Microsoft Media Platform - Player Framework

Microsoft Media Platform - Player Framework

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This blog post was authored by Erik Reitan (@ReitanErik), a programming writer on the Windows Phone Developer Content team.

- Adam

The Microsoft Media Platform team has recently released the 1.1 version of the Player Framework for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. This release includes several Windows Phone 8 updates. If you are building media applications for Windows Phone 8, this framework offers interesting media support.

The Player Framework is an open source video player available for Silverlight, HTML5, and Xbox, as well as Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone apps. It allows you to play both progressive download videos and Smooth Streamingvideos.


Download the Player Framework

The Windows Phone 8 version of the Player Framework is based on the Windows 8 version, not the Windows Phone 7 version. Several improvements and new features are available in this latest version. See the Player Framework documentation to review new features for Windows Phone 8 and key differences between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.


For quick tutorials about how to implement these types of players in a Windows Phone 8 application, see the Windows Phone 8 Player Documentation on CodePlex.

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  • It looks nice ...

    Great application ....

    Thank ...

  • jjbowles
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    All I want as a user is the ability to "play to" any device from any device.  Make it simple.  If the device is in my homegroup then it is eligible for playing to. The smartglass app in Win8 has been a huge disappointment for me.  I would like to stream a photo slideshow from my phone to my Win8 laptop or my Xbox.  I would like to be able to play a movie from my laptop to my xbox.  My kids would like to stream from a large device to a phone.  I would like to stream a DVD from my Xbox to my phone while I am on the treadmill. Don't limit us - make it easy.

  • flavius
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          How can I make smooth streaming from my phone to the server? Is it possible?

  • abm
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    Adam, thanks for the heads up. But unfortunately I struggled and wasted unnecessary time with Media Framework and had to use the worse technique; capture the "images" (to mimic the video) from the CISCO security cam, for displaying the live feed on a xaml page with image control!

    The cam broadcasts MPEG-4 feed (with ASF container). I even tried middle-tier streaming through VLC but still no luck! Android played the live feed in all installed and custom players. Didn't tried with iOS. Our project was (unfortunately) signed for Windows Phone (which was my proposal to the managers)! The hacky solution led us to deliver the app on time; a fully functional app on an excellent platform, with class D (laggy) video streaming.

    Would you please support as many codecs as Windows Media Player does? Microsoft and CISCO have always worked together in respecting each other products, Windows Phone is a deal breaker..

    Lagging behind is not an option in the smartphone's OS war or is it?