Improvements coming to our online app store

Improvements coming to our online app store

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Many of you already know about the infrastructure upgrades to the Windows Phone Dev Center we’ve been rolling out the last two months. Less obvious is that these backend changes have also allowed us to make some improvements to our online consumer store for apps and games.

To that end, make sure to check out today’s post from my colleague Mazhar Mohammed, who details some of these changes, which we’ve just started to roll out. One notable change is that Marketplace is now called the Windows Phone Store. Like our visual design, the Store name is just one more thing Windows Phone and Windows have in common.

The icons for the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store for apps and games.

As always, I’m eager for your feedback and questions.

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  • one ? to the app store hope you can answher

    let say samone made a game with these spec of an graphics card

    does this run on tablets  = no way i know that and you now that

    or is there build in the shopsystem a dector what the client side is

    so that the game does not goes on sale on lower end hardware

    hope you can answher this ,, othere wise this will be total chaos with all these pc that are gonna be upgrated and new pc that are comming on to the market

    all the new ones are 1.8 to 2.4 ghz the same as apple has and that is allso the clock speed of and mac 2008

    and the new macbooks from 2012

    the clock speed has not moved

    hope you understand my ?

    Michael Hansen

  • a little help when to put a phone or a tablet on the market

    research based on human behavior and change in the human mind..

    hope you like it , for consumer use,,why people start to shift in there mind and happens

    a little sample ,, now you do the math

    iphone launch dates 2007

    maya calander 26000 years

    the year today 2012

    moore law 3 years

    now when is the iphone dead , that i gonna answher to you

    26000 / 2007 = 12,95 years or so...

    26000 / 2012 = 12,92 years or so...

    differance on 3 = moore law 3 years

    so the life cycle of iphone is

    the year 2007 + 12,92 + 3 years

    the year 2022 - 2007 =  15 years / moore law 3 years = 5 years

    = the year 2022 - 5 years

    = 2017 final life of an iphone


    let try this on the xbox 360

    26000 / 2005 = 12,96 years or so...

    26000 / 2012 = 12,92 years or so...

    differance on 4 = moore law 3 years + one ekstra year

    so the life cycle of xbox 360 is

    the year 2005 + 12,96 + 4 years

    the year 2021,96 - 2005 =  16 years / moore law 3 years = 5,3 years

    = the year 2021 - 5,3 years

    = 2015,7 final life of an xbox360

    and then there are a reerfance period between new and old about 1 years

    so you will have a new xbox 360 console in start 2014 mid year togethere with the old one

    and the face out of old system is 2015 in the 7 month


    moore law


    mayan calendar

    best regards


  • hopmedic
    13 Posts

    How much longer will the tile on my phone still say "Marketplace"?

  • Nokia is doing very good in its smartphone race. lets just hope this OS will favor it in long run.

  • rgvweb
    59 Posts

    The windows Phone Store I want the details -

  • alanh
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    Please Microsoft sort this windows logo in a bag out - the aspect of the logo is incorrect for the bag - the logo would be shrinking twice as much as it currently does for the perspective. If you had the bag infront of you and took a picture the windows logo wouldn't look like this and it bugs me as it shows lack of attention to detail.

  • Guys stop for a second.. Did Wednesday 12th Sept 2012 - is over? no right - there is few hours left still.. Wait for some time, definitely you will see the announcement..

  • I second what pgmariotti says. I'm not speaking for others, but I personally am eagerly awaiting for the WP8 SDK in at least some shape or form, and here Todd goes posting tangentially related stuff.

    Before one publishes anything in the amazing updated store, one needs to, y'know, write the code first.

  • Todd, after your announcement a few days ago, I weas really looking forward to being amongst the first to apply for a Windows Phone 9 SDK. I have been waiting all day, and what do I get? A post about the magnificent infrastructure that has just this week approved an app that was submitted on August 16th.

    Where are the instructions on how to apply for the SDK? You promised to tell us on September 12th... Well, it is September 12th but I do not see any instructions!

  • Gmotagi
    4 Posts

    What about the SDK thats what we all want to get hold of today.  Update please!

  • Quppa
    12 Posts

    Mostly unrelated, but it's be nice if URLs for the old App Hub forums (*) automatically redirected to the Windows Phone Dev Center forums. Currently Google has a lot of App Hub forum posts in its index that just get redirected to the Dev Center home page, which is rather frustrating.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    Todd, I'm RSS'ing and refreshing this blog for news of the WP8 SDK preview.  Let me know if I should look elsewhere, or some other time.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    I hate to be critical, but I have to agree.  6 days old is not only bad, but more important, not as good as other platforms have, so for Microsoft, that should be unacceptable.

    Thanks for improving that as soon as possible.

  • ishaih
    4 Posts

    For devs, the most important thing missing right now is up to date data. The download data is still 6 days old which is useless and unacceptable (especially considering Microsoft has all these server and cloud technologies that should make it really easy to have data that's 15 minutes old at most)