Developers Get Goody Basket Full of Mangos

Developers Get Goody Basket Full of Mangos

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Over the course of the past six months, the Windows Phone team has been working very hard to ensure that there is a great experience for all of our customers with the upcoming Mango release of the Windows Phone OS. That means educating consumers, empowering developers, and working closely with our hardware and carrier partners to bring it all together with great devices.

Just last week, the first reviews of Mango started landing in press and blogs and the early sentiment is very encouraging. People get that Mango is a big step that dramatically enhances the core experiences that we all rely on our phones for every day; messaging and communication, use of any of our more than 20,000 great apps and games, and great use of the Web. AllThingsD wrote that the OS “is a mix of elegance and whimsy that’s a treat to use.” Gizmodo went so far as to say that Mango feels “complete.” However, it was The Daily that offered some bigger picture perspective in noting that, “it took Android nearly two years before hitting critical mass and three years to begin carving out a significant chunk of the smartphone market.” We’ve got a great product in Windows Phone and we feel we’re right on track, in fact we’ve already seen reports showing that in only a few months we’ve surpassed the more established RIM marketplace in the number of real apps available to customers.

Since beginning this journey with the new Windows Phone developer platform, we have aspired to be transparent, easy to build for, and easy to partner with.

We know that one of the most impactful things we can do for developers is to help them get their hands on the actual product. For Mango, that starts today with an early access program for developers. We’re still working out some final kinks in the distribution and support infrastructure for delivering Mango to all of our registered developers around the world, but are inviting the most eager developers to come get Mango today, for their retail devices, as part of our early access program! We expect the full distribution infrastructure to be fully operational in the next couple of weeks. For now, consider yourself a beta tester for the distribution process. Registered developers will get invites to the Microsoft Connect site, which will give them access to Mango. This build of Mango should also be viewed as beta quality, so there are still consumer features missing, but you can now start building apps and testing them against retail devices. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta 2 – You will need to update your developer tools to update your phone and to deploy your apps, so run…get them now.
  • Read the instructions before updating – These are very important steps which you need to follow to the letter. We’re committed to supporting our developer community with such an early access program, so if you have questions, start with the forums, which we are monitoring.

This is especially well timed for the tens of thousands of student developers who have registered through DreamSpark or related programs. Just as our Spring Cleaning program encouraged developers to finish up their projects over the past few months, delivering thousands of new apps, summer break is the perfect time for student developers to relax and have some fun with Mango. With the free Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta 2 and free access to Mango, now is the perfect time to see what you can do with Windows Phone. To make it even more interesting for students looking for a great summer project, we’ve set aside 50 Mango phones for those students who are building the next big thing on Windows Phone. Want one? Here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure you’re registered for DreamSpark
  2. Download and install Expression Studio Ultimate and the new Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools (available free as a member of DreamSpark)
  3. Get the free Sketchflow Template for Windows Phone and create a Sketchflow mock-up of your app
  4. Post the Sketchflow mock-up somewhere online and tweet out the link using the hash tag #WPAppItUp
  5. We will review all prototypes and will contact the developers who submit the best ones and send them a special Mango developer device

There’s lots to like in Beta2 of the developer tools, and some new goodies as well. You can find the release notes here, but I also wanted to talk about the new Advertising SDK June 2011 Update that was released for Windows Phone 7 earlier this week. The June update makes it even easier for developers to earn money and build ad-enabled mobile apps with streamlined Ad Control APIs and other new features.

Lastly, we got a lot of questions in email and on twitter as to why reviewers got Mango first. In short, it was to allow us to get you Mango today. Bringing a product to market requires a healthy balance between marketing features and empowering the ecosystem. Striking that balance is all about sequence. Microsoft believes in developers like no other company, but not even we want developer tear downs serving as the foundation for how consumers ultimately understand Mango. To get Mango to you today, we had to first set some context so that the market would have a good understanding of the product and not define us only by those features that developers uncovered. Think of it this way: if you could choose which path to go down, would you rather have a tightly selected group of influential people write your first reviews of your amazing app, or leave it to the customers with the fastest fingers?

So what now? First, go get the tools. Second, update your retail phones to Mango. Third, go rub it in your friends’ faces that you have Mango and they don’t. Fourth, start building your Mango apps using some of the cool new functionality like fast app resume, updated Live Tiles, Motion Sensor, Live Agents, sockets, background audio or raw camera access. There will be a tools update in the coming months which will have the go-live license you need to publish Mango apps to the Marketplace, but don’t wait. With the tools and the ability to test on Mango enabled phones, you should all be in really good shape when Mango is released later this year.

For the early access program, here are the countries which are explicitly supported – meaning that should your device become unusable as a result of updating, we will be able to process it for fixing once the full distribution infrastructure is fully operational in the next couple of weeks:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States

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  • linli1234
    18 Posts

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  • I have a question! Does the Mango update that's included in this download provide a German language pack? I would really like to have Mango, but I would like to use it in German...

  • @Brandon Watson I've been waiting for the windows connect email for a week or so and still nothing. Check spam folders too. Is there someone I can connect with to get more details? Got the SDK 7.1 B2 installed, just need to get the device updated...

  • I keep getting the error "Invalid value for field Country." when I try to register in the app hub after choosing Canada as my country. Anyone else having this problem?

  • B-Real
    2 Posts

    This is my SketchFlow mock-up which wakes up even a dead one! It's realy easy to create app for WinPhone!

  • Neil__C
    7 Posts

    I'm on mango beta 2 in the UK. Artist images from my collection show up fine in zune player and the lock screen. The same artist being streamed fron my Zune Pass does not show any artist art, either in zune player or the lock screen. I think we have a bug here ;)


  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    @roboto I'm pretty sure the Artist Art (same as the picture on the Zune Live tile) only works in countries with Zune Pass. Would be nice if it showed the cover art for all other countries like on the iphone/ipod.....Not that I listen to music on my phone anyway. That's what my ipod touch is for.

  • roboto
    3 Posts

    Received the invitation, first impression of Mango is great. The faster animations make it feel a lot more fluid than before. The overall impression will improve further after the launch when the important apps are recompiled and ready for fast-resume. The speech features seem to work good in german, text-to-speech is pretty good, speech recognition made a few mistakes in my first tests. Is there a way to train it, like the one in Windows? The artist art (wich now should be displayed on the lock screen) still isn't working for me, is this a location issue? I also switched the search and browser to english / USA. The local scout is displaying quite a few useful entries, as well as bing vision is recognizing a few german CDs and BluRays. So I hope this features will soon be available without these tricks, the underlying data seems to improve.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Are there any plans to change the notifications a bit in the future? It's just not great that they are gone after a few seconds and never show up again. The small icons on the lock screen aren't really enough.

  • One request I'd REALLY like in Wp7, the ability to to filter or even blacklist apps/companies so they no longer show up on my market place list. There are companies releasing books, title by title flooding the market place, I'd like to be able to just touch the company name and touch block, or hide, etc and POOF I never see them again. Or say there is an app I find offensive, no problem, touch the app, touch block or hide POOF gone! Now I'll actually get something useful out of checking out the new list! (I should also be able to filter to not show apps I already have on my phone, makes no sense to waste time looking at apps I already use... I want the market place to be as powerful as possible as a developer this means money to me, as the user it means I can actually find what I'm looking for and get rid of what I don't want.

  • roboto
    3 Posts

    Any news about the progress of sending out invitations? Still haven't received one.

  • nitro52
    28 Posts

    Oh i forgot to add the alarm issue i have been having has gone through a factory reset of my device and i still get the issue.

  • nitro52
    28 Posts

    @Krush You, there is a 24 page fourm post of bugs people have been having  here

    and i think this is the second version of the Bugz thread because the first one got to long. For me personally the issues i have been seeing has slowed down since Nando but there is an issue i feel that really needs to be fixed and thats the bugs with the alarm. I experience these bugs several times a day and has 2 symptoms, you hit snooze and the alarm never goes off again or the alarm duplicates its self and goes off up to 10 times with about 1/2 a sec deleay between each one.

    So as much as these features are nice we still need a stable and reliable system which means there needs to be bug fixes. People have been waiting to long for these bug fixes in the past.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @kenny - Consumers don't want to hear about bugfixes, they are boring and don't do anything to entice people to the platform. Of course they are going to fix some of the things that are broken but if it cannot be replicated on all devices and only happens at a certain point or only a few users are affected its possible it may still be there.

    Personally, I haven't noticed anything wrong with my phone and it does what its supposed to, what bugs need to be fixed?

  • KR
    503 Posts

    let Microsoft get it right,HTML 5 is not gonna be implemented on not even more than 20% in the coming two tears,so still emphasising on it is pointless,Honestly IE9 on the desktop sucks in all aspects,from compatibility to speed compared to other browsers,so i guess its even gonna suck more on the mobile platform.all the speed rendering thing you show around is pointless,load a real time selection of various webpages and compare it on WP and the other mobile browsers.Of course you wouldn´t because the browsing experience will be better on the other phones

    in a few words i´m not impress at all by mango and may be might not even update my phone to mango,because most of the changes made there are not pleasent to me and rhe current bugs on the platform have not even be address,all i keep hearing about is FEATURES

  • Hi Brandon. Love Mango but found a few bugs. Is there a place where we can report bugs?

  • Hi Brandon. So i've been trying out Mango and I really have to say something about it

    Its in relation to background audio.

    So basically, let me point out a scenario that i do experience quite often

    But, ok... in my daily use of.. lets say the PODCAST! App, there are times when i AM in an area with small reception and this app will not work quite understandably whereas if i went to lets say where podcasts are archived(?) it would load the podcast fine. im guessing this is due to the browser being native or something, im no developer and i dont know.

    Now, You cannot, run audio RUNNING in the browser, in the background. Now this really sucks.

    Joe Belfiore, showed off something that looked like audio in the browser in the background (i think at MWC11) but this wasnt really right. What he showed off, was a specially made HTML5 Playlist. and this playlist can be accessed on Microsofts testdrive site and works as joe showed BUT Back to my point.

    No one is gonna make special HTML5 playlists and this is unfortunate not only for podcasts but for anything else too.

    sorry i think i kinda lost track of what i was saying and may be muddled but i hope you get my point

  • Ok, and how about the guys who have a Omnia or Focus? For how long are we gonna have problems to update our devices (the update get stuck at phase 6 while rebooting the phone)?

    Still angry about taking so long to fix that...

  • nitro52
    28 Posts

    So how do we provide feedback on the new Beta 2 features of the OS that we can load onto our phones. Now is a perfect time to collect the experience's developers are having before its released to clients but i can't find anywhere that is confidential since we agreed to a non disclosure agreement its hard to use the public sources.

  • Just updated an HTC Surround to Mango. Not a problem.

  • will Advertising SDK be available for use in singapore??? currently limited to just US developers is quite unfair i think

  • Still waiting for an invite here in Canada - other canucks have received theirs.

  • To those still waiting (I am as well) - here is the e-mail I received from a Shaun at Microsoft: "Every registered Windows Phone developer is being given the opportunity to install Mango on a developer unlocked phone for testing purposes. The Mango distribution process for developers began on 6/29 with early access for developers in 23 major markets. We view this as beta period for the distribution process. Over the coming weeks, we will further improve the distribution process, add support for additional countries and enable developers in countries where we are unable to offer technical support to also install Mango at their discretion."

    To which I have replied - "Are delays and poor processes always going to be a part of the Windows Phone 7 experience?  We've seen it with the update process as end-users and now we're seeing delays as developers.  I'm based in the United States.  As I understand it, Microsoft has quite a footprint here - so I don't see your last sentence as applicable to me.  I also cannot imagine an e-mail and distribution process run by a technology company taking this long (baring catastrophic hardware and connectivity failures).  As you stated, the process started on the 29th; it is now the 1st.  Microsoft should (yet again) be embarrassed and also concerned as every little delay and misstep is starting to add up.  The platform does not need anymore negative press.  It is the best platform out there (I firmly believe that), but missteps like these will eventually (if not already) start to chase users and developers away.  Are you able to provide an ETA beyond the "coming weeks" line?"

    Awaiting reply...

  • mic_nbg
    2 Posts

    Can any of you access the forums right now in the app hub? Still haven't gotten any email regarding Mango download.


  • orloffm
    1 Posts

    The fact that you can't install Mango from Russia is frustrating. Give me the update! I want to type Russian letters!

  • I suggest somethings for mango:

    - in email hub add facebokk private messages

    - in bing maps add auto recalculate and download maps

    and for your wonderful log I suggest to use windows live registratione for users without a boring new one!

  • claurin
    1 Posts

    Great stuff!

    Question: using beta2 I still can't download my excel files as streamed content... should this be working yet?

    This works with IE9 Desktop just fine:

    HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;


    context.Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.openxmlformats";

    context.Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", String.Format("attachment;  filename={0}.xlsx", _fileName));



  • I would very much like to know wether the 50 mango phone contest is open for all countries, or only for the supported countries ?

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @tom5 - Do you remember what happened last time people hacked their phones? MS was nice to assist but this isn't even an official release yet (still buggy) and its stated all over that if you use that method you will void your warranty - So it would be best to state that before you send users over to that forum otherwise we are going to have "Wah MS won't fix my phone even though I used an unsupported method, they suck etcetc"

  • @Tom5...Thats probably why Microsoft didn't want to release a ROM.  I don't they are leaving anyone out of the beta...If you are a registered developer, then you will get it.  How much clearer can they be?  Why can't folks just be patient and follow instructions?  I guess thats just man's sinful nature.  Are you going to support the people you just sent over to the XDA site?

  • Achia
    6 Posts

    Is it possible to join the students contest for students from Israel?

    I am registered at DreamSpark and at yalla apps..

  • I registered as a student yesterday and been refreshing my inbox every 5 mins but still no invitation. Does anyone know how long it takes? I am very eager, could hardly sleep last night.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    So who do you have to sleep with to finally get a german translation of menus that isn't completely garbage. For a while I thought you couldn't clear a whole folder in email until I switched to English and realized the translation of empty folder made a noun out of empty and says that it's an Emtpy Folder.

    I guess I'll continue to keep it on english.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    @Teufel Hunden Guess they lock it then somehow. Normally I was able to access Bing features that weren't available here (like directions in maps) by changing the country. That doesn't work here. :/

  • tom5
    5 Posts

    For all the developers abandoned in this beta: you just go to xda forum of another site and you'll find the way to install mango on your device. Apparently this is what Microsoft want the people to do by limiting the beta to some chosen groups of people.

  • @sogeman...Bing music is there and works great

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    No message yet.   I just went to app hub and triplechecked my settings.  I had not set my profile to allow forum notifications, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it, I guess.

    Can we get a new check on the progress of the list, somebody?

    I am definitely an eager participant in this program, and you'll get a lot of thoughtful feedback on Connect from me.

    ericleigh007 at hotmail dot com.



  • It's just too bad I don't have a retail phone to load this on to. :(

  • If I register as a developer in the next days I will also get the invitation?, or only the ones that are already registered?

  • mcfly
    1 Posts

    @ mic_nbg: Living in germany, I received the invitation wednesday (29.06.2011) evening. The update process took about 3 hours, everything went well. Now I run mango on my OMNIA 7. Great job, MS!

  • mic_nbg
    2 Posts

    Still no message.....who else in Germany got it?


  • I just bought a pair of bluetooth headphones.  I updated my HTC Verizon Trophy to mango yesterday.  I cannot connect.  Is this a bug?

  • CAVX
    14 Posts

    Thanks for being so awesome about the Beta and the SDK guys. I think the next step is to seriously reconsider the App Hub account process. A ton of people are having problems...

  • kesteve
    2 Posts

    I'm refreshing my Inbox every minute and just can't wait for the invitation!

  • I am a dreamspark registered student. GeoTrust verified months ago with an app in Marketplace. why do I still not get the invitation?

    Edit: just got the invitation. Thanks!

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Also, is there no Bing Audio in this build? I only have Voice and Vision.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Edit: Wait, was that menu always scrollable? Man that bar needs to be a little more visible. Grey on grey isn't good ;)

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Why is the menu in IE still cut off? Did no one test this? It didn't work pre-mango and still doesn't. In portrait, pin to start is only half there and in landscape even more is missing.

  • I am a dreamspark registered student. GeoTrust verified months ago with an app in Marketplace. why do I still not get the invitation?

  • Thanks for the Mango! Great work to get devs going/testing it first :)

    But... my HTC 16bit banding is back and with no registry apps working anymore, I can't put it back to 32bit, so that is a bit lame. ( )

    The rapid app swithing is a super feature by the way

  • tiago
    2 Posts

    @Leigh @Mehran Moghtadai Same here. +1 for the e-mail checking OCD

  • @Leigh I'm currently in the same boat. I'm sure we'll eventually get it.

    I'm developing a bit of an e-mail checking OCD though...

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    BTW, no message yet for me, that's at the email address registered both at the app hub and on this board.

    In case you were wondering.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7.1 Beta2 (when you can get it)


  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    I do LOVE all this "minimal chrome" stuff, but could somebody look into adding the server TIME and offset of the blog comment post to the date in the corner?   This way it would be so much easier to determine "when" Brandon said they were 1/2 way through the message pump.



  • Really ? Not for India ? Very Strange, I think I know plenty of Indian WP7 Developers who would be off by this. I hope there is way to update to my HD7 with mango. Please... Please .. Pretty.. Please...

  • I'm in Tokyo. I'm confused to not find Japan on that list, even though the launch is imminent. What's going on?

  • Hi Brandon

    It would be great if you can clarify once and for all, if this Mango updated would be available to App-Hub registered developers from countries others then mentioned above.


  • @jamiet They've listed it as Great Britian :P ... you're making us look like idiots :'(

  • I am from INDIA. I renewed app hub membership just a month ago. If I would have known about such bias against some countries, I would never have renewed my app hub membership.

    Why such bias towards some countries? As you guessed, developers from INDIA never got any update invites. I bought HD7 from US(unlocked), though I am using it in INDIA. Never got any invite code to update my device.

  • @tom5

    I'm in the same situation, I'm a developer from Hong Kong and I don't think we'll get the update.

    Could someone explain the situation on the supported countries list.  Can other countries receive this update but just not officially supported?

  • tom5
    5 Posts

    Hi Brandon,

    I can't get it why is the beta limited to some chosen countries and why, as a registered developer, I can't get it? Will this be a tradition in the future releases also? What's the reason for that? Is WP7 vulnerable to some magnetic field fluctuations in some parts of the globe or what? I could understand this if there was a reasonable explanation and not your policy only. Even the developers from some countries where Mango is going to be released can't get the beta.

  • thkn2wn
    1 Posts

    Very glad to have Mango on my device now. The upgrade process was a royal PITA though.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    This is great.  Love it.  I don't like real Mangos, but this one is sweeeeeeter.

    ....Just waiting for my email now....   Guess I'll check in the morning.

    Thanks, Brandon, Joe, allya....

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7.1!


  • jawss
    3 Posts

    I'm also confused, says "The update is available only to developers in these countries or regions:" but this you're saying these countries are where it's explicitly supported... Will us devs in Singapore get some mango love today?

  • Got Mango on my focus. Thanks Microsoft and Windows Phone team.

  • Done!!! I'm now Rocking MANGO!  Very smooth process, Microsoft.  Very nice job!  I have 2 copies of my backup. ;-)

  • updating to Update for Windows Phone 7 for ISV Beta (7661) now.  I can't wait to test drive Mango.

  • vbfnet
    2 Posts

    Mango is up and running on my Omnia 7... Mango is fantastic... the best things I love is multi tasking, linked email and contact groups.

    Tried to install a 7.1 app I was working on,  got a message in Visual studio "failed to connect as its developer locked".

    Long day.. will figure out tomorrow how to resolve.

  • @vivgates - we did not want to simply post the content anywhere.  We use our Connect site to manage access to code that is not public.  I know people are impatient waiting for their emails.  I heard we're about 1/2 way through the message pump.

  • pfaz
    1 Posts

    Installing Mango on my Omnia 7 right now. Backup just completed, took 435 secs, fingers crossed!

  • @Brandon Watson  I am sure you are sick of answering all the same questions over and over but it just show how excited the developer community is to play with Mango. All of us are such WP enthusiast that we would like to see Mango on our phones asap. I wish there was a link just posted to our app hub instead of waiting for an e-mail.  Please send out the emails soon. I cannot wait anymore :)

  • @Brandon Watson: Just to clarify: going out in batches means that all mails are sent today and should reach all devs over the course of 24 hrs or that the mail will be sent over the next week. Just not sure about the timeframe.

    Great to see Mango for us Devs :)

  • The page on Apphub says I'm supposed to have received an email and I have yet to receive this email. Is there another way to get the firmware for my phone?

  • Hey Brandon if I am a student registered developer and verified by geotrust I have just not yet submitted my bank info on App Hub so that I can submit to the marketplace, will I still receive the email? I have developer unlocked my phone already as well. I would definitely like to develop for mango.

  • enahs
    20 Posts

    @billybob101 . Yes, I too got mine as a developer phone. Paid full out for it. LONG past the return policy from were I purchased it from. So I can not just take it back to ATT like 1000 of other people have been doing.

  • myan
    19 Posts

    Hi I am a dev and I will get the invitation soon - hopefully....

    BUT: as of now I always had problems updating my omnia 7; I think it is because of a broken bootloader... no way to fix it until now.... running nodo... will mango destroy my phone???

    are there some samsung bootloader fixes???

  • @vbfnet - emails are going out...give it a day. Also check your spam folder.

  • vbfnet
    2 Posts

    Hi Brandon,

    I am a developer based in UK, very exited about the mango update. I haven't received any invitation from Microsoft Connect. Just wondering if the invitation is sent out on a country basis. How to follow up if I didn't receive an invitation.


  • @enahs, it makes me sad that I bought the "flagship" phone with the "flagship" carrier for WP7 and still can't get even the Feb update.  I bought this POS to be a Dev phone!  And to top that off MS has gone all fight club on us and has responded with the first rule of focus 1.4 is that you don't talk about focus 1.4.  I keep thinking they must have 1 mentally deficient monkey trying to fix the problem while the rest of the company moves on,

  • Are you guys sending out the invites in batches? I have been a registered developer since November.  I am really excited about trying out the Mango beta ROM on my Focus but haven't received the magic e-mail yet.  When should be expect to get it?

  • @contextfree - all registered (GeoTrust verified) developers will get invites.  They are coming in batches.

  • enahs
    20 Posts

    So, I got the invite, being a developer. But I am still stuck on a Focus rev 1.4, so with no NoDo I can not update to Mango. So it is now official, Microsoft is dropping the ball so bad that people are getting Mango (beta) before we all even get the *cough* February update, let alone NoDo.

    Come on guys. More INFO about this situation!

  • sonalwp
    1 Posts

    I have been working hard to only setup my account and successfully submit an app without any single error on App Hub.

    But that seems to be a dream that will "never" come true.

    I am not alone. Head over to "" and look at the trouble all of your developers are facing.

    Can you please get your system together first, and then release anything new??

    Seriously, Please!

    And Did you already test that all the existing apps are working exactly same as older version 7.0. While I am reading the documentation, it feels like there are so many changes that Phone 7 was Vista and Phone 7.1 (should be called 8) is Windows 7.

    Hope to hear back, when these submission problems are going to be addressed.

    Support staff is supposed to reply back within 24 hours for $99 subscribers. Apparently that has also slowed down because of one of the worst submissions process for which every single step is broken. Again head over to

  • Brandon
    20 Posts

    What happens when a Mango phone connects to a computer w/ a non-beta preview Zune client? I sync my phone on two computers, so am wondering if i have to update both the clients?? what about non-Mango phones w/ the Mango client?

  • Nitesh
    2 Posts

    Why don't we have access to the App Hub in South Africa? I don't understand why Microsoft has restricted developer accounts to select countries?

  • Otaku
    2 Posts

    So from a dev box with the Beta2 tools installed, will I still be able to create/publish 7.0 apps in the marketplace while testing for 7.1 on the emulator/device?

  • hi guys... how come Singapore is not in the list??? Singapore is the few who start selling wp7 a few days before official retail if i am not wrong,,,

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    Installing this will void the phone's warranty?

  • I'm a developer from Hong Kong, so if my country isn't explicitly supported I will still get the invite but just won't get the support if anything goes wrong, right?  I'm willing to take the risk for some tasty mango.

  • Oh, come on... 17 years old students (DreamSpark + AppHub account - GeoTrust) want to use Mango too! :(

  • So I have have to wait for an email, before upgrading my phone?

    Have I understanded this correct?

  • Brandon, What if we are a 2-man dev team (father and son). Only one of us gets to develop with mango?

  • "why, mr. Anderson, why? why, why do you do it?"

    why not in the list that turkey?

  • Brandon
    20 Posts

    I may have answered my own question by skipping to the bottom of the install guide:

    I am on a build other than 7355, 7389, 7390, or 7392, and the Zune software shows my phone as "up to date".

    Cause: The only builds that have updates available for the “Mango” ISV beta are 7355, 7389, 7390, and 7392. Older builds are not supported.

    So I read this as 7389 WILL work, and am going to move forward. :)

  • gaurav
    10 Posts

    INDIA not in list of supported countries? Why? I'm seriously worried, already registered developer.

  • Brandon
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    Just got my Connect invitation and am reading the update steps. it says the phone is required to be at 7.0.7390 or 7.0.7392. My Verizon HTC Trophy is at 7.0.7389... does that mean I can't participate? or that you guys just missed a retail version in your listing?

    (I would've asked this in the Connect site but there's no place for questions/comments on the beta program right now)

  • This isn't entirely clear - can all registered developers expect these invites, or just a select subset of the "most eager" ones (based on e.g. apps in the Marketplace?)

  • @drankurn , nope you have to be on a current retail build  7390 or 7392 and of course there is no way to get a focus 1.4 to one of those so once again we get the shaft.

  • drankurn
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    Brandon - is it a go for focus v1.4 too ?

  • So, does this mean that if I update my device now to Mango I'll be able to use a Live account from Brazil, or is this only gonna happen with the official release of the platform here?

    I'm asking that because I have 2 live accounts today. 1 in the US, only for the phone (that I can use only with free and beta apps) and another in Brazil, used for Xbox, Messenger and everything else I need. I really want to use the second on my phone as soon as possible.

    Thanks for this release and for the hard work to pull it off.