App publishing temporarily on hold

App publishing temporarily on hold

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UPDATE (16 AUG) We fixed the digital certificate problem and last evening resumed publishing new apps. It will take a day or two for the repair to fully deploy and newly-published apps to begin appearing in Marketplace again.  If your app was in the process of being published, you don’t need to take any action.  We have applied the fix and the app will continue through the certification and publishing workflow as normal.

Since August 3 we’ve been deploying the Windows Phone Dev Center, which includes a completely rebuilt backend infrastructure. In an earlier post, I mentioned the possibility that we might encounter some hiccups during this complex rollout and changeover. Today we did.

This week we discovered an issue with our new digital certificates that’s caused us to temporarily stop publishing new apps. As my colleague Mazhar mentions in his related post, the issue impacts only phones that upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 from an earlier version of the operating system and only apps published in the last couple of days.

Some customers who try to download a new app may see an error message. If they’re attempting to update an existing app, they might repeatedly be prompted to retry the update. We don’t recommend that people uninstall these apps because they might not be able to download and use them again until we deploy our fix.

We’ve already identified the problem and are working to resolve it and resume certifying and publishing apps as quickly as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the publishing downtime and will update you when I have more news. We’ve also created a new thread in our MSDN forums for your questions.

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  • Hi, All. I had submitted my app's update, and now, it's status is "PROCESSING CERTIFICATION", but i found a fatal error in this xap. How to cancel the update and re-submit a new xap file?

  • Perihan
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    Jason, thank you so much for sharing your information. It was useful for me. And then I have started to count back from 24 hours again. It is very exciting :)

  • The marketplace search does not work at the moment in Austria:

    We can't connect to search at the moment. Make sure flight mode is turned off and you still have a network connection."

    Of course I have a network and its functioning.

  • Got an reply back....Everything seems to be working now. The support guy basically said once you get the "published" email you may have to wait another 48hrs for things. I think with the previous issues (certificates) things are still just a little backed up.

  • Hi Perihan, after the email it was about 48 hours (and one support ticket later).

    However, although the link to my app works.... .....You can't actually see it in the "new" section or anywhere on Marketplace if you're just browsing - basically, if you don't search for it by name you'll never know it exists :)

    I sent in another support ticket today about the issue. I'll post back if I get an update.

  • Perihan
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    Hi Jason, I am curios about the display of your application. How much time did it take to see your application on MarketPlace after you got the "Published" message?

  • Okay maybe I spoke too soon....The email said published and on Marketplace in 24hrs...Don't that I was counting (although I was) - it's been over 24hrs and it's still not showing up :(

  • App submitted Aug 5th is now - Published! Thanks MS

  • Submitted an app update on 12th August and it was finally available on the Marketplace on 19th. Hope that in the future app submissions are processed more quickly ;-) One of the concerns about "App Hub" was the delay ... Hope "Dev Center" is faster.

  • Perihan
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    I have same problem. I submitted my applicartions on 14th of August. Although one week passed, I could not receive any feedback related with them. I am really curious when the certification process could be completed.

  • The same but earlier.  Submitted my app on August 5th - still in "Processing Certification".

  • Also submitted our app on August 7 - but still in "Processing Certification". Can you give me an update here? Thanks

  • submitted app on 7 Aug...still processing certification..i thought the new upgrade was suppose to speed up the approval process

  • I submitted my app on 13th, August. One week past, current status still is  "Processing certification" ... Can you a little qulickly???

  • do you know how to solve the problem? I love this blog. I also love cincinnati museum (  )

  • swoosh
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    I got affected too.. i made the mistake of uninstalling as well.. not i cant even install whatsapp again.. please solve it soon.. another question.. when is the tango update gonna get rolled to HTC HD7 phones?

  • Thanks for the Info, Todd!


  • Will someone from Microsoft solve my problem here?

  • anatolyl
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    My app was approved 4 hours ago. What does that mean? What might happen?

    I don't want people to uninstall the app, as they might loose their progress in the game.


  • Explains why my Beta app isn't being found by testers.... *ugh*

  • Todd Brix
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    @Harald-Rene Flasch: There's no action needed on your part.

  • I submitted an app update on 12th, August ... Do I have to re-submit it or will this be done automatically after MS fixed that issue? Current Status: "Processing certification" ...

  • hopmedic
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    I saw this blog a couple hours too late.  Oh well - at least it explains the problem.  Thanks for letting us know, Todd.

  • AmrAudi
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    and when will you solve this problem?

    i uninstalled the apps before i read this!