Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview opens for applications Sept. 12

Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview opens for applications Sept. 12

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In June we provided an early look at some developer features of Windows Phone 8, promising to share the Software Development Kit (SDK) in late summer. Select partners and developers have already seen early builds of the new SDK, helping to test the new toolset and get started on Windows Phone 8 apps.

Today I’m happy to announce that the time has come to make the near-final kit available to more developers through the Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Program. Next Wednesday I’ll share detailed instructions on how current Windows Phone developers with published apps can apply. But I do want to set your expectations that program access will be limited.

The full Windows Phone 8 SDK will be made publically available later this year when we unveil Windows Phone 8. Until then, we believe this program offers more published developers a way to explore the SDK and get started on the next wave of amazing Windows Phone apps.

Look for more details Wednesday, September 12.

Finally, if you watched Nokia unveil its new Windows Phone 8 handsets in New York City today—the Lumia 820 and 920—you probably saw the on-stage demo of some new Windows Phone 8 camera APIs and a feature we call Lenses. Watch for additional info about how you can create your own Lenses in the coming weeks.

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  • Annu
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    Check out Windows phone 8 details

    <a href="">Windows Phone 8 Features and Specifications</a>

  • HTC
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    Interesting that Microsoft decided to leave on here the violent communist propaganda from china but remove my retort that the Senkaku Islands are Japanese. What's going on Microsoft? Pandering to China now? I wonder how in particular your Taiwan partners feel about that.  Senkaku is just off the coasts of Japan and Taiwan and would be a strategic launching place for a communist attack on the country of Taiwan.

    Also, where's the SDK?

  • User37
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    I know I miss a thing or ten over the years, but when did the developer community become privileged? This isn't a console game or the latest MMO, it's an SDK. Just release the SDK to the entire developer community that has kept Microsoft going. Additionally, if an individual has a licensed copy of Visual Studio (e.g. Ultimate or Professional), it would be rational that those same individuals get access to the SDK.


    "I know that many of you want to know why we simply don’t publically release the full SDK now. The reason is that not all Windows Phone 8 features have been announced " ... "Until then, we believe this program offers more published developers a way to explore the SDK "

  • I did not commit anything yet on WP8, and my country is the first time to be listed

    as supporting region of WP8 DevHub as it too early to decide, l will wait after WP8

    and Win8 launched.

    Personally, Microsoft and Nokia MUST win the battle this time, and I don't think

    either of them will make silly mistake or decision on its respective products.

    However, I don't prefers the use of tricks "after sales", this indicate how

    greediness is, and not a gettleman manner.

    Microsoft, I am Chinese and I must say this, "please don't be ChinaMan thinking",

    be professional, either you are in Black or White, there is no Grey.

  • I am super excited about Windows Phone 8 SDK for one. It evidently supports Unity 3D and so does Windows 8 Metro UI.  This means great things for 3D developers. Plus the features with graphics smoothing, etc are great. I am also eager to port my 7.5 XAML apps to 8.0. Check out my translation+ pro app in the Windows Phone Store.

  • Can I have access to the WP8 SDK.  I am working on a mobile website for a major operator and I need to ensure it will work on WP8.  I need access to the WP8 emulator to check that it works correctly.

  • McKnyte
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    Probably attending the iphone 5 launch event so we might have to wait for a while :)

  • Well, it's Sept 12th, where is it?

  • 1.It`s time.Where is the SDK download address?

    2.Diaoyu Islands are Chinese!!

  • May I speak Chinese?!  haha ~~我能说中文吗?

  • Where is the SDK download page? Its September 12 now.

  • Microsoft you makes me speechless...

  • SSarma
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    After having done everything to be WP8 development ready, it is very very disappointing to see Microsoft not passing on the SDK to everyone. What is the use of getting a developer hub membership, Win8 and VS2012 if I cant start developing?

    Forget developing, I cant even learn about the new WP8 features because I am not a student or I havent got an app in the wild!!!!!!

    This sucks :(

  • For all of MS talk about wanting a lot of applications in the marketplace for WP8, this decision will have a very negative effect on how many WP8 applications are available when the new phones are launched.  This announcement is just another example of how MS says one thing but then their actions contradict what they say their goals are.  MS, if you really want developers to get behing WP8 then release the SDK to everyone.  If this decision is not changed, then at least make it open to all registered devlopers (whether they have published app or not) and also make it avaialble to all Technet an MSDN subscribers.

    I personally was working on a WP7 application but with the release of WP8 so close I decided to stop working on the WP7 application and just do a WP8 version of the app. Does not make sense for me to pay for a store account for WP7 when those devices a now a limited market with not hope of growing.  I also decided it was better to concentrate on WP8 applications becuase I can also write the same application for Win8 and share a lot of the core code. But if I cannot get the SDK early, then my application will not be avaialble until 1-2 months after the launch and I will not be able to launch the Win8 and WP8 application at the same time.

    If you really want a lot of WP8 applications on the market when it is lauched, then put your money on the talbe and release the SDK to all potential developers.  Just becuase they have not published a WP7 applicaiton does not mean they will not write a WP8 application.  It could juse mean they made a consious decision to wait and concentrate efforts on Win8/WP8.

  • Please give access to non-published developers. I am building an app which I want to publish on 7.5, Windows 8 Store and Windows Phone simultaneously. I will certainly make the Windows 8 Launch Club and it would be just silly if I can only support everything EXCEPT Phone 8 because the SDK was not available to me. That would be really unfair.

    By the way for others talking about Windows 8. The SDK does install with VS 2010 on top of Windows 8. You just have to download the Games for Windows SDK to workaround a DirectX redistributable failure during XNA/Phone SDK install. Once installed via Games for Windows the 7.5 SDK will proceed without trouble.

    I really hope this new SDK is not just Phone 8. It should also include 7.8 or at least 7.5 development until the 7.8 images are finalized. You see I (and I think many others) want a developer PC build running only with 2012 components, that's Windows 8 or 2012 Server with VS 2012 and Windows 8 SDK, no VS 2010 or other legacy components.

  • looking foward to the sdk , hope it is better than the 7.5 or you will fail

  • @happybono try this blog  

    Listed out all steps to install Windows Phone SDK on Windows 8. Hope that works for you.

  • Leigh
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    @todd Brix: I got my answer.  The email to bounced, so do we still have a top-level developer evangelist like Brandon available to us any longer?

    If not, let's get one, shall we?



  • Leigh
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    Can anybody tell me who the Brandon Watson replacement is?  I have not been able to send direct email to Microsoft regarding Windows Phone in a while and I really want to explain why this limited access is a bad idea...

  • Does anyone at Microsoft have any concept of what it means to provide a level playing field?

    Aside from the issues people have raised (which mean that other than those who've been favoured with early releases, *nobody* will be able to create apps targeting new features of Windows Phone 8 in time for the launch), there is the critical fact that this differential access means that first to market advantage has been handed by Microsoft to those it considers worthy, or important.

    Combined with the "companies first" policy for developer signup for the Windows 8 store this leaves a very bad taste in the mouth - to the point that it's only my faith in the technology that makes me want to stick with the ecosystem of a company that appears at very best uncomfortable with independent developers and microISVs.

    Microsoft is accustomed to dealing with their partners, and it seems they are unwilling to accommodate anybody else (except of course students, for evangelisation purposes). Anybody else feeling used?

  • This is ridiculous! open the release to public.

  • No, I was just listing functionality that was in the SDK.

    You can use XNA development when targeting the WP7.5 APIs when working with the WP8 SDK in Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8. In-App-Purchases are a WP8 API which means they are inaccesible from XNA (at least as far as I saw it in the leaked SDK - might have overlooked something though).

  • Rob
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    Well, you know it's **September** so just how much later is "later this year"?  Stop being asshats and just give the developer community access.  You actually owe it to them given how much you have screwed them over in the past five years.

  • tcreek
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    And MS wonders why people are complaining there are a lack of applications.

  • KakCAT
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    @StevieBallz Are you telling me that I can't use an XNA 7.5 project and upgrade it to 8.0 in order to use in-app purchases?

  • Infos from the Leaked SDK:

    - c++ isnsupported

    - Development targeting WP 7.5 from VS 2012 is supported

    - Development of XNA based games is supported when targeting WP7.5 (but not when using any new WP8 functionality)

  • bandit
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    How much are the game companies paying for this delay? I mean, nobody really cares much about the phone part of a mobile phone.

    I have a feeling, that by magic, there will be a lot of Microsoft and non-Microsoft Xbox Live titles available at launch, so, although the platform might not be entirely ready yet, I'm not buying that as a prime factor in the delayed release.

    Case in Point: Notice how many Lenses apps tiles were shown in the Nokia demo? You can guarantee that feature will be locked up pretty tight by early-access companies before most devs get to see the API for the first time. Better have your image processing code ready to go and hope for an easy plug-in with the API if you want your Lens available shortly after launch.

    * Certainly the API interfaces must be about done at this point or this stuff isn't launching in October. *

    Also, there is absolutely no technical reason that the C# XNA SDK isn't available as part of the C# WP8 SDK. Just download the DirectXTK C++ API for proof. There's a SpriteBatch class right in there.

    Bewildering to say the least, but follow the money.

    P.S. How would you have liked to be the guy that posted this news? Not fun for him I'm sure.

  • Who's idea was this?  I have never seen so much backlash.  The only thing I can think of is that there may be some killer feature(s) that they don't want leaked.  Barring that, this makes little sense.  Microsoft has always had a legion of developers because you have always been open and easy to work with.  At this point it seems like even the most loyal of developers are getting frustrated.  Not good.

  • Entegy
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    I'm not sure how crazy it is to install. You download a small app and it it download and installs all the components for you.

    No, I'm much more worried about the supposed SLAT requirement due to the use of Hyper-V for the emulator. That would mean my two computers, with Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad CPUs, which handle other virtualization software just fine, cannot run the emulator, solely out of some workaround with nVidia GPUs.

  • What happened, people? Developing for the Microsoft mobile platform used to be so nice under Windows Mobile - it all Just Worked (TM). No crazy OS/compiler/order of setup requirements, no dedicated hardware needed. Do they not dogfood their own development tools anymore? Did the last software geek at MSFT resign last year?

  • @happybono - i have the same environment. Windows 8 enterprise trial and I was able to install and develop few apps and deploy and debug in my phone as well. here is the sequence you need to install.  

    1. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 FULL Install

    2. Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update setup

    still getting error. share the screen shots and we can help you with it.

  • @nithinmohantk Setup for WP7 Dev Tool doesn't continue Setup Failed even I installed "Games for Windows Live" It says Setup Failed, and I cannot continue Setup for 7.1, so that I cannot install update for WP dev tools 7.1.1. I tried a lot of time to install. It doesn't let me do it. (OS : Windows 8 Enterprise 64-Bit)

  • bandit
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    To protect yourself...

    1) Do proper software engineering and abstract out machine dependent code. (Make sure interfaces are generic enough and work with both OpenGL ES and DirectX).

    2) Hope WP8 even supports C++. (Not sure this has been officially announced yet or not, it seems like it will though.)

    3) Do not use 'fancy' C++. Make sure you use cross-compiler compatible code.

    4) Continue developing for iOS, Android, and Windows 7. Concentrate on using OpenGL for now, since there is no user base for WinRT yet, but keep that SDK in mind as well.

    5) Hope you get early access to the WP8 SDK.

    6) All of the above is my opinion only.

  • What's terribly wrong on the part of Microsofties, however, is the snotty attitude equal to that of Apple while having neither the technical maturity nor the market penetration of Apple. Apple can afford to mistreat developers - iOS is where the money are. WP7/8 isn't and Microsoft can't.

  • @Arterius - Not sure I can offer you a good solution - trust me, I'm not a fan of the rollout announcement.  Like you, I've done a lot to evangelize the WP platform in my area, and I've been endlessly frustrated to watch mis-step after mis-step.  The WP8 SDK may not solve your problems - you seem concerned about wanting to develop WP7 apps from within Visual Studio 2012, without having to also install Visual Studio 2010 alongside it.  That *might* happen (and certainly makes sense on a lot of levels), but there's been no announcement to guarantee that WP7 development won't remain on VS2010.  The only thing I've seen is that a WP8 SDK will be made may still need to install a separate (new or existing) WP7 SDK to target that platform.  Who knows for sure at this point?

    If it is any help, I have been able to get VS2010 to run on 3 separate Windows 8 machines with almost zero effort, other than the installation time and HDD space.  The only "gotcha" for WP7 development, which is documented in several places, is that I have to install "Games for Windows Marketplace" before I start installing the WP7 SDK, or the XNA install portion of the SDK fails.  It took me longer to write these posts than to execute that step (once I knew of its existence.)

    I want to reiterate - I think delaying the SDK release in this way (absent a publically communicated good reason) is a truly bad move.  But I also want to make sure that we who provide feedback to that effect do so in a context that addresses the heart of the matter, and to mitigate items that may be misunderstandings and otherwise obscure our true concerns.

  • @avidgator I bought new laptop, updated it to Windows 8 (note: I have no other PC or laptop with Windows 7), installed Visual Studio 2012 and .... and waiting for SDK. WHY???, because I want make updates to my existing apps and create new ones for WP7.5. I don't want to wait more 6 days, I don't want preview version (it's beta or maybe more shitty alpha), I don't want install VS 2010 or VS Express 2010, I don't want dance around fire for make my VS 2010 work in Windows 8. You may say what I want a lot of things, maybe, but NO! MS must provide all what I mentioned earlier. Hell, I'm first WP7 developer in my country, I'm fighting against with every iPhone and Android developer to make WP7 winner. No one hear about Windows Phone here and I'm doing MS work. I'm working as an evangelist for MS in my country instead of formal MS workers here. I'm preaching Windows Phone 7 every day in my country. Hell I'm tired doing this for MS for free. WHY??????? Maybe I'm making an elephant out of a fly. But why iOS devs got an SDK 3 months earlier from release. I spend money to bought new laptop, because my Core2Duo doesn't support virtualization. But WHY, WHY, WHY. Hey Todd Brix maybe you would answer us at least one sentence. At least say "Dear developers sorry for this, but please have a patience, we will do best for you..." But NO! nothing... I have no nothing to say...

  • @avidgator - Don't you go throwing rational thought into this, I'm not done stamping my feet yet ;-)

  • I am NOT a happy camper about this rollout plan.  However, I am sensing a misunderstanding that may merit clarification.  The information we have been given is that any app written for WP7 will run on WP8 without any action required by the WP7 app publisher.  Unless you're waiting for a specific feature in WP8, you likely don't need to do anything to publish your app immediately to make it usable by the millions (Nokia numbers = 7M+) of WP7 devices sold in the world today and have it be picked up as WP8 devices roll out this winter and gradually start to supplant WP7 devices (realistically, over the next 2 years perhaps, as "new every 2" contracts expire?) In fact, unless you're counting on WP8 functionality that would cause you to fork your code, you probably WANT to continue developing on the WP7 stack until you specifically want to attack those WP8-only features or the device sales numbers reach a tipping point.

  • We, OnTheGo Solutions, are developing LOB applications. We haven't publish any app yet. But we are indeed require to access WP8 SDK ASAP as all our customers are waiting WP8 devices. Once WP8 devices are out, our software must be ready. If Microsoft does this way, we are in difficulties to publish app on-time. Microsoft, please reconsider your WP8 SDK preview program. At least, you should allow all WP developer accounts to access preview SDK. We can help to send feedback or test.

  • Looking forward to download and try out the latest SDK, hope it will support Printing direct from Phone 8 devices.

  • @happybono - you have to install Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update in Windows 8 to have full support of Windows Phone development with Visual Studio 2010 in Windows 8.

    Have you given a try with it? myself doing Windows Phone development in Windows 8 with update installed.

    I suggest not to ring the bell with out knowing.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    Another vote for a wider release, guys.  I have an app that sold poorly because of what was missing from Windows phone 7.5, but the support will be in WP8, I would like to get going on the relaunch.

    I agree that this goes against the company's Developers Mantra.

  • Windows Phone 8 is a great opportunity to add value to the windows marketplace and your developer community is your biggest asset.  Why would you lock them out?  Especially when they have paid for the privilege to be in your developer community.

    Surely it would make more sense to make the SDK available for everyone but only permit tier 1 developers to publish in the marketplace.  I would expect, in the very least, to be provided access to detailed development and design documentation.

  • hades32
    21 Posts

    Will the preview SDK already support WP7.8? Will the SDK be called 7.2?

  • I honestly don't see the reason for limited access given that the preview you handed out to some partners has leaked out to the Internet already quite some time ago:

    What is really lacking at the moment is documentation.

  • Shelby
    7 Posts

    Doesn't limited access contradict Joe B.'s statement, "Finally, we’re working to create a program that gives registered enthusiasts early access to updates prior to broad availability—a little gift to our biggest fans and supporters."

    I feel like my gift has been snatched from my hands just as I began to unwrap it. :-(

  • What Microsoft is doing ? Win8 store app publishing is not open to indie dev, and now WP8 SDK still in PREVIEW ???!! How about calling ti Limitted Edition?

    What is the reason behind this?  MS decisions makes no sense, drop the Metro after promote it last 2 years, and now delay Win8 and WP8 to indie dev.....

  • @Arterius I'm already tired waiting for SDK. - SO am I. This is just silly.

  • UH? You have to have published an app to get the SDK... EVEN if you've paid for a developer account? This is not acceptable even for fan-boys like me. This is a slap in the face.

  • Fry
    3 Posts

    I think I will check out BlackBerry 10 Development. Market Share is bigger than WP7 and if this news here represents the Microsoft Way, WP8 won't get any better than WP7.

  • For the record, the app that I have in mind requires native code (otherwise the huge porting effort will never pay off). So developing for 7.x is not really an option, unless there's a WP7.5 SDK update with P/Invoke in it, pronto.

  • I think they have a lot of bugs and that's why they don't release SDK yet. Even preview. Shame on you!

  • I will reiterate what everyone else is saying. I have been working on a Windows Phone app for 6 months and have held off publishing it to make it an early, full  Windows Phone 8 app as I need some of the new functionality. Now you are going to tell me that even though I a registered developer, I will have to wait until the OS is released to have access to the SDK!? I feel like you really don't care about your developers. Everyone I talk to says I should just go to IOS or Android, but I have been faithful, I atleast expect the same in return.

  • Fry
    3 Posts

    So, you have to develop WP8 Apps as WP7.x Apps and just declare them WP8 Apps, when WP8 is released? This is the only logical conclusion for me, because WP7.x run on WP8.

    I would have used WP8 feature like SQLite and Animations, but now my app will work the WP.7.1 Local Database Feature and without Animations. If this is the intention of Microsoft, then they achieved their goal :)

    Another point: This kind of limited access is the best way to convert former Apple/Android-Developers to develop for WP8. I mean, Apple/Android-Apps are so much better than the current WP7 Apps. There are more Apps, they are better designed and they have better features. Wouldn't it be reasonable to try to convert some of these developers to work on WP8 also? I cannot understand this :).

    Has Microsoft any reasons for this decisions? Or do they make their decision just like in SouthPark Seaon 13, Episode 3?

  • fr0gg
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    "But I do want to set your expectations that program access will be limited."

    This is UNACCEPTABLE to paying developers.

  • I know this won't affect anything, but I'll say it anyway.

    I just spent A LOT of money I didn't really have to spend on a new machine for Windows Phone 8 development (specifically for the virtual machine requirements). I have been waiting to start on a project that I have gone as far as I can with 7.5. It will not run on 7.5 because of hardware and software requirements. I need to use the Windows Phone 8 emulator.

    PLEASE release this to all registered developers! I have not published anything yet, but I have decided to devote all of my time to Windows development. I have been an IBM mainframe assembler developer for many years. It takes time to transition to Windows coding. I've done that. I'm confident I can add value to the Windows environment. The application I am writing ties together PC, phone and tablet (not XBOX - doesn't fit for this one).

    Waiting months longer is frustrating and will cost me money. Again, PLEASE release this for all registered developers.

  • rkw
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    @Arterius & happybono: You can develop WP 7.5 apps on Windows 8 by installing the current WP7 SDK. You'll need to follow these installation steps:

    But I agree, the new SDK should be out already, long before the devices are released.

  • Necroman
    18 Posts

    @Arterius You can develop in Windows 8 using 'old' Visual Studio 2010 + WP7 SDK.

  • What?! Limited access?! I paid $100 for registering Windows Phone developer and now, I can not publish any apps due to windows phone 7.1 doesn't support Windows 8! Are you serious, Microsoft?! Then when should I develop apps for windows phone?! Its not fair! Come on Microsoft! What's up with that? You're already way behind on the "later this summer" announcement. Get the preview out there for everyone to enjoy, build on, promote and push.

  • Did I read that right - the general availability of the SDK will coincide with the WP8 launch? So there no chance of getting my app ready by the time the platform first ships? Capital. Thanks for the disappointment, MSFT. Developers, developers, developers my fanny.

  • So I installed Windows 8, activated with valid key, and .... and I can't develop even WP 7.5 apps, or make updates for existing ones. MS says me "Hey idiot, are you installed Windows 8. He he, then you have to wait a long when we will release SDK. So sit and even don't think about developing apps now. You can start develop later this year". I'm really tired.

  • I'm already tired waiting for SDK.

  • Limited access? What's up with that? You're already way behind on the "later this summer" announcement. Get the preview out there for everyone to enjoy, build on, promote and push.

  • Necroman
    18 Posts

    Here is a question about the upcoming WP8 Preview SDK - will it have GoLive license for at least WP7.5 apps?