Nokia Developers: learn Windows Phone even faster

Nokia Developers: learn Windows Phone even faster

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It’s my great pleasure to announce today a comprehensive package to leverage your development skills while learning to build applications for Windows Phone. The Microsoft & Nokia agreement has been described at length over the past few months and, like Matt Bencke highlighted, one of our goals has been to make it easy for Nokia Symbian developers to learn Windows Phone.

So, folks from Microsoft and Nokia worked together to build a great package to help you get started. This helpful package contains the following tools and documentation to help you along the path to learning Windows Phone development:

These complement the similar iOS/Android guidance & mapping work we released a couple months ago.

The “Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers” white paper is about 100 pages organized in 8 chapters.

  • clip_image002Chapter 1: Introducing Windows Phone Platform
    to Symbian^3 Qt Application Developers
  • Chapter 2: Windows Phone Application Design Guidelines
  • Chapter 3: Windows Phone Developer and Designer Tools
  • Chapter 4: C# programming
  • Chapter 5: Introducing Windows Phone Application Life Cycle
  • Chapter 6: Porting Applications to Windows Phone
  • Chapter 7: Windows Phone Example Applications
  • Chapter 8: Using the API Mapping Tool

The white paper is available in different formats (HTML, DOCX & PDF). Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and/or corrections on the online version.

Chapter 6 introduces porting tutorials, in which you will find practical examples and tips on how to port your applications, like the RSS Reader applications or the “Diner” example, a catalog-type restaurant information application. From design consideration to data binding, the porting story addresses many aspects of the process that will be useful to you; the developer.


The full list of samples and source code is available to you.

The addition of Symbian Qt to the Windows Phone API mapping tool is another perk we wanted to deliver in order to speed up the learning curve to Windows Phone. For this first iteration of the mapping, we’ve focused on the core libraries for Qt 4.7 for Symbian (QtCore, QtGui, QtLocation, QtNetwork, QtSensors, QtSql, QtXml, QtWebKit, QML Elements, QML Components ). We invite you to offer up ideas about what additional mapping you feel would make sense and would like to see included in the tool.


Finally, keep an eye on the “Nokia Windows Phone Training” roadshow, starting today in Paris, France. During this one day training event, you’ll learn how to take your ideas and get them running on the Windows Phone platform. Upcoming dates and locations for the roadshow are as follows: Milan, Italy (Sept 26), Madrid, Spain (Sept 29), Berlin, Germany (Oct 4) , London, United Kingdom (Oct 10) and Silicon Valley, USA - date & details coming soon!
Similar events are also happening in Australia: Sydney (Sept 24-25[SOLD OUT], Oct 8-9), Melbourne (Oct 8-9[SOLD OUT, wait list]) and Brisbane (Oct 8-9).
We realize this is only a few dates and locations, so for all the developers who want to learn Windows Phone, I recommend that you follow at your own pace the EXCELLENT “Window Phone Mango Jump Start” online video training. And stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Start Today!

We’re all eager to see the Nokia hardware running Windows Phone. Windows Phone Mango is just out of the door, so don’t wait, go get your copy of the “Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers white paper and take advantage of its guidance!

Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr. Technical Evangelist
@jccim -

[Cross-posted on the Interoperability blog]

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  • Nokia Phones will run the same Windows Phone OS every other platform is running. There should be no reason to need a Nokia WP to test an app.

  • ugg55
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  • @Sven I know all of that. I just wanted to know if I can but a Nokia phone with Windows Mobile Phone installed. At the end I need a phone to test my apps and Nokia is a nice option, but I could not find any examples of Nokia phones out there powered by Windows Phone. Maybe I should have asked when will we be able to see Nokia phones running Windows Phone?



  • devfish
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    [pc repair]  Not nokia specifically but we are running a series of all day Windows PhoneCamps on the East Coast USA this fall.  Not the nokia stuff specifically but general Windows Phone Dev with some 7.5 flavoriting.  For more info see or hit me on twitter at @devfish .  Joe Healy / Microsoft Dev Evangelist / Florida....

  • I'm considering getting a Nokia Windows Phone because of the cool features I know about. I know there's a lot that I don't know. When is training road show coming to the east coast of the US, or is a training show coming to the eastern US?

  • Sven
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    @Izak The point is to provide training and resources for Symbian developrs (Nokia), to get into Windows Phone developement. Nokia Phones will run the same Windows Phone OS every other platform is running. There should be no reason to need a Nokia WP to test an app. Not to say apps don't exist that fail on some phones, but that means someone is doing something wrong.

  • Hi,

    it's nice that you can write applications for Nokia phones. On the other hand, how can I test them? Are there Windows Phone powered Nokia devices available? If so can you specify the brand names?