Windows Phone developer updates & offers from Mobile World Congress

Windows Phone developer updates & offers from Mobile World Congress

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Hello from Barcelona! Today I had the honor of joining Nokia at its App Developer Conference to help kick-off Mobile World Congress. Nokia shared some great phone and app news that you can read about here. For Microsoft, today is about showing you, our Windows Phone developers, the progress you have made. I’d also like to announce a few more tools and programs to make it even easier for you to develop for Windows Phone.

How are we doing?

By now, you are familiar with our strategy of fostering an ecosystem around Windows Phone: an ecosystem characterized by quality, scale and developer opportunity. This strategy is taking root at an accelerated pace with partners and developers reporting real and sustained growth following the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Every day there are more signs of people’s belief that Windows Phone has evolved from being a solid contender to a compelling alternative. Just last week, the Nokia Lumia 920 won Engadget’s Reader’s Choice award for best smartphone of 2012 – by a wide margin. Also earlier this month, the Lumia 920 took on all comers to be named Gizmodo’s “Best Smartphone Camera” of five that were tested. The Lumia 920 is also being honored this week as a GSMA Best Smartphone nominee. Most importantly, people love their Windows Phones and its apps. A January report from ChangeWave Research found that Windows Phone customers are more likely to be “very satisfied” with their phones than Android users (53% for Windows Phone users vs. 48% for Android). 

Moreover though, this qualitative praise is translating into quantitative opportunity for Windows Phone developers. We started by getting phones in front of the right people, making it easy for users to buy apps (e.g. PayPal, Alipay and carrier billing) and expanding to new geographies to grow our total addressable market by 90% in 2012. You’ve probably read reports of a 4x increase in Windows Phone sales over last year’s holiday season. In fact, we’ve achieved more than 10% marketshare in a number of countries (source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Feb 2013).

The Windows Phone Store has also experienced a significant increase in activity - the highest in our history - with a 75% increase in app downloads, a 91% increase in paid app revenue and eclipsing 1 billion transactions. We’re also seeing higher levels of engagement with the catalog (thanks to your great apps), with a steady increase to an average of 55 downloads per user.

Windows Phone Developer Opportunity


The Windows Phone developer community itself is growing rapidly as well. Developer registrations are up by over 40,000 in the first 90 days since the launch of Windows Phone 8, and we’ve already seen 15,000 new apps that specifically leverage the new platform functionality Windows Phone 8 provides.  All told, you’ve created a catalog of more than 130,000 apps and games – designed specifically for a differentiated Windows Phone UI and ecosystem. And we expect this growth to continue as the number of Windows Phone 8 SDK downloads just passed 500,000 in less than 4 months from its release on October 30, 2012.

New Dev Center app (preview)

We know the Windows Phone Dev Center is your dashboard for everything related to your apps. We also know many of you use Dev Center from your phone to keep a constant pulse on your apps. So we made a Dev Center app just for you and we’re releasing the first preview today. While we still have work to do, we wanted to give you the opportunity to start using the app and providing us with feedback.


Visit the store and download a copy today.

Here are a few highlights of the Dev Center app (preview):

  • Check app download data and crash trends, payments and key metrics.

  • Drill down by app, including reviews translated in the language of your choice.

  • What Windows Phone app would be complete without a Live Tile? This one shows you downloads and crash counts so you always have the latest data at hand.
  • And my personal favorite, the app includes the option to share a link for your app without having to go into the store, copy/paste into an email, etc.

Special offers to help you build apps faster

We work with dozens of leading companies who can provide you with tools and libraries, web APIs, UI controls and native gaming environments. On this page we’ve collected a few we think are outstanding at accelerating the development process to help you save time and money.

Today we’re also announcing offers from three great companies, for registered Windows Phone developers.

image The Box platform offers an API that gives developers access to all of Box's content management features, which can be integrated into third-party apps. Offer details:
  • Free account with 25GB of free space for life (instead of 5GB)
  • Includes one (1) Enterprise Seat (including: administrative controls, full text search and version history, through both the web application and the API)
  • Learn more:


image Buddy is a mobile backend as a service for developers building cloud-connected apps and games. With Buddy, developers can add features like messaging or chat, user account systems, geo-location support, photo albums, Live Tile support (and much more) with no server-side development required. Offer details:
  • Free Buddy account, with an allowance of up to one million (1MM) API calls per month
  • Offer is valid for six months. After six months have elapsed, developers revert to Buddy’s standard (published) pricing
  • Learn more:


image ExitGames Photon Cloud allows game developers to build and run real-time multiplayer games for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 RT and other major platforms. With features like matchmaking and real-time data exchange, the Photon Cloud automatically scales with the application's load. Offer details:


You will need a unique code to take advantage of these offers. For those of you who are already registered Windows Phone developers, you’ll receive a confirmation code later today in your copy of the Windows Phone WPDEV newsletter. If you’re just joining us, welcome! You can contact us at for assistance. These offers are provided by the named company, not Microsoft. Additional terms and conditions apply, as determined by the party who is offering the services.

If you aren’t already building for Windows Phone, the time has never been better to join us. And, for those of you already part of the ecosystem, please enjoy these offers with our thanks for your support.

Back to Mobile World Congress – hope to see you here.

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  • Todd Brix how come that microsoft and nokia has NOT MADE AN UPGRADE OFFER to those 30 million lumia 800,900,520 sold devices , to make a smooth upgrade to windows phone 8

    a sort of a swap phone or somthing

    have you left us all in the sand,, here

    you know it wood have been a perfect low end windows phone 8 ,, and it is caple of running windows phone 8

    did yoy know that you can run jelly been 4,2,2 on a nokia n9 phone ,, and it runs smooth as hell

    why do you not upgrade these phones and the htc radar and titan

    hope you can answhere,, well what if we can give all these people you have left behiend around 30 million a free upgrade to an android jelly been 4.2.2 os , instead of your windows phone 7.5

    do you support that,, i hope you all do, and then all these people can run apps that are 4 years old on there device

    it is total back compatability with over 90% of all android apps and games running on a lumia 800 and 900 model


  • WP is a phone OS where first preference should be given to Calling and Messaging. Right now those two things work as App not as OS default feature. Multiple clicks are needed to reach to last called number etc.

    WP is built as if it was a Composite Application, at least this is what I could understand from back button behavior. At times user may click it and be surprised to see app and OS screens show up in very weird way.

    Games like AngryBird it installs an App that is claimed to be free but in reality that App has a link to actual Game that is paid. I do not want everything free but it is a very bad user experience, install an advertisement app to buy some other. If that is a business strategy then such apps should not be classified as Game!

    WP is available for Noika, where its old smartphones used Ovi Sync to keep contacts safe. Although there is a way to add Nokia account but no way I could see contacts can be imported from there.

    Although there is a way to see things like WiFi, Bluetooth etc when user swipes from top. But then it is not possible to configure them from that top app bar kind of thing. All of this needs to go to Settings App.

    Navigation is possible via Root Frame and NavigationService that is part of each Page. Properties like CanGoBack on RootFrame gives false value. I think this is result of some unfinished work.

    APIs like Windows.ApplicationModel.Package throw NotImplementedException, again showing unfinished work.

    All this feedback is a result of 2 days of playing with Nokia Lumia 920. It feels like a Digital camera having mobile as add on feature.

  • It is good news for Windows Phone . Thanks .

  • When I use the box promo link I am asked to fill in a Promo Code. Where do I get it from or do all Devs get emailed with the promo code?

    It's a nice offer but I also agree it would make alot more sense to provide a SkyDrive Promotion instead.

  • i hope you will do the same think

    link to the article

    a short version

    Yeah, that we really want to do. We believe in smaller developers. They are very creative and they go out of the norm to do something really amazing. So we really want to make it easier for them to come to our platform and publish. And we know there are many things we can do, in talking with these guys and asking what they want us to do. And one effort we've been doing in that context is the PS Mobile platform. That doesn't even require the purchase of a dev kit. It's totally software driven, and they can develop games… on PC, for example. And once you decide to publish it, you want to test it on the final hardware, but you don't have to acquire a pricey dev kit.

    The approach to PS4 we're internally working on is, I hope to see somewhere in-between the current model that we have on PS3 and the PS Mobile totally software-driven model. We could continue and go and expand the PS Mobile approach, but the beauty of developing games on console is we allow the developers to go really deep into the hardware, and to unlock the potential. And so in order for us to do that, the developer has to have the dev kit to work on. So at least initially, we have to provide the dev kit to make games on PS4.


  • I'm not a game developer, but I am a game enthusiast and collector. I also do a lot of fiction writing? Can Photon Cloud be right for my life?

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    You would have 200 000 apps by now if you did not force developers to use a 64 bit version of Windows 8 to code apps.

    My friend upgraded his old laptop to Win 8 only to find out that it also must be 64 bit...

  • Nice to finally have an App available that is able to display Information from the Dev Center :) I don't see the Advantage of Box storage either though.

  • Brandon
    20 Posts

    So... let's push Windows Phone devs from using MS's OWN cloud storage (Skydrive) over to a competitor (Box)? What sense does this make, exactly?