Meet the Windows Phone Dev Center

Meet the Windows Phone Dev Center

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Today I’m happy to announce the debut of the Windows Phone Dev Center, the new online home for Windows Phone developers.

The site, an evolution of our retired App Hub developer portal, is designed to provide everything you need to build, publish, and manage apps for Windows Phones around the world. The result of months of careful planning and attention to your feedback, it has new features to help make Windows Phone app development faster and more profitable.

As the program manager for the Dev Center, I’d like to share our design goals, detail some of the improvements, and give you a quick tour of the new site, which you can start using now for your Windows Phone 7.5 (or earlier) apps.

Redesigned from the ground up

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the Windows Phone Dev Center is its cleaner look and streamlined set of menu options and quick links (Submit App, Get SDK, and View Samples)—all aimed at providing faster access to common tasks.

The Windows Phone Dev Center was designed to be easier on the eyes and easier to use. The homepage, shown here, sports a cleaner look than its predecessor and streamlined menus.

What might not be immediately apparent is that the portal now sits atop a more robust and scalable backend (which my colleague Todd Brix first discussed in a post last April). These infrastructure upgrades should translate into improved overall site performance and reliability. But today’s launch is just the first step; we’ll continue to fine tune and optimize the site and infrastructure in the weeks ahead.

More markets, more ways to get paid

The arrival of the Windows Phone Dev Center brings more markets and new opportunities to sell your apps. Developers can soon register in four times as many countries or regions, and get paid in three times as many as what’s possible today. As we’ve previously announced, this year we’re also nearly tripling the number of consumer storefronts around the world to sell your apps. Many of these new markets are available starting today. Others will arrive soon.

Many improvements and design changes to the portal were made with this geographic growth in mind.

For starters, we wanted to make it easier for you to get paid. So the Dev Center now supports PayPal, something many of you asked for. If PayPal service is available in your market, you can use it both to get paid and to pay for your developer account.

Since no two markets are ever alike, the Dev Center lets you enter a unique price in each country or region, a powerful new tool for fine-tuning your app marketing and profit-making strategies. I encourage you to experiment with it.


Another new global-minded convenience: You can see ratings and reviews for each market in a single glance. (Previously, you needed to select individual markets for a summary.)

As we’ve already announced, one highly-requested feature coming in our next release is in-app purchasing. The Dev Center will support this important new revenue-generating mechanism in multiple ways, making it easy to do things like add and manage in-app merchandise and track sales.

Finally, beta testing is a key part of the development process, and some developers told us App Hub’s 100-tester limit didn’t provide them with enough feedback on in-progress apps. So the Windows Phone Dev Center now supports thousands of beta testers.

More flexible sign-up and submission

One of our major design goals for the Windows Phone Dev Center was to improve the account sign-up and submission processes, two areas some of you told us could be better. To that end, it’s now easier to edit and update your account—everything from basics such as your name and address to your tax profile.

The site is also more integrated with Microsoft Advertising’s pubCenter, so it’s possible to create a pubCenter account and ad units from the same place you manage your apps. (You’ll still need pub Center to handle some aspects of your ad account.)

We've made it easier to submit apps in Windows Phone Dev Center.

Another time-saving change is the introduction of smarter default menu choices. My favorite is the new option to submit your app to all markets except ones with additional content requirements. Previously we offered only a single, worldwide submission option. This new selection helps improve your chances of passing certification more quickly.

Better reports and analytics

The Windows Phone Dev Center introduces new analytic tools for tracking app downloads and performance. For example, you can now see downloads by purchase type—Free, Paid, Trial, and Beta. Paid downloads are now broken down by “without trial” and “after trial,” providing more useful insights into how customers are acquiring your apps. And the new My Money report shows monthly payouts—and will soon include exchange rate info.

Finally, the infrastructure changes I mentioned earlier will help reduce the latency of the app downloads report, an improvement that you’ll start to notice more in the weeks and months ahead as the changes begin to take effect.

Everything important in one place

Another key investment we made in this release was around content, and bringing together the most important educational resources in one place. You’ll notice, for example, that the new portal is integrated more deeply with MSDN, so you no longer need to leave it to browse Windows Phone-related forums and SDK info.

As before, you’ll also find great programming tips, code samples, design guidance, advice for selling apps, and much more.

The Windows Phone Dev Center is a comprehensive central repository for all Windows Phone app-making info, including forums and reference material that used to be located on MSDN.

Tell us what you think

The best way to really get a sense for what’s new is to sign into your account and spend some time looking around. As you do, I encourage you to check your account info and double check that it’s complete and accurate, especially since we now require tax and bank account info for submitting paid apps.

We’ve made numerous upgrades and improvements to the developer portal and its underlying architecture (this “What’s New” article provides a good summary). So many changes, in fact, that it’s possible not everything will work perfectly out of the gate. If they don’t, please tell us, and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your enthusiasm for the Windows Phone platform. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and questions about the new Dev Center.

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  • Rasmer
    0 Posts

    Excellent news, I was wondering how it would affect my site

  • Hi everyone

    I am new to this windows phone application development. I want to create one. Please help me by providing some study materials through which i could make a better application faster.

  • Ab114
    0 Posts

    Hello, I am a fresher in mobile development. I don't found/understood its system requirements. DirectX 10 capable graphics card with a WDDM 1.1 driver I did not get properly. Can you help me to start. I have windows 7 with 4GB RAM ad having Visual studio 2010.

  • Make a program What lets us use custom sms tones in wp8 or even lumia 920

  • Wow from Laos. But my team are working with XNA now...hope MS will make it new version to support new platform W8. Please MS please.

  • jcmdiaz
    1 Posts

    Hola, necesito apoyo, quiero registrar un Nokia Lumia 710 para Desarrollo, estoy utilizando el cable original y el Zune si establece conexión y sincronización con el telefono pero el que no puede establecer conexión es la aplicación de “Windows Phone Developer Registration” que requiere del Zune para realizar la sincronización. El telefono esta desbloqueado el Zune activado y sincronizado con el teléfono, tal y como lo indican los pasos para el registro, pero aún así no establece conexión. ¿Que sera?

  • Hi when will we get windows phone 8 sdk ??

  • Ok on hour after writing my previous post, my beta app is accessible :)

    So guess 48 hours is the deal and NOT 24 as the email sayd.

  • It's now almost 48 hours since my beta app were "published" and it's still not accessible via the provided link on phones. It tells me in the mail it will be accessible after 24 hours....that's 24 hours ago now.

    Pretty annoing, if it takes 48 hours, tell me in the mail, don't lie to me :)

  • Zuptec
    1 Posts

    We cannot submit paid apps, cause our tax profile is incomplete ?

    Must be a bug. We submitted several paid apps in the last months ...

  • Cole
    2 Posts

    Awesome, good stuff! Can't wait to start making more money with my apps!

  • Cole
    2 Posts

    Awesome, good stuff! Can't wait to start making money in more ways with my apps!

  • There are some apps out there which offer basic access to the App Hub. Are they continue working with Dev Center? Btw, would prefer a "Dev Center" Windows Phone app made by Microsoft ;-) Just like to see (even get notifications) about new votes, crashes etc. of my published apps when I am on the go.

  • @prateekjaiswal

    I'm guessing here, but what I have done so far is using the "update xap" as I'm guessing you want to update your existing app.

    I'm guessing that the reason you can now have multiple xap for one app is that there might be a possiblity to have another xap for your WP8 version of your app.

    Another reason is that you can have different localized versions of your app, and as you have to give a language in your manifest file (or where it is can't remember right now) a xap can really only be targeting one language.

    So, to get the behavior you are use to from the old portal, use the "update xap".

    Please learn from my mistake and START by uploading your updated xap, BEFORE you change version numbers and the rest of the details, as they sometimes gets reset on upload :)

  • triomis
    1 Posts

    Our Tax Profile and Payment account also have been lost during this change. So we can’t publish paid apps anymore.

    We have been receiving payments before. We have provided the necessary tax forms two times and I would like not having to do this a 3. time!

    The problem is that we can’t publish now paid apps and we have developed a bunch of apps with seasonal context and it’s time to market.  So please fix this issue asap.

    Best regards

    Stephan Thurek

    triomis GmbH

  • There are three option in updating (delete selected, update selected and add new).

    Delete selected - delete my existing xap and I have to refill all details.

    update selected- new xap size does not changes so I am not sure it is updated.

    Add new - it show two xap in review.

    which one should I choose ???

  • Web site has changed... But it apparently still remains the same problems as before (for me):

    - some reviews are present on the market place page but not visible on the app hub developer page WHY ??

    - SO LONG to publish an application ! Why my apps passed from signing step to certification step ? 7 days that I'm waiting just to change my application screenshots...

    - The app lifecycle (specially current cycle step) was more clear before...

    Hope this will be improved  !

    But Thanks for the work

  • Seriously, before you could edit your beta-testers for an app WITHOUT having to submit it as an "update". Now you have to submit it and wait for it to be approved - why?

    Besides that it's pretty annoing that you can't cancel/delete an update after you submit. I see it might not be possible when it get to a certain state, but I have now, by mistake, submittet an update and had to wait hours for it to be approved before I could do anything with that app again.

    Besides that, the new portal runs MUCH faster - it's awesome :)

  • My Tax Profile and Payment account seem to have been lost during this change?  

    And I seem to not be only one to have that problem?

    I have been receiving payments regularly since 2009/2010 (was also developer on Windows Mobile). And actually had to go through the tax-forms a 2. time earlier this year due to some issue Microsoft had due to some backend changes as I understood, and would I like to not having to do this a 3. time :)

    Is it expected that we fill out payment and tax information again, or will this resolve itself later on?

    Best regards

    Ronny Gydar (Gydar Industries)

  • ratige
    1 Posts

    We have been waiting for a very long time when MS extends its list of countries available for windows phone developer registration.I am from Georgia and despite the fact, that MS listed this country in one of its blog posts as country from where developers will be able to submit apps it is not still listed during registration process. Pleas help us to register as many interesting projects are stopped or on hold because this registration limitation and it is also not clear for me will developers be able to submit paid apps soon not only free once?

  • Solid feedback and discussion, everybody. Thanks for your comments.

    Quick suggestion: if anybody has further technical issues to report, please do so over in the Dev Hub community forums (rather than the blog), since they're being more closely monitored by our technical support folks.  Aggregating these kinds of threads in one place also helps us track them better.  Here's where I mean:

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    Hey guys! There is a critical issue with pubcenter. It is not loading and seems like dead? Are you monitoring twitter on the issue? There are many users with the same problem.


    Pinging []

    Request timed out.

  • Looks good but I missing an simple overview of all my apps like in the old "App Hub": Just a list with following columns: App name, Last update, Download Count, Crash Count, Earnings

  • I have a WP7 developer account that I've already paid for. Can anyone tell me if I can use this account to submit apps to the Windows Store as well? I've been trying to find information on this, but to no avail.

  • Some of you saw issues with loading the app list during the roll-out yesterday.  Those issues were fixed last night (PST).  We continue to monitor the new site and services and are making optimizations as the traffic ramps up.  

    Let me address some of the questions that I have seen so far:

    @Laumania:  Yes you can submit updates to beta apps.  Glad you discovered that improvement!

    @magnus9:  Request noted :-)

    @Tinus:  The app list timing out should have gone away last night (PST).  Submitting an update to your beta will allow you to add new Beta testers in the App Info page

    @Prashant:  You can set custom pricing for country/region by clicking that blue box called Market Selection & Custom pricing.  You can now create a pubCenter account and Ad Units from within Dev Center

    @anatolyl:  Thanks for your feedback.  Email verifications should be firing now.  We had turned them off while we were deploying the new bits.  Regarding the latency of the App Download report – we have some improvements in the works that you will like.  Stay tuned.

    @Stilgar:  you got it right

    @Richard: Thanks for the compliments.  Our test team has not seen the issue that you are running into.  We’ll try to repro this on our end.  Let’s engage in the forums so we can get to the bottom of what you are experiencing.

    Finally, thanks for the feedback!  If you have bugs to report, comments or suggestions, please start a thread in our forums.  It goes without saying that we will continue to improve the experiences in the days and weeks ahead.  This is just a beginning…

  • sunco
    26 Posts

    I have an isue filling my tax profile. First, don't know why is empty. Second, my name contains non ascii characters, as in Ñ and my city with an Á and it says only US/ascii characters. What can i do? I'm from México

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    Dev Center is temporarily experiencing some delays. Try again in a few moments.

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    I get intermittent error message

    Couldn't upload app

    We couldn't save your info at this time. Try again later.

    just browsing the site (app detail section) and I'm not trying to upload anything

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    @iridium: thanks, I can see my exisiting pubcenter account on that page, but what is the benefit of linking accounts?

    pubCenter works fine but AppHub still has issues, I'm afraid of pissible issues linking accounts.

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    A couple of critical issues fixed but what about email verification message?

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    @Richard Walters: it is working fast for you now simply because they fixed the issue following my comment and similar of @Laumania. It is still half baked, there are still many issues with that update.

  • Stilgar
    10 Posts

    One question just to get things straight. Developer accounts were not supported for my country but it was listed as a country which will support developer accounts for WP8. As far as I understand if I register now I will be able to submit both WP7 and WP8 applications. So basically the developer support for the new countries is both for WP7 and WP8. Did I get this right?

  • iridium
    1 Posts

    @anatolyl If you have an existing pubcenter account you'll need to click the Sign Up link.  From there you will see a page with your current pubcenter account and will have the ability to link them.

  • @Timotei21: I came across that article last week and asked Todd Brix in his recent blog post. He replied saying that students can keep the same account. See As far as I can tell, it now looks like there are just two account types, Company or Individual, and the DreamSpark registration simply removes the requirement to pay a subscription fee. My account type now shows as Individual and not Student.

  • I LOVE that I can now see paid downloads broken down by “without trial” and “after trial'!  Very helpful to know and I learned a lot today on how people are buying my apps! Thanks so much!!

  • My apps that were awaiting certification before the switch appear to have reverted to the signing stage, although I can see the installs and impressions on AdDuplex from the certification team.

    Hope the whole certification process doesn't restart, I need the apps published by the end of the week :/

  • What about the migration from student account to a full one? Like in this:

  • Great work! There are lots of improvements and it looks so much better. Thank you for listening to the dev feedback!

    The only issues I've had so far are that I don't receive an email when I try to verify my email address, and links to pubCenter don't seem to be working properly. When I create a new ad unit for an app a new tab opens (using IE9) but never loads. However, I've signed into pubCenter separately and it is showing the new ad unit, although the dev center doesn't show any info.

    @anatolyl: There will inevitably be some hiccups with this relaunch, but I wouldn't call it half-baked. The speed is much improved for me and I haven't had any problems with things not loading. Ash mentions in this post that the new system will improve the latency for the download reports, but we might not see this yet for a few weeks.

  • The new Dev Centre looks pretty good - online filing of W-8BEN is great timing, as I was about to fill out a paper copy today.

    More detail on the submission process is great - the only issue that I have is that a submitted application is listed as "In signing stage", when I'm reasonably sure that it's in the certification stage (as I've been receiving telemetery back from the tester's copy for several days). Not sure if I'm just misunderstanding the stages, or if it's a minor glitch.

  • any idea when will DreamSpark be enabled for Malaysia?

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    When you upload an update there is no indication what version the xap belongs to? How to figure out whether this is the old xap or the new one displayed if they have the same file name? Can you add xap compile date or something rlevant and useful?

  • Succeeded with the first page, but it's not possible to to an upload on the second page. Just a Save Button appears which does nothing....

    Really frustrating!

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    What about the Ad network? I see the message: Not signed up for Ad Network. However I'm already signed to pubCenter and it's up and running. Am I supposed to sign again or maybe you could integrate pubcenter with apphub?

  • Looks great! I really loved the new reports.

    Two questions.

    1. Can we set a unique price in each country or region for WP 7.5 apps? (I don't see this option enabled for my existing apps)

    2. Could give more information on how pubCenter integrated in Dev Center?



  • Tinus
    1 Posts

    It looks nice but I get timeouts over and over again. Email verification is not working.

    Question: How can I update beta testers?

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    On the new portal I have a message that my email is not verified. Without apparent reason. When I click verify - I don't get any email to my inbox (apparently because it is not verified, right?). Also I don't get any confirmation emails when I submit a support ticket.

  • Necroman
    18 Posts

    Am I allowed to say, that the new Mero design of Windows Phone Dev Center looks really great? :)

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    Download reports have delay of 6 days (as before). iOS is almost real-time.

  • anatolyl
    19 Posts

    It doesn't work. It's awful. The site is slow and apps list not loading. I'm getting a lot of timeout messages.

    When I click Apps to get the list I get the following message:

    There's no info available at the moment.

    Unfortunately, we can't get this info at the moment. Try again later.

    On the Dashboard:

    We can't get this info at the moment. Try again later.

    And I'm on very fast internet connection. There are countless endless loading gifs.

    You should be ashamed to roll-out something half-baked to production servers and even blog about it as if it is more robust than before!

  • magnus9
    1 Posts

    It's difficult to see the download breakdown by country. Please bring back the grid.

  • Wow, based on what I can see in the new portal it seems like you can submit updates to beta apps! That is awesome if that's true :)

  • New App Upload isn't working. If i click on the button "Save" on the first page I receive the following error:

    Couldn't upload app

    We couldn't save your info at this time. Try again later.

    Go back to the App Submission Hub

  • Ok great, thanks for your quick response. You already fixed my problem as I can see my apps now :)

    It's so great that you "dare" to just redo it all based on feedback, that approach will make things faster going forward and make a much greater product in the long run.

  • Hey guys, thanks for trying out the new Dev Center. I wanted to quickly let you know that we're still rolling out the new portal, and it's going to take a little more time for things to come fully up to speed.

  • Excellent work! Paypal support was much needed.

  • Looks cool and everything, but it's hard of a bummer that you can't see your apps, it's kind of important :)