed my app too and filter on this !

    Best regards !

    waiting for NoDo, and... MANGO !!   :D

  • Re to Leigh: passive-agressive behavior much, good sir? "It you believe that you'd like iOS or Android better, please start using them and leave us alone." "You sound incapable". Meanwhile, back in my reality, both iOS and Android still outsell WP7 by a healthy margin. "Love it or leave it", you say? Is that the way to talk to developers that - accourding to some - matter, every single one?

    For the record, I personally don't have a smartphone. Doesn't keep me from developing for four of those. It's not about likes or dislikes or capability - it's about business sense. Rewriting working code into another language adds no value, except maybe in the long term. In case of a first version of an SDK, there's a good chance even that code will have to be ditched down the road (remember ASP.NET 1.0?) It's a time investment I find hard to justify, as a business owner.

    As for platform control... Do you honestly believe that WP7 will never be jailbroken? Oh, and look at Windows proper. Native code all around. Platform control - yes, sorta-kinda, to a degree. Cash cow? Absolutely.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    "As you know we are continually lookng at providing the best experience to our consumers and developers."

    Don't lie to us.  There are tons of issues with this platform and you guys have consistently ignored 90% of them.  I won't be/can't realistically recommend this platform to anyone, because Microsoft is tone-deaf and that won't be changing anytime in the near future.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Gonna be blunt and to the point.  No sideloading?  I'm gonna have to get rid of my HD7 and stick to Android.  I develop apps for myself, to make my life easier.  I'm not paying $99 just so I can put my own apps on my own phone and bolster Microsoft's App Count propaganda.

    Will look into WebOS in the meantime.  Anyone want to buy a T-Mobile HD7 for $200 (just to ETF) in like new condition with Body Glove case, lemme know...

  • can microsoft consider this in the mango update?

  • Excellent  news Matt. Looking forward to have the new tools and API! A question though: the sensors API will include Compass and light sensors? Those would be important enhancements and would leverage WP7 sensors API with both main competitors.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts



    Because of the control we lose, it is very unlikley that MS WILL EVER allow unmanaged code on WP7.   If you have C++ code to port, and don't wish to do it, farm it out to any of the myriad talented developers.

    By saying that you can't port C++ to C#, you sound incapable, and i'm sure that is not how you mean to come across.


    Great Job on Mango.  I do look forward to playing with the tools.   If we look at the original launch timing, I would think we could have Mango on our AT&T phones in October.    At least I hope.

    Mango still has some limitations, but I think that Microsoft is correct for adding capability and removing limitations cautiously.   The tenets of the design brought forth at MIX indicate that Microsoft is very serious about the platform.


    It will come.   Just because Microsoft is working on the next few releases doesn't mean that a full team is not on the updates for NoDo.   Microsoft has almost 90,000 employees, so they do have enough resources to do both.    Get real.   Go on being insulted if you like.

    iPhone and Android:

    It you believe that you'd like iOS or Android better, please start using them and leave us alone.   iOS is old in my opinion.  Apple is well engineered, but I don't care for them or their business practices, and I really don't like iTunes.  

    Android is too open, and therefore invites unpredictable operation.   Almost every day a new virus or malicious app is discovered.   Android almost never gets updates.   They are great at selling new phones to get people updates, rather than roll out updates.   When the updates do roll out, they brick many phones.

    I believe that WP7 is fresh and new, is getting better by the day, has very intriguing apps and capability, and seeing an upswell of activity and popularity.

    And Joe Belfiore rocks.  Glad to have you at the helm, Joe.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


  • Romania is not between these new 35 countries ... hmm.. big shame MS .. it is a country with a lot of WP7 development potential !!!

  • jdlaw75
    1 Posts

    Please may we have access to Sockets and Bluetooth, specifically the BT Serial Port Profile?

    Apart from that, the tools are just great!

  • Call me back when I can compile C++ for Windows Phone 7. Like, you know, for every other mobile system on the market (save Blackberry).

    I'm a developer, a legacy one. When the "Silverlight-only" decision came down the pike, I couldn't help feeling like MSFT threw me under the bus. Make no mistake, I know and like C#. The issue is - transition costs. Here I am, sitting on thousands of lines of working, well-tested C++ code that work under Windows Mobile, Android, iOS... but not WP7. I'm not asking for full WinCE API compatibility - something along the lines of Google's Android NDK would do. Come up with a sandbox, choose the safe 1% of the API... Please.

    1 Posts

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  • nodo+mango+(the next) are all developed at the same time. The team sizes are optimal. Microsoft has the best possible resources, loads of money and they are going to win in the long run. Patience

    "If 1.5 million tools have been downloaded, and there's only 13,000 apps, that means 0.86% of tools downloaded ends up producing an app on Marketplace. Not all that stellar when put into context."

    So you expect the applications to appear in less than a second. Bad math. F-. back to school...

    Anyway this is like the IE vs Netscape. Start late, but enormous resources will win at the end.

    Why do you think Nokia chose M$? Win8 for ARM (32bit slim version) and WP8 are going to be close.

    The integration with desktop will be better than anything you have ever seen.

    BTW: the specs for Win 9 and WP9 have already been written - they may change though

    but the future is only depending on project timing (IMHO) if early then it all starts at 2012

    I'll wait the HW to mature: ARM getting more powerful, others closing in on 1W

    BT 4.0, LTE+enhanced, scaling to 22nm, OLED++ (3D popular?), NFC, batteries, multui antennas/transfer/SIM/PIM...

  • dkb1898
    167 Posts

    I must say, impressive! I just hope for the platforms sake there are updates between now and early 2012 (when us AT&T customer will realistically see Mango)

  • Mursel
    2 Posts

    Well this is what I except from MS... thanks!

  • Thakksy
    2 Posts

    Thats good news, thanks for answering and dont worry my NoDo arrived ages ago and very happy with Windows Phone indeed!

  • @Thakksy as JoeB announced yesterday at his MIX keynote, SKYPE is on the way.  As for the discrepancy in regional app availability, it's up to the publisher, not MSFT on the locales they choose to launch, although we are encouraging our developer community to launch to as many as possible for optimal exposure.

  • @Nater @Captiosus @Patrik22 @Bobby Cannon @blackjid @Casper7 Again everyone, I do appreciate and understand your frustrations around the NoDo update.  As I mentioned earlier Eric Hautala is managing the communications around the NoDo update so please check back on the Windows Phone Blog for updates -

  • Thakksy
    2 Posts

    To the Microsoft team: Will we ever see a skype app? and why uk users can't get the same apps as us users?

  • When are you going to make it possible for me to develop my *own* apps, to put on my *own* phone, without having to pay $99/year? I'm interesting in dabbling, and perhaps at some point even interested in sharing, but for now, I'm not pleased about having to *pay* to mess around with my own private apps.

    When you killed the efforts of the ChevronWP7, there was a strong implication that you'd find a way to support homebrew development? Where is it?

  • @Bruno Nunes As you know we are continually lookng at providing the best experience to our consumers and developers.  Bing is a key partner in this process.  As Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop announced during our partnership announcement, we will be looking at opportunities within our Nokia partnership to leverage the great map work that they have done in the past.  I encourage you to read the article in detail - and to staytuned for future announcements.

  • @dex2500 We are continually looking at our country rollout plan and with Nokia now a key partner and worldwide presence, this will be a larger focus area for us.  Stay Tuned!

  • @ Steve Williams We fully understand and appreciate the inconvenience and complexity some developers face with our current system.  It is designed to both be in compliance with our understanding of US law and to help ensure that developers outside the US receive the most favorable tax treatment withholding of revenue generated that is allowed under the various tax treaties the US has with different countries around the world.  We take this step so developers can keep more of what they earn. On this note, Todd Brix will announce today at MIX that we are working to both simplify and automate this process for developers.  If you are in the Las Vegas area, his session is at the Mandalay Ball Ballroom at 11:30am

  • casper7
    14 Posts

    Matt       first, thanks for being one of the few to reply to comments on your blog.  now i have a question i hope you can answer, why can't we get dates on the progress of the nodo update?  early april and coming soon are so braud that it doesn't really answer much.  All we want to know is when, WHEN can we expect our update?  :,(  we just want to know!

  • Mark
    6 Posts

    @blackjid  based on how difficult it is to roll out a update (hardware issues, carrier issues, etc)  I think I would perfer a major update verses small frequent ones..   If you paid attention to Android you will have noticed several updates were later patched because of issues..  so they have had to fix the fix several times now.  That ecosystem is a free for all crazy mess where apps crash constantly and you don't know if what you are downloading is malware or not.

  • wow.. lots of ppl complaining about "wheres my update" here. Anyway i hope everyone gets their updates soon and im glad to know theres lots and LOTS of good things to come for wp7. I have a focus and im pretty happy with it even using it in an unsupported country. The only thing i miss in wp7 is the full support of bing in non-us contries and video mms. hope those things comes in a near future. wp7 = win :)

  • Hi!, I'm very excited about all the announcements, .. I like that it's clear your are working hard and trying to keep up with the times.

    But I do have a question. Why you need to wrap all this great features in a major release that it's going to take a lot to be released, instead of release more frequent update with some of these features? I understand that things like multitasking is a major-release-feature, but what about thing like marketplace search, listbox object improvements should overpass the expectations of the end-users giving them gifts (updates) on a lot more frequent basis

    thanks!",  oh!;  in the where's my update there are some open market phones, what phone are those?, where can I get an open market samsung focus?..


  • The only thing I want from the Marketplace is to pay foreign developers without requiring us to obtain an ITIN or EIN from the IRS.  Apple and Google can do it (Google's was exceedingly easy to setup).  With so many foreign developers being refused a ITIN recently (see the AppHub forums), it is getting more difficult to get paid for the apps we want to sell on the marketplace.

  • I'm not excited again. Let's get this right and let's get the update roll out process fixed. WP7 = Win!

  • dex2500
    1 Posts

    Do you have any idea when buying apps from the marketplace will be available for users in other EU countries which are currently not supported?

  • I have a question regarding the NoDo update. I have a O2-branded (UK) HTC HD7, that is otherwise carrier-unlocked. I live and use my phone in Sweden, yet it seems that I have to wait for O2 to approve that my phone is updated. Please give a reasonable explanation to why this is the case.

    Meanwhile I have an updated Samsung Omnia 7 (unbranded and carrier unlocked) phone that doesn't work at all with my current carrier (Telia SE), and I'm not alone with this problem. It drops calls more often than not, which means that I have two phones that I really can't use the way I should be able to. The carrier and Samsung are aware of the problem (as is Microsoft Sweden) since several months back but they have just been waiting for the NoDo-update to solve the problem (which it didn't).

    That is a lot of wasted money on my behalf and a nice recipie for failure for Microsoft.

  • @ Tiago Fauto - We get that quesiton a lot and is something we are looking into for a future release, but as of right now we don't have any announcements.

  • @tmhstoner - mango is a complete O/S release, but will come out as an update to existing customers

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    "We’re off to a great start with nearly 13,000 apps, 38,000 registered developers and more than 1.5 million tools downloaded already."

    As I have repeatedly said to Android and Apple fans, number of Apps is meaningless - quality of Apps is important. So Marketplace just cracked 13,000 apps. How many of them are positively reviewed? A vast majority of apps in the Marketplace, including a lot of the XBL games, are rated 2.5 stars or lower.

    38,000 registered devs but only 13,000 apps means only 34.2% of the developers actually developed for the platform. 1.5 million tools downloaded? That's a bogus metric since they're completely free. I've downloaded them and I'm still a novice C#/VS/XNA programmer. But, I'll play: If 1.5 million tools have been downloaded, and there's only 13,000 apps, that means 0.86% of tools downloaded ends up producing an app on Marketplace. Not all that stellar when put into context.

    I see everyone is still chest pounding the #2 "projection" that came out before comScore's actual numbers which show you're losing market share. That projection was a complete crock, predicated on the ideas that A) the global smartphone will explode in the next two years (questionable); B) Apple will continue to stagnate with minimal changes between device (possible, but not very logical); and C) someone will be righting the mess that is the WP7 ship (doesn't appear to be the case).

    This is a lot of smoke and mirrors, which, admittedly, Microsoft has become very adept at. This is reminiscent of all the promises made before WP7 came out; Promises which not only haven't been met, but have been pushed to the side while Microsoft plays the blame game about the update fiasco. I'd love to have faith in these promises, but considering I technically shouldn't even have NoDo yet - and no one knows when the hell people will see it, not just on AT&T but on carriers elsewhere as well - why should I care about Mango?

    There's even misdirection within the blogs themselves:

    Dev Blog: "...the next version of Windows Phone (code named Mango) will ship later this year..."

    Later this year - nice vagueness.

    Phone Blog which points to JoeB's MIX Keynote: "Mango is on schedule for release at the end of this year."

    END OF THIS YEAR - not so vague.

    You want me, and developers, to be excited about an update that isn't going to be done for another 7-8 months, and likely won't be on all devices until next Spring/Summer? Assuming, of course, the platform lasts that long. Without regular updates to catch up - and WP7 was years behind out of the gate, but we were promised regular updates to address that fact - the platform is going to fall further and further into the well of irrelevance. As I posted over on the Phone blog side, by the time Mango is out of your hands (late Winter 2011), iPhone and iOS 5 will be out and Android Dev will probably have Honeycomb 3.0 or 3.3 ready for smartphone use rather than just tablet use. And you'll still be 2 years behind.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Why not roll out updates to enable features between NoDo and Mango.  NoDo was basically a non-factor update that did nothing fix obvious bugs that shouldn't have existed in the RTM build and add C&P which should have been there from the get go.  I'm basically forced to carry two phones because WP7 is useless for too many things.  Waiting 6 months for an update, IMO, is not going to be acceptable to me.  I'll have to sell this and upgrade my Android phone if Microsoft things the OS should remain in it's current useless state for so long...  I'm simply aghast that they think customers are willing to accept a Desktop Service Pack update schedule for an OS that was released with less features and capabilities than most Feature Phone devices...

  • Hi Matt, with all the focus on games, what ever happened to an SDK for real time multiplayer games?

  • So is mango an update or a brand new version of the phone?

  • The new capabilities includes with the new platform seems to be interresting specially the Support for Silverlight AND XNA in the same project. So as you said we are waiting for the next!

  • nsergiu
    1 Posts

    We want VoIP support for apps, as well :)

  • Mark
    6 Posts

    While you guys are updating the emulator how about allowing me to emulate/simulate a bad data connection.. such as throttling it and even disabling it..  that way I can more easily test those situations.  Not everywhere and everyone has a great cellular data connection.. apps that don't work well with a slow connection are a terrible user experience.

  • well its really good news for developers...

    just a question... what about an bluetooth ability to transfer files?

  • @IntraWebs I appreciate your excitement, thanks for the positive view on how we are trending.  Stay tuned on games that will leverage the Mango functionality, the gyro adds all kinds of opportunities!

  • @TechnoloG We aren’t doing a full “Mango unveil” today and delving into all of the features and capabilities of the new platform, but stay tuned for more. Today all I can say is that we have indicated greater cloud support via Office docs on SkyDrive.

  • FANTASTIC!  Lots of great stuff here.  Looking forward to the dedicated Games marketplace and the expanded ads in other countries and hell, anything gaming related!

  • @stefanprodan - Unfortunately, Romania is currently not one of the supported Mango countries.  However, we have a managed vendor (Yalla) who has worked directly with our AppHub team to create a site for our developers who do not have access to create on AppHub. You can read more information at

  • Will Romania be one of the 35 new countries accepted on App Hub?

  • technoloG
    21 Posts

    What about being able to backup and restore via Zune or in the "cloud" via Live? The phones are excellent, the OS is amazing, app development is fun, but...

    What about when something goes wrong?

    Is there a plan to release a true contingency plan to support the idea of committing to all of the great new features and developer interest, to truly "save us from our phones?"

  • There's really no need to read Eric's post, I'll sum it up for you "There's no update".

  • “@casper7 appreciate your feedback and we are working hard at solving the NoDo concern.  We do have a dedicated team supporting the NoDo issue, but to ensure we move the platform forward we also need to continue to innovative and give our developers what they’ve been asking us to deliver.  Message heard and be rest assured we are throwing all we can at solving this, see Eric Hautala’s post today with the latest information -

  • piaqt
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    @casper7 They're doing that as misdirection, hoping to distract attention from the train wreck that is the nodo update process.

    I do have one question: Why is a #wp7 update named after Chris Kattan?

  • casper7
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    i just want to say that i find it insulting that ms is hyping up mango so much when at the moment there is a LOT of people waiting for nodo.  although it was addressed we still don't know when to expect it.  so for now, in my opinion, stop with all your tools to help the update process, all this talk about mango and the future of wp7 and just get us our damn nodo update!