Increase your app reach with Windows Phone 7.8

Increase your app reach with Windows Phone 7.8

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As today’s consumer blog post notes, Windows Phone 7.8 will begin to ship preinstalled on new phones in the coming weeks. This release also presents an important opportunity to increase the reach of your Windows Phone 7 apps and games, since we’re working to expand the number of consumer markets.

Ideally we’d like to help you reach consumers in the 191 markets we support for Windows Phone 8. But that isn’t possible because we can’t make a key OS change needed to support some of the new markets. Testing is underway now to confirm the final expansion list, but early results have already yielded a 34% increase—to 95—in the consumer markets for apps and games, including Xbox games. We expect those numbers to grow and will check back with you once testing wraps up, likely in January.

If you haven’t already, I suggest returning to Dev Center and submitting your current Windows Phone 7 apps for worldwide distribution (or as many markets as makes sense for your app) to ensure you’re ready for new phones running Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.

This is also a good time to download the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and update your apps to support the new Live Tile sizes and templates. This option extends to your existing Windows Phone 7 apps, providing an opportunity to refresh their look for the new Start screen. To support the new Tile sizes and templates, in your code check if the app is running on Windows Phone 7.8 ( TargetedVersion = new Version(7, 10,8858)). Then if this condition is true, enable the new Tile updates following the guidance in the article Adding Windows Phone 8 Tile functionality to Windows Phone OS 7.1 apps.

The Windows Phone 7 opportunity continues to grow with new devices reaching new markets. We hope you’ll take advantage of it.

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  • It is common matter and solving by MS . Thanks .

  • A cell phone app, sometimes called a mobile app, is any cell phone application, particularly those that are directly purchased and installed by phone users. These are smartphone add-ons that perform functions other than making a phone call, ranging from games to medical monitoring. To term "app" can be used to refer to any application for any device, but when used alone, it most commonly refers to software downloaded onto cell phones.

  • Come on Microsoft had I have known I would have waited two months and purchased Windows phone 8, or is this a way to make us spend more money and purchase a new phone. This sucks hurry up already.

  • I agree with the angry mob here, though I will NEVER go back to an Android device, and the IPhone is out of the question. I already have an IPod Touch, I see no need for an IPhone. Though they both push out updates like there is no tomorrow, I just like the way the Windows Phone ties in everything you can use to keep in touch. Everything I have been reading about the 7.8 update tells me it is really nothing more than a facelift. How much testing can that possibly take? If you are already releasing phones with the 7.8 version, why are you making the masses that bought the devices first off WAIT so long? It seems like you are rewarding the newcomers, but punishing the guys that trusted you from the start. I have been showing off my phone to everyone I know because I know the Windows Phone is the best phone OS out there. I am going to upgrade to a Windows Phone 8 as soon as I am eligible for the update, but I have been hearing about the 7.8 update for FAR too long! I'm ready to give my current phone the facelift I've been hearing so much about.

  • MS is making it tough for WP7 developers to implement 7.8 functionality to their apps. This is pathetic.

    Seems that WP7 was just 'beta testing'.

  • Can anyone (anyone?) explain why MS Surface is launched with RT and the device is not made compatible with windows smartphones? I have a Samsung Omnia 7, I bought a Surface RT. They do not talk to each other. The Surface has no 3G so I expected to use my phone as a modem (the wifi function is not showing on my phone by the way).... Alas, no bluetooth supported, no USB modem supported (no drivers). I understand 7.8 will fix these issues... but can anyone (anyone?) shed any light on when 7.8 will be released? Many thanks... Happy Xmas and New Year.

  • I started to install Windows Phone SDK 8.0, but could not do because of lots of pre-requisites such as Visual Studio 2012 (which can install only on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012). So I installed Windows 8. But not I am getting issue, it required only run with 64 version.

    For developing Windows Phone App 8.0, I required to buy hardware with 64 version with dedicated graphics card. What a great flexibility provided to the developer.

  • robble
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    This is ridiculous, MS. You want devs to support Windows Phone 7.x, but they have to buy Windows 8? Is there anyone even with half a brain in management at MS? Stop ALWAYS being so half-assed and actually do this properly:

    1) Provide WP7 devs with an IDE update so they can code the new tile sizes.

    2) Provide WP7 users FULL BACKUP capabilities (vote here:

    3) Bother to listen to the community on uservoice. We are telling you what you need to do; try actually listening instead of just pretending to.

    4) Don't post such shamefully bad, ill-thought-out news in a blog entry without apologising. You're treating your WP7 devs and customers like trash, and you aren't Apple. You can't get away with it.

  • Make this part of the SDK 7.1 before the release of 7.8. Otherwise, the new start screen is useless* as many developers cannot (or do not want to) upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

    *) in the first weeks after the release

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    Every single time you open your mouths regarding WP 7.8 Microsoft, you shot yourselves in the foot.

    Jesus Christ your marketing team is stupid. Don't you think you've already lost enough supporters? JUST RELEASE THE BLOODY UPDATE or shut the hell up with it.

    Your attempts at making people so angry that they give up and buy a WP8 instead are back-firing. People are getting Androids and iPhones instead. And I'm one of them. I'm sick of being treated like a third-class costumer.

  • bandit
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    What is the purpose of releasing 7.8 on _new_ phones?

    Does it support C++?

  • Mikko T
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    What a bunch of sad whiners you are.

  • Hi

    I think that microsoft is growing up till about mobile phones, they need more infrastucture like apple, maybe 2 years but the customer can't waiting at this time. I've a Lumia 800, really needs a lot of updates. The difference are simple Apple updates his OS frecuently and MS not

  • KrisL
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    Hint for MS :

    Provide a COMPLETE BACKUP procedure in WP7.8, so that existing users benefit from upgrading to WP8 now or in the future.

    SMS, settings, contact groups, etc... are now lost when considering an upgrade to WP8. That's more important to many companies than the price differnence between WP7.8 en WP8 devices!

  • KraXarN
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    Will wait with 7.8 untill I can get 7.8 at my phone, so I can try it on a real phone. Until then I will wait.

    I can't agree that it is a good time to start developing with SDK 8.0 , because the SDK 8.0 requires Windows 8. And to use Windows 8, I first want to find a powerful computer with touch screen. Until then I will wait.

  • VERY DISAPPOINTED from microsoft!!!

    NO more windows phone for me!!

    Your team didn't study marketing!!!

    Next is IOS or ANDROID where they respect there customers

  • HemantR
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    Nice way to Kill Windows Phone division. I don't see any future of Windows Phone anymore

  • I'm done with this. I'm waiting for WP 7.8 update update too long. I'll not recomend Windows Phone never more.

    Switching to iOS. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • I can't believe they are handling this situation with such bad-timing teases. I was an Android user for almost 3 years, and was fairly happy with it. Then, this yeat I've decided to jump into windows phone, since it was the only platform i haven't tested yet. And I loved it from the start. But now, I feel exactly like I used to with carriers holding updates back, delaying SIMPLE bugfixes, ignoring completely their consumer database. You guys make us, consumers and early adopters feel like the main joke of the mobile platforms.

    Completely disappointed at microsoft. Time to get back to Android.

  • Hmmm...can't believe this. They actually trying to cool us off with this info?

  • frometa
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    Windows 8 is the ONLY Operating System I will use from microsoft. I receive updates every day for windows 8. for windows mobileen no more. I will get an iOS, iPhone, Apple phone. ditching windows phone forever.

  • What a horrible tease for your early adopters.  You guys are killing us...