Developer registration opens in 13 new markets

Developer registration opens in 13 new markets

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In my last post, I talked about how we’re planning to roll out periodic updates to the Windows Phone Dev Center and Store infrastructure that address issues you report and occasionally include small feature enhancements. Well, it’s that time once again.

In this round we’re making another 100 or so fixes and improvements. Most are designed to further streamline the app certification process, address app update workflow issues, and improve site performance overall.

In the fun surprise category, we’re enabling developer registration in 13 new markets via Dev Center with this release: Afghanistan, Albania, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Mongolia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Timor-Leste. Developers in these 13 markets will now be able to register a Dev Center account and submit free apps to the Windows Phone Store. Check here for a full list of the 191 Windows Phone Dev Center supported markets.

We’re rolling out these changes now and you can expect it to take a few days for them to take effect globally. While we can’t address every issue or concern at once, our hope is to make the experience better with each update. Please continue to provide feedback via Dev Center Support—we’re listening.

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  • a little thing more ,, why is the surface tablet only on sale in 8 contryes , are you doing the same thing as in 2010

    if you whant to sell stuff ,, shood you not put the dam thing on sale all over the world

    are you not a global company any more,, i ges apple and google has the market for these devices

    i can even go to best buy from denmark and buy this one

    and they will send it to denmark right a way...

    what is wrong with you microsoft,, i get that is how you fail again ,, 5 to 6 million contracts are running out from the 2010 windows phone ,,

    are they gonna buy a new windows product , i do not thing so ,,

    what you need to do is this brundle a phone and a tablet and sell it for 999 dollars include a keyboard

    this christmas,, and let all the people in the world buy, not this stupid stuff

    that was the stuff that made nokia fail in the US and Around the world ,, if you can not get  the phone or the tablet

    people are gonna buy the new ipad mini and iphone 5

    but this is what you whant ,, so you can be the underdog and close up the platform and the internat as well

    no whonder people has seen this comming for over a year now

    Michael Hansen

  • Hello Tood good news , looking foreward to the new market, allso notice the number one phone on amazon is a windows phone , and are exepting preorders,, and here is the tricky part ,, HOW manny preorders

    you know it help talk about what the phone can do , and show some stuff games and apps so people whant to buy

    pehaps microsoft you shood let the developers take care of this, can i ask you a ?

    if i whant to do games on your new platform where do i go and where to start,,

    i can use unity,,,,,,,,,unreal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,havok vision engine

    do you have some suggestions where to start , i have contacted all of the companyes and they say in order to use there engine you got to have a contract with you and then you can licens there engine , EXPET unity they say i will be avalible in second quater 2013 for developers

    but at that time you will all been talking about windows 9 and phone 9 or pehaps even have a beta for download

    can you help guide a lost developer , do not know where to start

    Michael Hansen is lost in a product cycle,, so lost that we can not even get the price on products when they are announce do you think that people will remember your product if they do not know where they can get it or what the price

    Tood you and your team are doing the right think here ,, killing the product even before it takes off

    just bradon wactson did togethere with mery jo foly in 2010 ,, 110 million people sa this blogs post and they talk to othere people , even on amazon,twitter,facebook,,

    and your videos from nokia , even got a visit ,, what more do you whant

    what did they see this time,, that i leve up to you

    Michael Hansen

  • One thing that's annoying and could be resolved easy, it's the regional format settings. It's easy to get confused when date and currency formats are not in the usual standards.

    Ok, the dev center should have more languages options, but this is more harder and take more time. Do some regional settings it's more faster to implement and will solve this issue, especially in the reports.

  • rgvweb
    59 Posts

    Why not in India-

  • Fidel
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    And Cuba? If Afgans can, why can't I?

  • I'd like to have more information to the statistics, specially about the application version. With the current crash report it is hard to find out e.t: did the update fix the crash count etc.

  • Hello Todd,

    While the new Dev Center is a big step forward from the previous version it still has some limitations and sometime is more confusing than the previous version (or at least there are some problems that I've encountered).

    1. The most important imho is the impossibility to change/certify the app description separate from the full certification. In my case I have changed just the price and the app description on the 28th of September and the application is still in certification . It would be nice to have the possibility to just certify a new app description (that should take less time to certify than a full certification).

    2. I find the new xap update management a little bit confusing. It doesn't make sense to be able to upload 2 or more xap updates for the same WP 7.x app. What happened to me is that I was not paying attention and submitted and app update with two xap's the version 1.5 (the old one) and 1.6 (the new one). I don't know if this influenced on the time of certification (more than a week) but this scenario should not be supported.

    3. I think it makes sense to be able to push updates for the beta versions. While it is fairly easy to publish a new beta this process requires two steps for the reviewer/tester: install the new app and configure it and uninstall the old one (if not you will have a lot of app). It is already hard to find beta testers for a new app (I am talking from the point of view of a small company) and the whole uninstall/install process can make the beta tester loose interest in testing the app. If on the other hand I publish the app hidden it might get some bad reviews that are normal for a beta software , reviews that would be visible (at least I think they will) when the application becomes public/visible.

    Best regards,