The Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit is now available for ‘Mango’ application development

The Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit is now available for ‘Mango’ application development

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Since the new Windows Phone Marketplace for ‘Windows Phone Mango’ is nearly ready for submission of your apps, developers will be happy to know that today we are releasing the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit (August 2011) add-on. This is a great new release of extra controls and should let you create even better apps with the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK.

In this toolkit you will find user interface controls like those found throughout the Windows Phone, with components like toggle switches, page transitions, picker controls and more. We have also localized the toolkit into all of the Windows Phone ‘Mango’ languages, since there’s a whole world out there hopefully looking to purchase your apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

You can download the new release straight from the CodePlex site at - it requires the latest ‘Mango’ developer tools as well.

The release is also available on NuGet as the SilverlightToolkitWP package.

As always, the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit is open source, letting developers extend the components and learn more about best practices for control and application development.

New features in the August 2011 release

Here are some of the new things you will find in this release:

LongListSelector has been rebuilt and redesigned to take advantage of the new smooth scrolling and off-thread touch input support in ‘Mango’. This is a buttery-smooth control for showing lists, including grouping and jump list support.

MultiselectList control enables multiple selection for easily working with lists of data, similar to the Mail app’s capability.

LockablePivot adds a special mode to the Pivot control where only the current item is shown (often used with multiple selection).

ExpanderView is a primitive items control that can be used for expanding and collapsing items (like the threaded views in the Mail app).

HubTile lets you add beautiful, informative, animated tiles to your application, similar to the new People groups in ‘Mango’.

ContextMenu control has been reworked: performance improvements and visual consistency fixes.

ListPicker now supports multiple selection.

RecurringDaysPicker lets your users select a day of the week.

Date & Time Converters localized to 22 languages. The converters let developers easily display date and time in the user interface in one of the many styles found throughout the phone’s UI, from a short date like ‘7/19’ to relative times like ‘about a month ago’.

Page Transitions have improved performance for a more responsive feel.

PhoneTextBox is an early look at an enhanced text box with action icon support, watermarking, etc.

All error messages and interface elements have been localized to all of the supported languages, making for a great experience for users around the world.

The release is also packed full of nice bug fixes and addresses many customer-reported issues. You can file bug reports and suggest features for the toolkit at

Other great components

If you’re new to the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit, you’re in for a treat as an app developer: the simple developer library also contains these great components designed specifically for the Windows Phone:

AutoCompleteBox is a text box control that allows for simple auto-completion based on a filter.

DatePicker lets a user select a date, similar to that found in the Alarms app on the Windows Phone.

PerformanceProgressBar can be used to show indeterminate progress inside an app (though you should also consider the new ProgressIndicator support in ‘Mango’, too).

TiltEffect attached property that gives buttons, list items, and other components that nice ‘tilt’ touch experience.

TimePicker for choosing a time.

WrapPanel is a non-virtualized wrapping panel often used for displaying photo thumbnails.

Helper code for Gestures (touch input manipulations).

Where to learn more about the release

To learn all about the new features, see example code, and learn more about the development process, check out this post announcing the August 2011 Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit on my blog. Also, do expect great resources to come up on the #wpdev hash tag.

We hope that you really enjoy this new release and welcome feedback, suggestions and bug reports on the Silverlight Toolkit’s CodePlex site. There you will also find a sample app that demonstrates the features of the toolkit, plus full source code.

Now ship some great ‘Mango’ apps!

Jeff Wilcox, Developer
Silverlight for Windows Phone

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  • sprzyg
    4 Posts

    Next, great version, thank you! Unfortunately i have one problem with hubtile control. I'd like to use as a source png picture with transparency, but in that case, when this picture slide in we can see Title text on second side of tile, check yourself, just don't set source.

    Could Toolkit developer team fix this problem?

  • theCake
    1 Posts


    I'm experiencing some difficulties: I wanted to get my fingers on PhoneTextBox and installed the new Toolkit. In my existing project I referenced Microsoft.Phone.Toolkit.dll from the ...Source & Sample\PhoneToolkitSample\Bin\Debug folder. I also added the namespace (xmlns:toolkit="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Phone.Controls;assembly=Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit"). When I type '<toolkit:' I can access all toolkit controls (even the new ones) except PhoneTextBox.

    Did I reference the wrong .dll file? Which one is the right?

    I'm running SDK 7.2 if that matters..

  • Um, any timeframe for the RTW Mango SDK, please? After some painful experiments with past SDK betas, I'm not touching this one on principle...

  • What about TouchEvents for IE Mobile? When will they arrive on Windows Phone? Currently, there is no chance to provide best user experience for your webapplications. Almost every mobile OS supports TouchEvents, why not WP7?

  • Great news, thanks! Good to have the "go live" toolset.

  • @ATtheBrand,

    The toolkit is free, open source, and can be used however you like.

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for the same. I have developing sme enterprise app on Wp7. If I use this SDK is there any licensing issue in that? Of course the app will be usable through marketplace. Also I already hvae beta tools installed, shall this auto upgrade the tools if I download this SDK.

  • @cb55555, nice find :-) PhoneTextBox is the most experimental control, we wanted to get feedback on it, and typos are a good start!

  • cb55555
    4 Posts

    "PhoneTextBox.LengthIndicatorTheshold"? Nobody caught this? Seriously?

    I even got this compiler warning: "Warning 4 CA1704 : Microsoft.Naming : Correct the spelling of 'Theshold' in member name 'PhoneTextBox.LengthIndicatorTheshold' or remove it entirely if it represents any sort of Hungarian notation. D:\WindowsPhone\Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit\PhoneTextBox\PhoneTextBox.cs 302 Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit"

  • @cb55555, it sounds like you may also be building the design-time assemblies. Can you e-mail me ( and we'll see what it will take to get you going? - Jeff

  • cb55555
    4 Posts

    I can't get the source to build. I keep getting this error:

    "Warning 15 The project 'Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit' cannot be referenced. The referenced project is targeted to a different framework family (Silverlight)"

    I have the Mango Beta 2 Refresh (i.e. RC) bits installed.

  • Excellent work, thank you very much guys

    Still waiting for the Arabic language to be suported, 22 countries plus millions of speakers around the world are waiting to enjoy the full user experience of windows phone 7.

  • @wp7rocks,

    Thanks! We did take a fix for the context menu leak that was present, but it's always possible that it doesn't correct your situation. Would love it if you could take a look and see if there are any issues, just send me mail at once you know!

  • gaurav
    10 Posts

    Great work. Awesome!

    Is the context menu memory leak issued fixed when using it inside a data template, since it doesn't unsubscribe events?

  • My hero! PhoneTextBox was something I was looking at handling on my own. Watermarking was trivial but action icon was going to be fun. Thanks for beating me to the punch. The relative DateTime converters are a nice touch, too. Considering I've done my own it would be nice to keep the assembly's fat trimmed by using the toolkit instead.

    To be honest, I was mostly just expecting bugfixes and upgrades. I didn't expect any real new controls, definitely not to the extent your team has included. Kudos.

  • Great work Jeff, looking forward to check the changed and new items from you guys!! :)