App Hub maintenance starts Friday, portal downtime planned August 6

App Hub maintenance starts Friday, portal downtime planned August 6

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On Friday we’ll begin upgrading the infrastructure underlying App Hub and Marketplace, a long-planned improvement project that I first wrote about back in April.

If you have an app you were hoping to update or publish to Marketplace this week, you should submit it today or tomorrow. While maintenance work is underway you may experience delays in app certification and publishing.

This effort also requires App Hub to be taken offline starting next Monday morning Pacific time. I don’t have an exact downtime, but we expect it to be less than 24 hours. Rest assured our teams will be working as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on you. Once the developer portal is back online, you might still encounter an occasional hiccup as we complete the back-end work over the next several weeks.

The good news is that this brief inconvenience will result in a more robust submission and certification pipeline for your Windows Phone 7.5 apps, and address many of the concerns you’ve shared over the months. We appreciate your patience during the upgrade work. If you have questions, please feel free to post a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

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  • Yad
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    When will it back online ? or its gone for good, now replaced by the new Dev Center ? I'm stuck! I want to use Tuorial source codes and it redirects to somewhere else!

  • Well, I hope my application submission doesn't get messed up or lost in the cracks during this transition.  Microsoft has generally been very good at delivering the best developer tools around...been developing with Microsoft products for over 23 years well being in the game industry for the majority of that time has exposed me to a variety of other SDKs/Tools/Services from non-Microsoft entities...and yes I can honestly say that so far...Microsoft always delivers the best documentation, support, and stability...thus far!

    In regards to Microsoft sending an email notification...seeing as I submitted last Friday (the 3rd of August) and not once had any mention of this upgrade during the submission process...*if* there are issues (which I am expecting there won't be...unless it was my own fault by violating a cert requirement) then I would say that Microsoft very well should have notified and/or just not allowed submissions during the "transitional" period...but time will only tell on this one.

    On another note...I hope these changes include a fix with the **Microsoft Advertising System** as it would seem that this service/system has become relatively unstable over the past few weeks...currently getting less than 20% of attempted refreshed advertisements returning valid/non-error related responses.

    So crossing my fingers...that the whole thing goes smoothly...perhaps a blast email to our ~registered live accounts~ would have been in order...seeing as MS does have that mailing list.  ;)

    Other than these minor issues...which really have yet to be proven as such...we will just have to pretend like it is Halloween...trick or treat?  

    I personally am very optimistic and look forward to the improved system!


  • Hi Todd,

    I just bumped in to your post since it was linked from the App Hub maintenance page. My concern is that why were the registered developers not informed about this down-time via email? How did you expect me to find out about this blog post? I am sort of disappointed that the Windows Phone team would leave us in a dilemma like this.

    I am sure there are many other developers out there, like me, that got bummed out with the error page when they tried to login to their App Hub account today. If only we would have been informed via email before hand, we could have easily planned our updates/releases around the maintenance schedule!

    A reply from your side will be appreciated.

  • Todd, the Hub App will be available in the Portuguese language?

  • @anatolyl: This is not necessarily a problem, because the restrictions are imposed by countries that require an age rating of games, so they can be available for sale.

    I believe that in the case of iOS appstore and Google Android Play, they are international services, where you need international credit card to make purchases, but in the case of Marketplace of Windows Phone, they are national, users do not need international credit cards to buy, however as a national market, not international, national laws are subject to the same.

    I am a Brazilian, and here in Brazil, you need to follow the instructions on the website below for the rating of your game.

  • Ooops - didn't realize this was happening, I submitted my (first) app on Saturday, as of last night it was waiting for Certification.  Does this mean I need to re-submit it?  Or will pending apps just continue from where they were before the upgrade?


  • @Todd Brix: That's great news! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Todd Brix
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    @Richard Walters:  Thank you for your comment and sorry for the short delay in responding. You’ll be pleased to know that you can keep the same account after you graduate.

  • Well, now that we know it was "Metro AG" who is the culprit behind this, it's time for an internet storm to blast their public persona into a tailspin.  I'm sorry, but I'm just sick of this kind of thing.  Why don't they just complain about any company they suggests using a capital "M", huh?  Stupid.

  • Oh, for pity's sake...what is this I hear about Microsoft now DISCOURAGING references to Metro?  We've come to know and love the style and the name FOR it for two years, now, and suddenly you're telling everyone to use the "commercial" names for all this?  What flippin' "commercial" name?  I swear, I think Microsoft has become more and more clueless as this train plugs along!  Metro is the best name you folks have come up with, for ANY product or service, in DECADES.  It clearly describes not only the look but the performance, yet for some reason you treat it like it's a pox on your company?  Seriously?  Good grief, I've probably been one of the most steadfast supporters of Windows Phone--even while calling you out on clearly missed marks--but your blunders in marketing and consistency just frustrate me (and, I suspect many, many others).  I cannot stress enough how utterly thoughtless and, well, downright stupid it would be to throw the Metro name under the buss this late in the game.  Face it, anyone who actually does like WP also likes referring to the Metro UI.  I love referring to it on the phone and now the PC and tablet.  Why, oh, WHY would you blow this now?  Lucy, you have some frelling 'splaining to do!  Come ON, Microsoft, stick TO it.

  • Ra_
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    Is the Marketplace partially up?

    I got a notice that my app was approved, but nothing shows up in the Marketplace.

    It is blank and shows no apps that are certified or ones to be certified.

    This seems to be a major glitch and any word on this?


  • anatolyl
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    >> The App Hub will be offline and not accepting new submissions on Monday, August 6.

    So it will be offline just on August 6 and on August 7 it is supposed to be working, is this correct?

  • anatolyl
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    Currently it is impossible to submit the app for South Korea and Brazil markets without uploading some kind of document which should be downloaded from certain site. There is no such problem in iOS appstore or Android Google Play.

    Is this issue resolved in the upgraded AppHub?


  • robble
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    Classic MS blog post comment - only replies to the really easy questions, not to Richard's harder ones :) Don't bother wooing student devs if you won't try and keep them, MS.

  • Todd Brix
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    @anatolyl: If your app update has already been submitted, or if you're ready to submit now, you'll likely complete the process of certification and publishing by the time maintenance begins.  We can’t guarantee turnaround times.  The App Hub will be offline and not accepting new submissions on Monday, August 6.

  • Hi Todd,

    It's great to hear about the upgrades and I hope it all goes smoothly!

    I do have a question, which hopefully you'll be able to answer, but if not please can you put me in contact with someone who can? I'm a student developer and read recently that under the current system students cannot upgrade to a developer account, and instead have to create a new account and dispose of the old one. This means that any apps published under the student account would have to be removed from the marketplace and re-published under the new developer account. The rankings and ratings of these apps would be lost and users would need to dowload the new versions to receive further updates. Firstly, is this correct, and if so is there a plan in place to allow students to upgrade their app hub account when their student status expires?

    While this wouldn't effect me until next year, there must be a hundreds of students with apps in the Marketplace (which is great!) who it could effect in the immediate future. Personally, my app has received 12,000 downloads in just a few months and become one of the most popular apps of its kind (its a scientific calculator app). I would hate to lose all the progress I've made since the app launched or inconvenience the people who have downloaded the app.

    I would very much appreciate your time in answering my question.

    Kind regards,

    Richard Walters.

  • I see changes already, would be nice to have a list of what's coming. I suddenly had to translate my app description into like 10 languages trying to cram something in before this outage. I'm wondering if I should be translating my apps descriptions and resubmitting all apps like I do when they move into new marketplace. Can't hurt I imagine...

  • I am so excited! I hope some good stuff will be added!

  • anatolyl
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    What about updates currently pending for review? Is there any chance they could be reviewed before the maintenance?

    When exactly it will be possible to submit new updates, it is not clear from your post?