Introducing the [Your App Here] Advertising Campaign

Introducing the [Your App Here] Advertising Campaign

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Developers often ask us “how can Microsoft help me promote my app?
Beyond looking at the best practices we published, we’ve heard you, and as a result have launched a program called [Your App Here].

The goal is to highlight great applications and give them a chance to shine. The program is available to developers in the United States.

Here’s the overview of the [Your App Here] program:

  • Each month from December through February, up to seven apps will be selected and promoted in campaigns created and funded by Windows Phone.
  • The prize: Winning apps will be featured in a digital Windows Phone advertising campaign, with banner ads and up to one million ad impressions across the MSN Network of sites. During the campaign, apps will also get a featured placement on the Windows Phone Marketplace.


  • 10/25 – For December 2011 Campaign Consideration
  • 11/16 – For January 2012 Campaign Consideration
  • 12/22 – For February 2012 Campaign Consideration

Interested in participating?
Visit for details, app submission, rules and deadlines.


For future details around this promotion such as winners, developer spotlight and general update please visit AppHub.
Submit now, deadlines are fast approaching.

JC Cimetiere - @jccim

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  • US here and US there, US students over here. You got a lot of catching up to do so broaden your perspectives. At the moment your way behind Android and IPhone. Get going.

  • nitro52
    28 Posts

    I have to add my feedback as well, i don't understand why this was even restricted to US Market anyway. As a developer based in Australia i still publish my app to the US Market. We all speak the same language. Microsoft really needs to start acting like a Global company and at least explain why their are restrictions when there are. But in most cases there shouldn't be.

  • @ajm: interesting suggestion :)

    I would recommend you to post this suggestion on the uservoice forum:

    It's easier to keep track and other folks can vote for it

  • @timgriff84: feature placement will be only on the US marketplace.

  • @JC Cimetiere but ultimately what your saying is for December, January and Feburary, US developer apps are going to get a lot more promotion than anyone else's? Does the featured placement in the marketplace also apply to other countrys marketplaces. e.g. UK?

    Seems highly unfair that because I'm a UK developer other peoples Apps will get more exposure which will ultimately move them up the rankings in the categories and potentially mine down, creating a double negative effect.

  • ajm
    3 Posts

    I love my WP7.5.  The OS is good enough now to compete, but any computing device is only as good as its software.  What you need to do is fix the marketplace so that xbox kids without a credit card, and adults who don't wish to give out a credit card  number (like me) can purchase apps via gift cards or points cards.  The marketing of Xbox live and social media on this phone seems to lend itself to a youthful audience, but the credit card issue, conversely,  keeps that same audience away.  Once users start spending, more developers will write more quality software, and the phone will be more appealing.   I buy ipad apps because of gift cards and no credit card requirement, and so do my teens.

  • Developers outside of the US, we hear you!

    We’re looking at programs on a world wide scale but we haven’t defined anything yet.

    So please, bear with us and continue to give us feedback.


  • I agree with the previous comments - why, pray tell, limit this to US devs?

    This kind of 'US only' fixation will only serve to dissuade highly talented developers from joining the WP7 bandwagon.

  • David_K
    3 Posts

    Let me get this straight.

    You finally expand WP7 to more countries, but right at the time where this expansion needs to be made visible for the potential new buyers, you limit this awesome ad campaign to the US?

    Anything wrong with this picture? ...

  • nitro52
    28 Posts

    Yes Global company/market yet once again we are hindered because of where we happen to live?

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Same... why 90% of great stuff is US-ONLY from Phone and Bing teams? Come on now, this is not fair!!

  • Same here too .. why the special treatment for US developers ?

  • Elad
    4 Posts

    Same question here. Why only US developers?

  • Why is this only open to US developers? :(