Two Marketplace changes; An update on 9 new markets

Two Marketplace changes; An update on 9 new markets

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I wanted to make sure you saw the Windows Phone consumer blog today, because my colleague Mazhar highlights two changes to the Marketplace shopping experience that developers should be aware of.

First, we’re removing the option to browse and buy Windows Phone apps from the Zune PC software, a change that started rolling out this afternoon. Second, in the coming weeks we’ll also start requiring that customers have Windows Phone 7.5 installed on their phone to buy, download, update, or review apps in Marketplace.

Mazhar’s post has more details and background. But I want to highlight one important way the removal of the Windows Phone store from Zune impacts developers.

It’s important to make sure you’re using the correct protocol for direct links to your app in Marketplace. This “deep link,” as it’s also called, makes it easy for customers to pull up your app in the phone and web stores. The correct format is:{GUID}

You’ll find more details on deep links here on MSDN. If you use the older zune:// format for links, customers will see an error message. Just something to keep in mind.

One final update for today: We just released the OS software required to bring Marketplace to customers in Bahrain, Israel, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam. These nine markets—which are already open for app submissions—were part of the larger Marketplace  expansion I outlined last month. Our hardware partners can now create phones for these markets and begin their final launch preparations.

Mazhar will have more to say about these new storefronts in the weeks ahead.

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  • vinhc
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    " These nine markets—which are already open for app submissions". I'm from Vietnam and I cannot submit application at all! When can we buy account and publish our apps?? We don't want international publishing

  • bf400
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    Why would you remove the ability to get apps for wp7 from the zune software?  iTunes, as awful as it is, at least has everything for an iPod/iPad/iPhone in ONE PLACE.  

    Wait, so if, for whatever reason, I don't have an internet connection I can mange these apps or my phone????

    WTF are you people thinking about?

  • Mythos
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    I gave it a week and I still do not like this change very much. We need to have Zune anyway so why not let us continue to search and buy apps through it?  So a few at Microsoft don’t like to use Zune to get their so they decide to make everyone else use their method--it's annoying.

    It's minor point but doesn't anyone care that when you pin the web martketplace to the taskbar it only has the ugly, generic IE icon with a white background?

  • Todd Brix
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    @DjiXas: As others have mentioned, you can still use the Zune software and your Internet-connected PC to facilitate downloading large games and apps to your phone. Just launch the software and plug in your phone with the USB cable.

    @timgriff84: The web Marketplace ( offers the same browsing and shopping features as the Zune software did for Windows Phone apps.

  • Shockg
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    This was a really bad way to let people know that this was removed from the Zune software.  I went to my computer last night and there was a message that services had been changed and then that I needed to restart the software.  I use the Zune software to seach for Apps.  I prefer that way.  When looking through the Windows Phone help files to restore your apps is states to go into your Zune software and look at your downloaded apps and reinstall.  It only shows the apps downloaded from the Zune software.  NOT from the phone.  Bad move.  I have been using my Zune for many years and sad to see it go.  I have a Windows Phone also.  Samsung Focus.  Love the interface and have even converted some of my friends over to the Windows Phone.  But it does not have enough space to be my player.  I use the Zune 120 for that.  Still cary 2 devices.  And like it that way.  Really hard to be positive about the changes when some of them seem to be be more detrimental than useful.

    I like the look to the Windows 8 but with there even be a Zune software for it?  Will we be stuck with the old Windows Media player?  The look of the Zune software is great and I have been using it as my only player for quite some time.  

    Another thing about trying to push everything to the phone is that I am on AT&T and they don't update in a timely fashion when there are updates!  Still have issues with the keyboard disapearing when trying to type.  And what about a backup solution for the phone!?  Having everything in the Cloud is not a solution for me.  I have to reset my phone once in a while to clear out memory issues and it is a pain to try and restore everything.  Would like a backup solution that I can save to my computer and restore.  That would be nice.  And not just when doing an update. Because once again I don't see all of them thanks to AT&T.

    For now I will stay with my Zune and WP7 but not sure for how long if there is no user interaction before making drastic changs.

  • adnihil
    2 Posts

    Correction* A sales rep lied to me, the issue has been resolved, please disregard my post.

  • @adnihil: First: they are telling you why in the post Todd refers too and secondly you perhaps should tell people in what way you believe AT&T lied about the rebate because as your post looks now NOBODY can give any credit to it.

  • adnihil
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    Completely inane, and what's worse you wont even tell us why. Between this and AT&T LYING about the $99 rebate I'll be telling my friends who were on the fence about it NOT to get a Lumia 900.

  • @DjiXas - Your phone always uses the PC's internet connection when connected via USB, so just do that before downloading games from your phone.

  • Isn't the Zune software the main way to find apps that aren't in the top 100 of a category? Finding them n your phone is next to impossible and why would I visit the website? Doesn't make sense, I look at the zune software when I sync my phone, no reason to visit the website apart from the awful process of reinstalling apps.

    I had hoped for the marketplace to be on Xbox to, so I could browse apps on the big screen, but if you doing this it seems unlikely. I'd also hoped that you would actually finish Zune so it could store apps rather than relying on the cloud which so far has proved an awful user experience. Seems this is unlikely to.

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    I don't understand.

    Will we still be able to download apps via PC if we plug in the cable?

    If no, how do I download larger apps if I don't use WiFi? If you haven't read, "WiFi signals kill sperm according to scientists"

    In Europe a lot of people don't use WiFi and our operators are not assholes. So either, remove the 25 MB limit from inphone downloads or allow us to download apps via PC.

    You pretty much blocked me from using the marketplace for games, thanks.

  • I used all 3 methods of getting apps: web, phone, and Zune. I used Zune to browse apps because the desktop screen allowed me to see more app icons fast. If the phone was plugged into the PC then the app was installed. Doing it via the web requires me to email myself (I'm not on a texting plan so I want to avoid a charge for the text message app link).

    Isn't this all the same marketplace backend? Apparently not. If you're going to remove something from Zune software, how about you finally tell us loyalists what's going on with it? I'm on Twitter and Facebook telling people all about these phones, shouting from every social network about these phones, and you burn me like this. I just want to know what I have to look forward to.