Marketplace now open in 13 new markets. Are your apps available?

Marketplace now open in 13 new markets. Are your apps available?

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Marketplace opened for customers today in 13 new markets—a milestone my colleague Mazhar talks about on our consumer blog.

As I’ve written, the news is just another reminder that if you haven’t started cross-submitting your apps for publishing (here's how), now’s the time so phone owners in these new markets can start downloading them.

Before signing off, I wanted to quickly address a question I often get: Why isn’t the developer App Hub expanding at the same pace as the consumer Marketplace? It’s a great question with a complicated answer. Simply put, it takes a lot of legal and engineering work to bring App Hub to new markets. We know you want to see App Hub expand, and we’re working hard to do that while guaranteeing a good experience for you. Setting up registration and payment infrastructure, complying with local laws and regulations, and doing all the other work necessary to ensure you have the tools you need to publish free and paid apps—and get compensated properly—takes time to put into place.

That’s one reason why we created our global publisher program, which lets you publish apps in markets not yet supported by App Hub.

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  • Mitko
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    This "Country" availability and linking of Live accounts with Player Tags is really a mess!

    At the present day Xbox Live doesn't support Bulgaria and thus I created a UK account and linked it to my PayPal account. I also have a player tag and many achievements with it. Same goes for Windows Phone... so now I have two different emails linked to 2 separate player tags.

    It's really BS that you cannot change the location of your account based on the fact that you moved from one country to another!

    Look at your partner Nokia, you could buy anything from the market, from day one from any country... This is really the problem with US centric companies... Nokia, being in Europe, had to think about many markets and availability workldwide... while US companies are just seeing the need of expanding the "value add" services outside of the big players like US, UK, Germany, etc.

    Hopefully we will see support for many more languages and countries by the end of the year... both on Xbox and WP.

  • ik2
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    Maybe you should get in touch with Samsung, Nokia, Apple, RIM, HP or all other companies to learn how they give worldwide developer support in their marketplaces? Do they don't comply with local laws and regulations? Anyway good luck with this strategy.

  • pmdci
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    @Svetlin Ankov:

    If that is the case, then I strongly suggest EU developers to stay away from from Windows Phone development. AS EU citizens, one of our fundamental rights is the freedom of movement of goods, capital, people and services throughout the union. It is quite normal for professionals in the continent to relocate to different countries within the EU; and this is particularly the case for IT professionals.

  • pmdci, from what I've read, it's a definite no. You'll have to create a completely new account. :-(

  • pmdci
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    The issue is I am concered about is: What if I am an EU citizen who was living in Italy the time I created my account to publish apps, and now I move to Spain? Would I be able to change my details?

  • Very nice, except when you go to the Israeli WP7 site it only lists the HTC HD2 (which officialy is WM6.5, though mine runs 7.5 :-P) with a dead link. Kinda embarrassing.

  • I'm. So happy the marketplace is now available in Bulgaria too. However, I'd like to point out that most of the good apps are actually not yet available, e.g. Amazon kindle, Skype, etc. And I don't see any Xbox live games either.

    May I ask if more of the high quality apps would be coming to the Bulgaria marketplace and whether Xbox live games are planned to be available.


  • Yeah. Marketplace should open for more than 23 country. WP7 will be very successful platform.

  • Shouldn't that be 23 new markets?

    And great news!