What happens when I publish a Windows Phone ‘Mango’ application update?

What happens when I publish a Windows Phone ‘Mango’ application update?

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The opening of the Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows Phone Mango is drawing near!

We’ve blogged recently about all of all of the amazing new things you can do in Windows Phone ‘Mango’ and we’ve also mentioned that we encourage developers to test their existing applications against the Windows Phone ‘Mango’ tools. As we get closer, some people are asking us: what happens to their existing applications once they submit an update for Windows Phone ‘Mango?’ How will my update appear across the full scope of all Windows Phone users?

When you publish a Windows Phone ‘Mango’ update to an application you had previously published, the following will occur:

  • The WP 7.0 version of your application will remain available to all users on WP 7.0 devices.
  • The WP ‘Mango’ version of your application will be available to all users on WP ‘Mango’ devices.
  • WP ‘Mango’ users who previously installed your application will receive an update notification. This will occur even if they installed your application prior to updating to WP ‘Mango’
  • WP 7.0 users who have installed your application, but not updated to WP ‘Mango,’ will not receive an update notification.
  • The WP7.0 rankings & reviews that your application received will attach to your new updated WP ‘Mango’ version too.
  • The application metadata and screenshots for Windows Phone Marketplace submitted with the WP ‘Mango’ version of your application will be shared across both the WP 7.0 and WP ‘Mango’ versions of the application; i.e., a single set of metadata and screenshots will appear to both WP 7.0 and WP ‘Mango’ users.
  • Once you have released the WP ‘Mango’ version of your application, you will no longer be able to modify the previously released WP 7.0 version of your app. We realize that some of you may worry about this limitation, and so we’re actively working on ways to mitigate it. To improve the experience for users, it’s our preference not to have “duplicate versions” of your apps in the marketplace. We are also going to work hard to encourage our pre-existing users to enjoy the free upgrade to Mango as quickly as possible.

Writing your detailed description

Because metadata is now shared across the multiple versions of your application that may be available, you should be very clear when writing, or updating, your detailed description about any features that may be available to users of only one specific version.

For a comprehensive list of the new developer features in Windows Phone ‘Mango’ for which you’d want to do this, see the article ‘What’s New in the SDK’ on the MSDN Library.

We also strongly recommend that in your description, you include a link to our Windows Phone Update Information website, at http://wpupgrade.ms/mangome. This will provide users who have not updated to Windows Phone ‘Mango’ an easy way to get more information about updating their phone and getting access to the Mango version of your app.

Further, if you are publishing a screenshot that demonstrates functionality only available in the ‘Mango’ version of your application, we recommend that you make this very clear by adding a text overlay “WP 7.5 Only” on each appropriate screenshot.

In the screenshot below, we’ve got an example of how you might implement these suggestions in the App Submission page on App Hub.

We’re incredibly excited to start seeing the applications and games that people are building for Windows Phone ‘Mango.’ ‘Mango’ brings a large number of new features to developers that we’re incredibly excited about, like Fast Application Switching, Multiple Live Tiles, Background Agents, Socket support, SQL CE, Camera stream access, and more! We want to make certain that developers have the information they need in order to build and publish applications as quickly as possible! Thank you for your continued support.

Todd Brix
Senior Director, Windows Phone Marketplace


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  • techSage
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    I think it would be a good idea to post an update at the top of this post explaining briefly about the change in being able to update 7.0 versions even after submitting a 7.1/7/5 app and linking to the post announcing that change since it's a pretty significant change to what was stated in this post.

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  • "Further, if you are publishing a screenshot that demonstrates functionality only available in the ‘Mango’ version of your application, we recommend that you make this very clear by adding a text overlay “WP 7.5 Only” on each appropriate screenshot."

    Unfortunately, this recommendation violates certification requirement 4.6 (msdn.microsoft.com/.../hh184844(v=VS.92).aspx) and will result in your submission being rejected. I'd recommend making the changes clear in the text description of the application instead.

  • PV66
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    Although I am not able to install the application going to the Marketplace directly from the phone (see steps above), I was able to install the application using Zune.

  • PV66
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    Here is the scenario:

    - developer publishes pre-Mango XYZ app (version 1.0)

    - developer publishes Mango update for XYZ app (version 2.0)

    - new pre-Mango user (with latest pre-Mango phone software and 4.8 Zune) wants to use XYZ and is able to find it on the Marketplace

    - when that users tries to install XYZ app, he receives error message stating that he must update their phone and Zune. There is nothing to be updated and as a result the pre-Mango user can not install pre-Mango version of XYZ app.

    Is this confirmed issue? If yes, is there a workaround?

  • PV66
    4 Posts

    Has this issue been confirmed by Microsoft?

  • It seems this is not working as intended.  A user with NoDo cannot download the 7.0 version of Flowerz, which has been updated to Mango.  They get the message that they must update their phone and Zune.  See this AppHub thread


  • sunco
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    •The WP 7.0 version of your application will remain available to all users on WP 7.0 devices.

    •The WP ‘Mango’ version of your application will be available to all users on WP ‘Mango’ devices.

    If new users look for you app and they haven't Mango, then the system will show the non-Mango version

  • PV66
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    So, if I upgrade my existing app to Mango, pre-Mango users (that do not have my application already installed) will not be able to find it in the Marketplace any more? Is that correct? If yes, that is a major issue - right?

  • Kropek3
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    Will Polish language Mango ? ( Old phone) If not, bye !!!

  • @Todd

    Can you please tell me how far the mango update is

  • VictorWPB
    47 Posts

    A smooth and on time update is the last chance for Windows Phone Team. If they fail, WP7 will never attract current and new users. No one needs headache, when there are other options. WP7 is fighting for the third place but it is so close to total failure. If WP was released three years ago, they could win the market but now Apple and Google are controlling the smartphone market and that makes Microsoft's job a lot more difficult. Even a small misstep could be the last one for Windows Phone Team. Let’s pray for the team.

  • andycted
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    @ VictorWPB

    I'm afraid they have no control over that, and since they're not dumb, they're trying to minimize damages by going very early RTM. I expect the same exact staggered, months long update for Mango, with possibly the improvement of starting somewhat ahead of schedule.

    and that worries me. As usual, it puts developers who try to do their best and to update their app often, at a disadvantage, while encouraging the usual fire-and-forget, "cloner", spammy developer.

    And of course I would like to be proven wrong ( or hope that they find a way around the limitation).

    But the fact that they didn't announce any date, actually, quite the opposite, they said we will never know the date in advance, doesn't reassure me...

  • VictorWPB
    47 Posts

    Microsoft should be very careful. Mango update has to be delivered quickly, if it takes too long, many current WP7 users are going to switch to iOS or Android and people who are shopping for new phones will be attracted by the new iPhone and new Android devices. I haven't bought any Apple products yet, but it is getting so hard to ignore those beautiful and elegant iDevices. I've been using a WP7 device since last October; however, if Mango comes late, I’ll consider buying the new iPhone in September. NoDo update was a disaster, if Mango update follows the same path; I’ll leave all of those troubles for Microsoft.

  • andycted
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    Wow, that would be a huge problem ! I still have ONE THIRD of my users without NoDo !! With the current rate at which OS updates are delivered, you can expect having a possible buggy release on half the phones for 4-5 months !

  • I know the answer to this just venting it out there...what's taking so  long!? we can talk an tweek and talk an analyze all day set some goals and release dates etc no pie in the sky...Apple is about to relase iphone 5 before you even comment to a relase date on Mango..come on let's go guys!...competition is fierce! by the time you get it out there someone else is already working on how to top everything your only talking about!

  • sunco
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    How about this. I have a 7.0 and then upload 7.5. One week later i discovery a bug and fix it. How can i update my 7.0 app ? NoDo takes a long to reach all users, hope not the same for Mango

  • WixosTrix
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    @Peter Schott This is going to be WP7 real debut.  I'm sure Microsoft is working very close with OEMs and carriers and making sure they test and so they know exactly what hardware is being put out there.  It think concern is a valid feeling, but the disaster from the first update is probably keeping them on their toes.  But of course, this isn't fact, but the people behind WP7 aren't stupid and they know this update needs to go as smoothly as possible.  Not knowing a component is being used cannot be another excuse for failed updates.  We'll see though.

  • cmwind
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    MS will you please do a better job with managing your content! Whats up with Xbox LIVE games continually dissapearing from market. Licensing? You couldn't renew it on time? are you kidding me?

  • @Rosyna: All current 7.0 apps should run fine on Windows Phone 7.5, and will be available to WP 7.5 users in their marketplace, with no effort on the part of the developer. Developers only need to recompile if they want to leverage 7.5 functionality. Sorry this wasn't clear.

  • As an end-user, I have concerns about this. AT&T took months to update all of their devices to NoDo. I'm really concerned about how this freezing of the NoDo versions will affect users if we encounter another delay like that for all of the issues to be worked out before Mango is rolled out to everyone. Add in the fact that new hardware is coming out and the carriers have less incentive to expedite testing of Mango on older devices and I see this causing some problems with devs wanting to support their code and simultaneously wanting the newer users to be able to take advantage of the Mango features.  I understand some of the reasoning, but after the last major OS update, I think the concerns over Mango delays may have some validity, even if most users had no issues updating to it (from what I've seen on various WP sites).

  • Sheeds
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    Hey Todd.

    Any word on when the Web Marketplace is anticpated to launch?  Do you think you will be blogging more on what we can expect from it prior to it's launch?

    Also, we have never seen a washup blog post on the success or otherwise of the MS 3-month Spring Cleaning initiative for Dev's and their Apps.  Will we get any Stats on how many Dev's benefited from this, what or how it might have <positively> influenced the Dev's App sales etc.  Surely MS Marketing or Advertising will have done a washup review etc.  Would love to have something shared on this soon given things might get a little busy around here when Mango gets officially released!




  • Rosyna
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    I'm inferring that this means WP7 apps won't run on WP7.1 without a recompile with WP7.1 tools?

  • KakCAT
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    Thanks for the info.

    There's some cases not explained yet, and it's what happens to applications which have no specific binary for Mango.

    in example, my application, if not updated, will continue to appear in the marketplace?

    And mango-only applications, will they appear in NoDo marketplace? Or will there be 2 different marketplaces?


  • This is exciting ... but slightly related to this, when are you going to open up the Web Marketplace? Also, any options on having marketplace ID different from phone's Live ID? for example, if i want to buy apps for my wife/kids?