PhoneGap mobile HTML5 framework adding support for Windows Phone Mango

PhoneGap mobile HTML5 framework adding support for Windows Phone Mango

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We’re very excited to join Nitobi to announce availability of a PhoneGap beta supporting Windows Phone Mango. This new option to build applications targeting Windows Phone gives more choices to developers. In particular, Web developers will be able to easily leverage their HTML5 skills to target Windows Phone.

The beta version of the PhoneGap libraries can be downloaded from:

PhoneGapWindows Phone MangoIn case you’ve been so busy writing code for months and you’ve never heard about PhoneGap, it’s an open source mobile framework that enables developers to build applications targeting multiple platforms, by using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript). On Windows Phone Mango PhoneGap leverages the new HTML5 support provided by IE9.

We have been in touch with André Charland and Brian Leroux (Co-Founders of Nitobi the creator of PhoneGap), who are seeing a growing interest from the PhoneGap developer community to target Windows Phone. So we’ve started working with Nitobi, helping to speed up the development of Windows Phone Mango support in PhoneGap by providing engineering resources and technical support.

The current beta version includes most of the basic features, and includes JavaScript APIs to use Windows Phone Mango features like:

  • Access Device Information (UDDI and stuff)
  • Add and search Contacts
  • Connection status (network / wifi connection status)
  • Alerts/Notification (alert and confirm)
  • Media Capture (Image and Audio)
  • Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • Geolocation

Here’s a screen shot of the PhoneGap Unit Test application running on the Windows Phone emulator:


I encourage you to read Nitobi’s blog post to get more details on how the whole process works.

This is the first step toward having full PhoneGap support for Windows Phone Mango. Stay tuned, we will provide updates and more extensive demos as progress is made. With Windows Phone Mango Released to Manufacturing and developer tools hitting “Release Candidate”, it’s the perfect time to start testing, give feedback and join the PhoneGap open source project.

Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr. Technical Evangelist – Interoperability
@jccim -

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  • Hi,

    I'm new to Windows Phone and PhoneGap programming and I am looking for a forum where I can get help.  I have tried the Google PhoneGap forum but it is not very well monitord and not much feedback either.

    Anyone got any suggestions any other forums when I can get assistance with Windows & PhoneGap?


  • strouja
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    I agree and think it is smart idea to support Mango (Windows Mobile 7.5), I have a customer that is using Windows Mobile 6.5 (don't ask me why) and it would be great for us and me if phonegap supported this old antiquated, dead OS.  I can easily see why folks would not want to spend time trying to support something so old and would rather focus their energy on the future.   I just read up a ton on phonegap and I'm convinced it is the way to go to develop apps for mobile phones.

  • Thank you @ColinEberhardt

    I just saw your tutorial. Very cool :)

  • I have written a simple example application using PhoenGap for WP7. You can read abotu it on my blog here:

    Colin E.

  • JDB
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    It's good news. However Phonegap+Sencha(the most powerful HTML5 framework) usually go together, and the bad news is that Sencha does not run (freezes) on IE9-WP7.5

    Hope a quick fix from either side comes soon.

  • Nature seems to be working just fine.

  • @abm: Gyroscope is doable, via the DeviceMotion API.

    As far as I know, there's not  a lot of devices support Gyro (not just Windows Phone 7, but the other platforms as well) hence community interest is limited.

    PhoneGap is an open source project, and the plugin architecture currently would allow someone to go ahead and add this already, so hopefully someone just jumps in and does it right now :)

  • abm
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    Great work!

    & how about the support for Gyroscope?

  • ckruhs
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    Great news :-)