Mango Device Love for #WPAppItUp Prototypes

Mango Device Love for #WPAppItUp Prototypes

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When we announced the availability of Mango for our registered developers a few weeks ago, we put out a call to student developers: show us a great prototype of your Windows Phone app idea and get a developer phone.

So far, we’ve had a tremendous response! We’ve been inspired & impressed by some of the crazy ideas: an alarm clock that would wake the dead by forcing the user to solve puzzles before the alarm would turn off. There were also ideas for apps to help students find great deals on textbooks or to help people identify & learn about animals just by pointing the phone’s camera:


My personal favorite is an app called Colorful which helps people with color blindness know what colors they are seeing around them:


The first 20 winners all had great app ideas and now they’ll be getting a special Mango developer phone to help them unleash their creations. Please check out their prototypes and give them feedback (you’ll see the option to do this in the bottom left of each one). Drumroll please….!

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@andua (
@bankavarun (
@brochachki (
@buihuyquangvu (
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@findmike (
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@rob_hardwick (
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@vicbui (

There are 30 more Mango developer phones up for grabs for great student prototypes. Here’s what to do if you want one (and be honest, you want one):

  1. Make sure you’re registered for DreamSpark
  2. Download and install Expression Studio Ultimate and the new Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools (available free as a member of DreamSpark)
  3. Get the free Sketchflow Template for Windows Phone and create a Sketchflow mock-up of your app
  4. Post the Sketchflow mock-up somewhere online and tweet out the link using the hash tag #WPAppItUp
  5. We will review all prototypes and will contact the developers who submit the best ones and send them a special Mango developer device

We are about a month away from two key milestones for all student developers: 1) the acceptance of Mango apps in the Marketplace and 2) back to school.  We are stoked about Mango apps coming to Marketplace and realize some of you may not be excited about returning to school.  Heading back will be much more fun if you can show-off your great app on your new Mango phone!


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  • Hi i am wondering if this is still happening

    i am learning how to code (currently in c++/ but wanting to to learn c# and other online dev codes

    i really want to test apps, but dont want to ruin my own dear samsung focus, if anything happen to it i would die inside (literally, i would)

    i am already registered on dreamspark, have the tools downloaded, and using windows 8

    slowly and surely i will have this app planned out and made

    but i would like to know if i can get a spare phone to do all the testing

  • ongyeol
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    Complete! I Posted Twitter.

    first is here (typing game)

    and second (Annoying Memo)

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Mine is here :)

    & another one

  • DeSeanZ
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    I hope I made it in time for the contest. I sketched nutrition genie: Keep track of your daily macronutrition by simply taking pictures. Also offers you the ability to share your food pictures with friends and find similar food and their prices.


  • When will the next batch of winners be announced ?

  • @benlower i have developed a "Mango" application which connects to Kinect, but marketplace do not allow .XAP submission currently for "Mango" is it possible to see you a screenshot of how this application works? Cause it's kind of funny to do a sketch for something that is developed right? ;)

  • Hi, hope I'm not too late. Here's my entry: Wonderwall. Geotagging, simplified and now fun again :)

  • @Achia Thanks! I´ll look into it! :D

  • @Achia Thanks for the tip, sadly, no credit card available.

  • Here is my entry: a game that scans barcodes and makes different monsters out of the data inside the code, and you have some weapons to beat it:

  • Just posted 2 awesome Computer Vision based App Prototypes for Windows Phone ! Show some love guys !

    MathEyes uses Vision + Maths/Physics libraries to plot graphs, solve complex equations directly from textbook,

    Met someone at a party recently? Concept prototype of a WP7 App using Facial Recognition to find friends !

  • Achia
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    @WiiPhone @Osorio_Omar try this guide - How to publish your #WPAppItUp entry as a working silverlight app for free using Azure.

  • Ben, when can we expect the result for the next batch of winners?

  • @Ben Lower there any way we could "protect" our idea from being copied?? like copyrights or something??

  • @Ben Lower Hey! Is there a problem if I don't have a webpage? if I upload my sketch to skydrive,rapidshare,etc  am I considered?

  • I cant get it working on the hosting side. For now a zipped version. Will look into it tomorrow.

  • Ben Lower
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    @spryzg i would't bother sketching out a finished app.  send me the details.

  • Ben Lower
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    @Ahmet a finished app is the best kind of prototype!

  • Met someone at a party recently? Concept prototype of a WP7 App using Facial Recognition to find friends ! #WPAppItUp

  • They in the same folder in my pc but it goes one need download them both and put by himself them both in one folder to activate. Is there way that by one download click one activate it all?

  • @michael Yes, You simply upload all of the contents in the folder to your desired location on the server (Make sure they are both in the same directory).

  • Thanks, so I need to upload 2 files?

  • sprzyg
    4 Posts

    @michael frenkel just press F5 in Expression Blend and... that's all! Then just find in your project bin\Debug directory and copy Default.html and <projektName>.xap file to server.

  • Hi, I have no idea how to turn my blend project into html page.

    The help in msdn library doesn`t help because I need more basic instructions from how the whole project with many files becomes single html file I can upload to the net.

    Thanks for any help.

  • sprzyg
    4 Posts

    Hi Ben, one more question, can I submit a sketch of my application which is already in the Marketplace, or it makes no sense?

  • Ben, do we have to make sketches? Can't we implement the app and put it to the market and then get the mango devices?

  • Ben Lower
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    @worldisflat you should just be able to self-register then if your school's on the list.  go to and follow the three steps (top left of the screen).  if that doesn't work, follow the instructions on the site i gave you earlier and the DS team will get you sorted out.

  • Ben Lower
    45 Posts

    @ATierney if you tweeted out the link with the #wpappitup hashtag then we've received it.

  • @Ben Thanks for the website....I am from Hong Kong, and I saw my school is on the list...but I don't know who to what can I do?

  • I won!!! Really appreciate and question. I know that mango device will retaill august. So mango device will shipped in august for winner? If is not, when shipping?

  • Is there a way we check to see if our apps were successfully received or not?

  • Ben Lower
    45 Posts

    @worldisflat Please check out  It tells you what you need to do to get set-up on Dreamspark.

  • Faleh
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    thank you, I get  advantages from this page


  • I want to ask how to join if I don't get a verified account in dreamspark despite the fact that I am a student...?

  • Ben Lower
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    @NemOry to expand on what @Achia said:  yes, the Windows Phone Developer Tools includes an emulator that works with Expression Blend.

  • Achia
    6 Posts

    @NemOry expression studio can run your sketchflow. You don't need a WP7 device. the whole idea is you can win one :)

  • NemOry
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    Do the expression studio have an emulator? cause I don't have a Mango Phone or WP7 Phone. :)

  • Ben Lower
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    @Bill thanks for raising this feedback.  however, phone sync is not on topic for this post about student prototypes.  a great place to raise requests for new developer features is over on the official WP Dev UserVoice site (  You can see what other people have requested, you can vote up your favorites, and can even submit new feature requests.

  • Ben Lower
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    @zeiss this is open to Dreamspark students worldwide

  • Ben Lower
    45 Posts

    @sprzyg @ddluk look for another announcement on the next set of winners this coming friday

  • Ben Lower
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    @assono there is no limit on number of prototypes.  we'd rather see ideas that are more fleshed out so don't sacrifice quality for quantity.  we will only award one phone to each winner regardless of the number of prototypes.

  • Bill
    14 Posts

    Hey folks, has anyone got a handle on when MS will be developing a SYNC method for our desktop Outlook via USB or WiFi or both.  The forums and boards are all alight with outraged consumers that have returned their Win7 phone due to thinking that this would be a standard app at the git go.  One forum had over 31000 links to this outrage.  And Im hearing that the SDK for the developers doesnt even allow such actions.  Apparently the system is READ ONLY for the developer kit and the only people that can actuall Write to the system are the high level manufacturers such as HTC etc.

    If so, this is very lame on the part of MS.   Why do we have to buy an Apple device to be able to sync with my OUtlook calendar, contacts, tasks, notes etc.    An outrage they wont sync with THEIR OWN software.   Customers EXPECT this, as they should.

    Facebook pages are being set up about this issue and petitions are starting on them.


  • Zeiss
    1 Posts

    Is this US only or Worldwide? Thanks in advance

  • ddluk
    2 Posts

    When can we expect results from another round?

  • assono
    4 Posts

    Is there a limit as to how many prototypes we may post? I'm trying to decide between two.

  • sprzyg
    4 Posts

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Hi, Ben, could you write, what are the criteria for choosing winning sketches and when will be announced the results of the second round?

  • Achia
    6 Posts

    Thanks Ben! I'm happy you liked our idea. We are starting to work on the app, and I hope Colorful would be available in the Marketplace soon!

  • Ben Lower
    45 Posts

    @b-real it's not a secret:  the devices are HTC Mazaa's.

  • abm
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    Yummy! I am loving the bestMatch and colorful... great work guys! :)

  • It's too bad my poor laptop can't handle Expression Studio. :( Or any other development program.

  • B-Real
    2 Posts

    I'm very happy that I won! Thank you very much! What are the next steps for me? And, if it is not a secret, what model of the phone?