Marketplace now open in 5 new markets

Marketplace now open in 5 new markets

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I’m happy to report that the Windows Phone Marketplace is now officially open for business in 5 new markets around the world—Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines. We can’t wait to see all the great new apps you’ll create and publish for customers there.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, if you’d like your existing apps to reach Windows Phone owners in these new places, just log into App Hub and select them from the list—or choose “worldwide” if you want your app to appear in all 41 of the markets Marketplace is now available in. (You’ll need to do this even if you’ve previously opted to make your app available globally.) Here’s a quick walkthrough.

Just a reminder that apps submitted to the Marketplaces for Indonesia, Malaysia and China (which is accepting apps but not yet open to consumers) will be subject to additional requirements due to local laws, regulations, or norms. For more details, see the Application Certification Requirements. If your app fails certification because of these additional requirements, you’ll need to update and resubmit it, or uncheck the submission boxes for those markets.

That’s it for now.

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  • stanung
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    how can i use my windows phone in malaysia if i can't understand malay? microsoft stupid or properly let iphone monopoly market

  • DjiXas
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    When will you allow Lithuanians to submit apps?

  • xess
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    Hi, I'm a customer from Malaysia and my current Marketplace is set to Singapore because Malaysia wasn't available previously despite the fact that Windows Phones are sold here. Will there be any kind of tool to be able to migrate my region from Singapore to Malaysia without either creating a new Live ID or doing a hard reset?

  • Todd,

    Is great to hear that Malaysia Windows Phone Marketplace is open for business. I hope that Microsoft could include more popular apps and games to the Malaysia Marketplace as it is current lacking for a start. I could not even find YouTube app or even the popular Angry Bird game. I love Windows Phone 7.5 and I believe with a positive amount of popular apps and games windows phone community will grow in Malaysia.

  • Hello, I'm from Perú but I can't get any apps for my phone (LG E900 fully updated). When I try to enter into the Marketplace it shows me that is unavailable for my country. Even the WP marketplace website doesn't show Perú and Argentina as available countries.

    Juan Luis.

  • @Todd Brix It is nice that you are expanding to these regions, but don't you think you should cover Central and Eastern Europe first? Apple is way ahead but you have SO much better design. Hope to see you in Bulgaria soon!

    P.S. I wrote about Windows Phone here. A lot of people agreed with me. Please read it and pass it along your coworkers in the Windows Phone Division : )

  • Loan
    2 Posts

    Dear all,

    Please try AppDeals to promote your app!!!

    Have a nice day!


  • @Todd, just send a comment on Micheal's blog too. The marketplace is still not showing up in Argentina, as Ricardo and other already mentioned here. Developers (us) do really want it up and running? Do you have news? Is there any place where we can find out more information? Thanks for your postings!!!

  • Todd:

    I'm in Argentina, and after reading this I finally went out and bought an LG Optimus 7. I ran all the updates with Zune's software, my phone is in Mango and completely up-to-date, but when I try to open the marketplace app it says it's not available in my country or region.

    What's going on? I feel really dissapointed

  • ralphus
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    Please open China soon. I am frustrated that I cannot use my account anymore, seemingly because of the downloading of a few Christmas songs while in China end 2011!!! I like Mango very much, but not if I cannot download paid apps / songs.

    A frustrated customer.

  • Maxi
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    Hello Todd!, this's a excellent news, but, for some reason the site isn't active yet (?). I've an account with which I'm trying to enter and I can't do. I'm from Argentina.  Thanks!.

  • Todd Brix
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    Thanks for the comments and questions everybody.

    @Marauderz: Apps can be published by developers in any market where App Hub hasn't yet launched via an official Global Publisher.  Note that developers who registered with a Global Publisher will have the option of registering directly with Microsoft at no cost when the App Hub launches in their country or region. Here's more info on the Global Publisher program:

    @Javier: There are a couple good resources to help answer your question, including the App Hub forum ( and Windows Phone Developer Support forum (

  • markiz
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    Are you guys ever going to cover the rest of the Europe?

    If windows store is going to be available in 231 countries from day one, what's holding back marketplace?

  • jezl
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    It would be nice to have a quick way of saying "Publish Worldwide minus restricted markets".

    Also it would be nice to have a bit more info on exactly what gets you rejected on those restricted markets. I submitted two IDENTICAL apps (one free with ads, one paid with ads in trial) and had one rejected and one accepted for those markets.

  • Does that mean you're enabling developers from those countries to join App Hub now? Still don't see Malaysia on the list.

  • Javier
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    I have a question: Im from Lima, Peru and i have an account in the app hub, but i registered a canadian address. How can i change it to register my peruvian address?