Details on App Hub Refresh Coming Soon

Details on App Hub Refresh Coming Soon

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Many of you have noticed that we’re in the process of refreshing App Hub. The roll out is on track, but there are still a few more tests to run before the updated App Hub experience is fully functional. I’ll be following up within the next 24 hours, once the roll out is complete, to explain what’s new and exciting in App Hub for Mango.

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  • stop complaining, i think thay are doing the best thay can

    and start embracing the future Windows Phone life that is calling you

    more countries , more people , more phones

    wicth mens more sales to you


  • iseif
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    @Snympi - i've asked this question in the AppHub forums and they told me that:

    Hi iseif - We have given specific guidance to Yalla Apps to provide to developers like you who want to benefit from the offer of getting the 1st year's registration fee waived. Please contact Yalla Apps (or your respective Global Publisher) to get the instructions and follow them, so that we can track you accurately and ensure you get the fee waiver. Hope this helps - Mihir Rao

    so it seems they have moved the ball to YallaApps side...

    Please see the thread in the following link:

    I've sent an email to YallaApps but with no response till now.

  • Snympi
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    As well is Israel mentioned earlier, South Africa is now also on the list of supported countries.  The same question regarding Yalla Apps and the transfer of membership applies.  Who's going to drive that transfer.  I would prefer if it is user or MS initiated, because I can't see Yalla being in a terrible hurry to loose their 20% (!) cut.

    Also, sooner rather than later please, becaue there are still WP7 developers out there that up to now was unable to get the Mango beta to test with because Yalla did not give us access to that even though we are registered.

    Apart from that, well done in terms of the upgrades - any improvements / fixes are welcome!

  • andycted
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    Maybe posting a "BETA" tag on top of it won't make people wonder what's happening.

    Also clarifying to us why it will take "weeks" before we will be able to post new games and updates for Germany, NZ, SA, would make us less uncomfortable !

  • Will you be able to fix the issue for UK users not receieving payment as a result of banking with HSBC/First Direct?

    (more detail here:

  • iseif
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    I see that Israel is now listed with the countries where developers can be registered to the AppHub. So please tell us in your next post about the updates on the AppHub how YallaApps developers from Israel can migrate their accounts to AppHub.

    Thanks and go ahead...

  • Does that mean that the newly supported countries will get access to more than the 20-ish we got now?

  • wmfwlr
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    Seems like the sort of thing you announce before you makes the changes, or immediately after the changes have been made. Not "in a bit".

  • kitron
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    maybe this should be announced at the top of app hub so people won't wonder when things are not working properly.

  • Sheeds
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    Todd - as much as I have cried out / engaged MS re: the need for better equalization in Marketplace pricing for WP7 in Australia by comparison to the United States, I'm wondering how MS can be comfortable with an ad-hoc change to Developer's rates in the marketplace (especially if their returns moved lower) without any engagement/notification?

    I look forward to your Blog post covering this aspect of the changes - as there is some uncertainty with Aus WP7 Dev's who have not had any notification as yet.



  • techSage
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    There's still /more/ to come? Can't wait to see what else is coming.

  • So the various bugs for those of us who had pending submissions during the upgrade, will be sorted out?-)

    (Either way, I just bugged support a minute before reading this, heh)