App Hub accepting submissions for new markets soon

App Hub accepting submissions for new markets soon

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In the next two weeks App Hub will start accepting submissions for the new Windows Phone Marketplaces we recently announced—a great opportunity for you to establish an early toehold on top download charts and get your app in front of eager new phone customers. My advice: Prepare now and beat the crowd.

The 23 new Marketplaces are launching this month in Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam. That’s in addition to the five stores we opened earlier this year in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines.

Once this latest batch goes live, it will bring our total number of customer storefronts to 63—nearly half of which are new in 2012. Factor in the new wave of handsets (including more affordable models) coming from Nokia, HTC, and ZTE, and it means a nearly 60 percent increase in the total addressable market for your apps.

How can you take advantage? Just visit App Hub once it’s been updated and select the markets where you’d like to publish your apps—or choose “worldwide” (even if you’ve selected this before) to make them available everywhere. We’re not adding new App Hub locations in this release. If it’s not available where you live, use a global publisher to submit your app.

Keep in mind that some new markets— Bahrain, China, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE—are subject to additional certification requirements due to local laws or norms. Check Section 3.10 of our content policy for more details.

Finally, due to the volume of new app submissions and updates, it’s taking at least 7 calendar days to certify apps—a number that could increase. Just something to consider if you’re aiming to have your app live by a particular date.

When App Hub is ready for you to start submitting to these new markets in the next week or two, I’ll be back to let you know.

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  • I'm perplexed that you are adding submission locations but not increasing your volume capacity for app certification.

    If you want Windows Phone to continue the momentum then make it easier for developers to get their app to market.

    Also, announcing promotion after promotion for app features, marketing opportunities, etc really mean nothing to excited developers when they come across a 4 week time delay for the app to be certified.

    I just submitted my first app and the time it takes to get published will dictate if I think Windows Phone is a platform I want to pursue.

  • mavaic
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    I want to clarify, in Lithuania will be available customers Marketplace and what about developer Marketplace? Whether developer will can add created apps without intermediarie in Marketplace?

  • abm
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    Three questions:

    1. On its arrival to MiddleEast, should we expect the all three ZuneMarketplace, XboxMarketplace, WindowsPhoneMarketplace together?

    2. Can a person get a Zune pass residing in MENA region?

    3. How to change the country in personal information at

  • It would be great to also be able to develop from the new markets [i.e., adding them as App Hub locations as well]. At least with my Global Publisher it is almost impossible to take WP7 development seriously; 20% cut in profits (besides the 30% that goes to MS], often enough 3 weeks to publish an app and that's if everything goes well, slow site and if God forbid you fail certification for a thing that maybe takes you like 2 minutes to correct, you have to go through the whole process again so you could look at months to publish an app... take away the taxes associated with transfering the money to your local bank so you look at less than 50% of your sales. This really is not a solution, more of a "patch" for the moment but hopefully we will see new App Hub locations soon. Therefore, please add new App Hub locations soon, specifically, please include Romania.

  • DjiXas
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    I am more interested in AppHub expansion to those countries, this thing sucks

  • So the quest is simple, When am I going to be able to download Xbox LIVE games on my phone? I live in Qatar, we need a date, not "soon" not "next week" please guys, people are being tortured in here

  • Rinzo
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    It's great that Bulgaria is finally onboard, but when will I finally be able to publish apps. It's *!(@^$ anoying to user other person's account and the stupid publishers :(

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    Is there any hope for IRANIANS

  • Dominican Republic, please! I wanted to publishi and buy some apps, but I'm unable to do neither. Support all Latin America, come on!

  • riseagn
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    im actually wishing to see windows phone everywhere in hands of everyone

  • riseagn
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    Please keep in mind to Provide Arabic language to all windows phones provided in middle east so people can actually buy windows phones and use it with their language and keep in mind providing high end, mid range and low end devices so people can have multiple choices

    i have met many people arguing that they wont buy it because it doesn't support their language and they can't buy any app from the market now you are going to support these countries in marketplace we need the language to make everyone willing to buy windows phone

    thank you a lot and good luck Microsoft and windows phone team :)

  • Is there any possibility to change my account in Windows Phone to another marketplace? In brazilian marketplace there isn't so much apps.

  • Why do you fail to enable new AppHub locations together with matching Marketplace locations? Is there any particular reason you are making costs significantly higher for developers to publish in their native markets at the start?