More Winners for #WPAppItUp

More Winners for #WPAppItUp

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Last month we announced the first set of winners for #WPAppItUp. The first 20 phones were awarded for some amazing student-created app prototypes. Today, I’m proud to announce the second round of winners who will all be getting a pre-release HTC Mazaa!

Please join me in congratulating these 15:

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@acromace (
@apxapob (
@baithxlol (
@brilliantvision (
@chriond (
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@snisarg (

It was very encouraging to see how submissions keep evolving in their use of Metro design elements and new features in Mango. It’s obvious that people are learning from one another and pushing things further. We even saw some resubmissions from people whose prototypes weren’t selected in the first round (we had at least one winner this time who greatly improved).

Three of our favorites were InspirEngine (a GTD app with a social & gaming bent), SpellingList (helps kids learn spelling through games), and WorldPainter (create virtual graffiti anywhere and share with your friends):


As these developers are working on bringing their apps to market, you can help them make sure the finished apps rock by checking out their prototypes (follow the links above) and giving them feedback.

Third & Final Round

We’ll announce the third & final group of winners (15 total) of this contest on Friday, September 9th. If you’ve been waiting to put your idea into Sketchflow, you’ve got a bit more time.

If your prototype hasn’t been selected as a winner don’t give up. Keep at it. Prototyping tools like Sketchflow make it really easy to rapidly iterate on ideas. See what works, throw out what doesn’t, and evolve the app. Darwin. I-Ching (anyone seen the movie Collateral?).

To have a shot at one of the remaining 15 HTC Mazaas:

  1. Make sure you’re registered for DreamSpark
  2. Download and install Expression Studio Ultimate and the new Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools (available free as a member of DreamSpark)
  3. Get the free Sketchflow Template for Windows Phone and create a Sketchflow mock-up of your app
  4. Post the Sketchflow mock-up somewhere online
  5. By Friday, September 2nd, tweet out the link using the hash tag #WPAppItUp
  6. We will review all prototypes and will contact the developers who submit the best ones and send them a special Mango developer device


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  • Can wait to see the list of the last winners. This device will be very very useful for my startup.

  • Ben Lower
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    @Bill Sorry you're still concerned about the sync...The best place for you to make your request, share your ideas, etc. are on the official WP Dev UserVoice site (

  • apxapob
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    –°ongratulations!! I hope there will not be problems with shipping.

  • snisarg
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    Well I am @snisarg. And the link to my submission now is Check the CloudTaskTracker, that is the winning entry of the two sketchflows that I have submitter

  • Bill
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    Ben, as a potential customer  long time Windows user and current iPhone user, I have been doing my research and am very concerned with the sync options to our Outlook on the desktop at home.   MS has the office apps that are useable on the Win phone....Word, Excel, PP Outlook app.   Why and where is it.   This is the basic ground floor for the phone as a contact management device.  This should have been at the forefront of thought in the to get the info.  And the lay customer expects to be able to plug into another MS device  ie Windows  and expect them to talk and sync.  Why do i need an Apple device to talk to my Outlook?   And yes I know about live etc...dont want to use cloud.  Will there be an Outlook app developed....if not by MS then allow API to be opened up to developers so they can write one.   At least give the USER the option to choose how we sync...via cloud, gmail, live, USB etc.  How about a Windows Update roll out of a sync app with check box to let us pick how we want to sync.  Why intentionally stop someone from doing it.....the way they need to operate....thanks