Dev Center gets new translation feature

Dev Center gets new translation feature

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Since launching the Windows Phone Dev Center last month, we’ve been reading your comments and monitoring support requests closely. This week we’re rolling out the first of a planned series of regular updates to Dev Center. These are designed to both address any issues that you identify and occasionally include some small feature enhancements and other fun surprises.

This month’s update includes more than 100 tweaks and fixes. Most are intended to improve reliability and performance or fix app submission issues you’ve reported. We added image caching for better site response, rewrote some error messages you told us were confusing, and added a new time-saving link in the app download report to the app details.

Finally, in the fun surprise category, this month’s update also adds the ability to quickly translate user reviews into the language of your choice, so you can more easily understand what your customers are saying about your apps.

A new monthly update to Dev Center adds the ability to translate user reviews into the language of your choice using Microsoft Translator.

Please keep the feedback coming. We’re listening.

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  • Hello Todd,

    Just wondering when Arabic will be available in ?

  • GJoseph
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    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the new features. I am seeing some issues with Reviews/Ratings and Marketplace Search.

    1) Some of the reviews that were posted between mid sept and now for one of my apps have disappeared after the upgrade. The app had 185+ reviews prior to the upgrade and now it only has 175 reviews.

    2) My app used to be No 1 for several search keywords. The 5 search keywords defined under the apps used to work really well. But after the upgrade, my app is no where to be found. All the apps with 1 or 2 reviews that used to be no where is coming up on top since they have the search keyword as part of the app name. What happened to the 5 Serach Keywords??

    Just as an eg. Do a marketplace search for Twitter from your phone and see how many good twitter clients are coming up in the top spots. I am sure this drastic change to the search is killing so many developers with quality apps. Hope you could address this issue.

  • @Dan: I guess the reason why they support multiple XAP-File-Uploads is that they will use this to allow shared versions (e.g. 2.6 with different XAPs for WP7 and WP8). It's just a theory though.

  • I forgot one aspect. I think it makes sense to be able to push updates for the beta versions. While it is fairly easy to publish a new beta this process requires two steps for the reviewer/tester: install the new app and configure it and uninstall the old one (if not you will have a lot of app). It is already hard to find beta testers for a new app (I am talking from the point of view of a small company) and the whole uninstall/install process can make the beta tester loose interest in testing the app. If on the other hand I publish the app hidden it might get some bad reviews that are normal for a beta software , reviews that would be visibile (at least I think they will) when the application becomes public/visible.

  • Hello Todd,

    While the new Dev Center is a big step forward from the previous version it still has some limitations and sometime is more confusiong than the previous version (or at least there are some problems that I've encountered).

    1. The most important imho is the impossibility to change/certify the app description separate from the full certification. In my case I have changed just the price and the app description on the 28th of September and the application is still in certification . It would be nice to have the possibility to just certify a new app description (that should take less time to certify than a full certification).

    2. I find the new xap update management a little bit confusing. It doesn't make sense to be able to upload 2 or more xap updates for the same WP 7.x app. What happend to me is that I was not paying attention and submitted and app update with two xap's the version 1.5 (the old one) and 1.6 (the new one). I don't know if this influenced on the time of certification (more than a week) but this scenario should not be supported.

    Best regards,


  • Todd Brix
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    Thank you for your comments.  

    @JDB: A few months ago we started rolling out infrastructure upgrades, including changes in our certification and publishing workflow.  The next phase of these upgrades will start to be visible in November and will reduce the certification and publishing turn-around from days to hours once the new infrastructure is fully implemented.

  • Thanks for that feature.

    I was struggling with all bad behaviors of AppHub and now DevCenter. So, after spending hours with support, let me ask here.

    Where is "contact this user" feature?

    Previously it was possible using website and social features. Since August 31, they are removed.

    All our users since that time are like left alone. Previously, we were continuosly providing great support.

    Ask every one who uses gMaps or other our apps - if you leave review to our app, we respond. We help. We thank.

    Now what?

    I'd really like to hear somebody who can answer.


  • it will be great if msft will add something like croudtranslation of program description. Or some service for translation(human based translation).

    Now description translation is a big pain for developers who know only 1-2 languges. No one translater bing or google is not good for description translation but it's critical important for markets not native for developer...

  • The best Store of all platforms!

  • JDB
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    What we actually need is faster time to market. An app update can take up to 10 days to be available to users (7 days certification plus 2 or 3 days because of the irritating publishing delays).

    10 days over the internet is a crime, an eternity.

    And I'm not talking about just new submissions, but simple updates, simple bug fixes will cost us 10 days of users living with the bug and possibly bad app reviews because of that. We can detect/fix a bug in an hour but we must wait 10 days to deploy it no matter anything.

    This must change!

  • Hello Todd,

    Thank you for the new features. I don't know if it is the right place to enter my feature request, but here it is:

    As a Windows Phone developer with published apps, I visit the portal everyday to check my downloads count for the last available day. By default, the website suggests the stats for the last 30 days or so.

    It would be nice if there would be a shortcut to display the report for the last available day or even display the one-day graph instead of the last month. I'm pretty sure there is a lot of developers checking the website everyday.

    Thank you!