First look at the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace

First look at the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace

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Greetings from Amsterdam. I’m speaking at Microsoft’s TechEd Europe event this week and wanted to share some of what I’ve been telling audiences here about the new Windows Phone 8 Marketplace—including the list of new markets and new money-making opportunities that Windows Phone 8 makes possible.

Before digging in, let me add the same important caveat that everyone has been repeating all week: This is just the beginning of what we’ll be saying about Windows Phone 8 and the new store for apps and games in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned to our official blogs for the latest news.

More countries

As we announced last week, with Windows Phone 8 we’re dramatically expanding our footprint around the globe. Consumers will be able to browse and download apps in more than 180 countries at launch—roughly three times the 63 markets served today. Developers, meanwhile, will be able to submit apps to those same markets via App Hub, up from 38 markets.

What we haven’t shown yet is the exact list of those markets—and today I’m happy to share it (see below).  Keep in mind that it’s still early, and there’s always the possibility a few names could change between now and Windows Phone 8’s official launch.

More ways to make money

Windows Phone 8 brings in-app purchase capability, providing an important new way to profit from your apps. In addition to what you earn from advertising or app sales, you can also now sell virtual goods and services within the app.

As I’m sure you know, this is an opportunity that’s really only limited by your creativity. In-app purchasing not only provides a supplemental revenue stream but helps extend the shelf life of the app—because you can keep adding new items to keep your customers interested.

App Hub will provide tools for managing in-app commerce. You can specify what you want to sell, choose prices and countries to make it available, and use App Hub reporting tools to generate detailed sales reports.

Another new revenue-generating opportunity comes from the new enterprise features in Windows Phone 8, which Joe Belfiore outlined in his recent post. Many companies, for example, are increasingly relying on employee-targeted apps for things like filing expense reports and booking travel.

In Windows Phone 8, we’ve built a new home for custom enterprise apps called the Company Hub, opening a new market for developers who specialize in building and licensing these line-of-business apps. IT departments, meanwhile, have options for deploying, managing, and revoking these apps. Another bonus: The Company Hub has the same clean Metro look and design, so businesses and their employees should find it as easy to use as the rest of the phone.

At TechEd I’m also reminding developers that we continue to invest in and improve options for distributing and marketing your apps. For example, in Windows Phone 8 apps can come pre-loaded on microSD cards. Carriers and device makers can also more easily feature your apps in their branded Marketplace storefronts, providing a new way to get them in front of customers.

Next generation platform

Finally, we’re putting the finishing touches on the next versions of Marketplace and App Hub, both of which have been totally rebuilt from the ground up to be more robust and scalable. You can look forward to faster certification and publishing times, better reporting options, and more—all of which I’ll have much more to say about in future posts.

One tidbit about them that I am disclosing at TechEd: Our new architecture makes it possible for us filter apps based on screen resolution and other key characteristics, helping you better target your audience, thus increasing customer satisfaction and lowering your support costs.

Thank you

Before I go, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work, creativity, and support. We couldn’t have reached our first 100,000 app milestone this quickly without the incredible energy you’ve put behind this new platform.

I’m just one of many here who can’t wait to see what kinds of apps you create for Windows Phone 8 and beyond. I’ll be back in the next few weeks with more Windows Phone 8 news I think you’ll want to know about—so stay tuned.

The Windows Phone Marketplace and AppHub for developers are coming to more countries and regions for Windows Phone 8. 

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  • Paypal support would be great too.

  • I'm hoping for a Local Fund Transfer , or Local Debit Card Support in Philippines, That would be great!


  • Why applications of all around the world aren´t available to all around world users? Apple apps is one worldwide market. Android Apps is one worldwide market. For any developer will prefer 100 times more to develop to those Aps stores than yours, simply for the market reach. Worldwide vs local.

    We are in a global world today, with no frontiers. Less in the virtual world, were talent of any part of the world is good for any other part of it.

    At least Apple and Google guys have understood. That way they will have 100 times more apps than yours because they are in the virtuous growing circle while you are in the self-destroying circle.

  • CatFox
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    What about music marketplace for another countries? For example in Russia.

  • arad
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    Iranians are in love with Microsoft. So why not Iran in the list?

    Iranians are waiting for Windows phone 8

  • Pakistan finally :)

    Thanks Windows Phone team.

    Do we Pakistanis have access to Dev Apps Hub?

  • From Malaysia.

    How about making available Xbox Live and Zune Music Pass ?

    How long do you want to keep by-passing us ?

    Apple has already open their iTunes to Malaysia. When will you do the same ?

  • grossum
    2 Posts

    WTF MS?

    Where's Moldova? Does Zimbabwe has more developers than Moldova?

  • Jose G
    1 Posts

    C'mon, Netherlands Antilles? Curacao? Aruba? when?

  • Thanks for add support to my country but I hope that the marketplace 7.5 have paypal support at least

  • Geat. MONGOLIA in this list. Lot of mongolian developers want it. Thanks for WindowsTeam and WindowsPhoneTeam.

  • Excellent! Windows Phone is a high Platform for developer in Apps and Devices

    SEO y Posicionamiento Web

  • I'm finally happy that Guyana, my country is listed. Thank you Microsoft. I'm one of the WP7 early adapters here in my country. I own a LG Quantum. I love the physical keyboard and it's affordability, I only dislike it for it's bulkiness. This will make me wanna upgrade. Thank you Microsoft.

    One more thing does WP8 support 7 digit contact to number matching natively, because I had to employ the registry hack on my Quantum.

  • Great, Uruguay is in!

    Thank you! <3

  • Thanks for having Afghanistan in the list. I will be active in app submissions after this.


    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see my country on here..

    You guys are the best!!

  • Thanks for supporting Haiti! Lots going on there and some great opportunities are popping up.

  • Wow, people are too sensitive about WP 7.x... They aren't leaving it behind, nor are they forgetting it. They are leaving it up to the Dev's to keep producing content and submitting it the way we have been for quite some time now. For an accurate picture, the last Windows 6.5 devices left production over a year ago and the Marketplace for 6.x was just shutdown. Windows Phone 7 is now 2+ years old, with production models nearing the end of cycle towards the end of this year. This means that MS will be supporting the 7.x market for at least an additional 2 years from that point, and probably longer since the 7.x apps run under WP8.

    As far as the comments go about the Dev kits, I have to say that I am waiting for the SDK to hit. Google is all great about their SDK announcement, but seriously, 3/4 of the programmers for Android have released broken, incompatible crap that nobody wants and even fewer can use. Hopefully Google takes a page from MS and Apple and slows the upgrade stream down to a manageable pace soon.

  • This is a shame for all customers. SHAME. Not only in Amsterdam but also in Paris, France, or in London, and UK.

    What would you tell to every current Windows Phone 7,5 customer? How do you explain that Micros... has almost forgotten Windows Phone 7,5???

  • THANKS FOR Philippines support,

    Microsoft Rocks :)

  • Why Moldova is not in the list :( ?

  • Tsury
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    Can you tell me exactly how is the marketplace available today for Israeli users?

    It won't let me pick Israel as my region, thus preventing me from purchasing applications.

  • Stilgar
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    Also the stupid blog engine does not work with IE's ActiveX filtering enabled. Please refer to the IE team on guidance on browser detection vs feature detection.

  • Stilgar
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    Finally developer support for Bulgaria! My millions await me.

  • I don't see any reason to not have all this features put into WP 7.8 Marketplace

  • Entegy
    42 Posts

    @kouroush_metal American companies have a ban on selling products to Iran, do they not?

  • Does this mean that people in these countries will be able to purchase apps from the Marketplace? I am in Serbia and we can't buy apps at the moment from Google Play and Apple App Store. This would be a really good reason for me to buy Windows phone if paid apps are available in Serbia. Thanks

  • Arttt
    2 Posts

    Will it be finaly possible for a end user to change the country associated with a Zune account??

    I am sure you know people do move and change countries...

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  • Why "Iran" Don't Reach The List?

  • why sudan is not on the list ? !!! :(

  • Rinzo
    2 Posts

    Finally Bulgaria is on board. I was just about to register a UK company.

  • Philip G
    10 Posts

    @jessenic WP7 will be updated to WP7.8 :-)

  • Philip G
    10 Posts

    Awesome, keep it up, cover everywhere :-)

  • Mew .... Finally you support us, devs in Indonesia. Btw, does that means we can submit WP7.5 apps or it limited only to WP8 apps?

  • @pdatong: Read the image carefully, China is covered ALREADY in Windows Phone 7.x.

  • Now, if only you released a similar list for their Xbox Live and Music services!!! Come on Microsoft, I really want to replace my Nokia brick with a new and shiny WP8 smartphone!!

    But I won’t do it until you guarantee me ALL the services you shout from your own blogs and press releases!!!

  • Thank You for Thailand's AppHub. I can't wait to publish my apps now!

  • Bolivian devs are ON!

    Thx so much

  • pdatong
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  • pdatong
    2 Posts


  • abm
    268 Posts


    Would we be able to get Zune pass and Xbox subscription as well in all those places?


    1- If we open the marketplace "website" on Windows Phone and click install on the app, it should open the Marketplace app's page rather the secure login re-verification page followed by the regular page with "Get app" and "Cancel" buttons.

    2- Please introduce more sub-categories for the Games in marketplace. Like Kiddies, 4x, First person shooter etc.

    PS - Bing and Microsoft Advertising teams are still being choosy. Banks aside, why can't we get paid via PayPal and other swift-money-transfer services from Microsoft pubCenter at the moment? Also, Bing's simple services such as dictionary, translator etc. are inaccessible in the rest of the world unless you change your locale to US.. Google is just "throwing" services to everyone...

  • great news Todd Brix,, i think after wacthing Google IO with all the stuff for developers and upgraded to there dev kits

    you can close up your marketplace now , and abandon windows phone,,

    activate 1 million phones a day ,,

    and you are selling about 1 million each quater

    allso a nice tablet at 199 dollars , and you know it is Open,,

    not like your windows 8 tablet and phone 8 , closed

    and you got to have a special permissiong to develop desktop apps,, wicth meen not directx game developerment

    for indie developers,,

    i have tested this out the xbox live preview game shipped runs NOT in metro mode ,, but in destop mode

    and how can i tell ,, well use refractor to REVERSE ANY THING DEVELOP IN METRO



    all are managed cli compiled,,

    can i ask why did you kill XNA that was allso managed

    allso XNA is included so you all can use it

    included in silverlight 5 , Default installed with windows 8 release preview

    and you can add referance from a c# metro app and run just fine

    you just have to browse for the file, your self fin silver install folder and add,, if you are in dout look at system32 and find the main driver AGCORE.DLL

    you can ask why can you not see these xna dll files from visual studio 2012 ,, well

    they are running 2 versions of an paralell net framework

    the CLI VERSION OF WinRT and the normal Net Framework 4.5

    and these assemblyes are block by microsoft from view inside visual studio 2012 RC

    browse manual and add ,, to your metro app

    you are now running with custom shaders and hardware float math allso,,

    but there is NO content pipeline included ,, you have to figure this for your self

    look here in windows 8 ,, DEFAULT COME WITH INSTALL

    Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\5.1.10411.0

    and add referance to your metro app , and use imagesurface from xaml to hook up xna running indside metro app

    happy coding ,, from denmark






    and create the graphics device and hook up TO YOUR XAML METRO C# APP NOW IT IS A GAME DEV KIT

  • Yes Domagoj, that's what it means for Croatia and all other countries :)

  • Thanks for supporting Nicaragua! It's amazing =D

  • Thanks for supporting Dominican Republic! A huge, huge thank you, really!

  • Does the blue dot in AppHub column for Croatia means that we will be able to submit apps?

  • Is in-app purchasing coming to WP7.8? It seems you're leaveing WP7.x behind.