Accelerate cool app development with the Coding4Fun Toolkit

Accelerate cool app development with the Coding4Fun Toolkit

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The Coding4Fun Toolkit is a set of powerful controls and libraries that you can use, free, to add rich features and functionality to your XAML Windows Phone apps (and also to your Windows 8 Store apps).

I recently talked to Clint Rutkas, the toolkit creator, about some of the thinking behind building the toolkit, and some of the cool things you can do with it.


Here are some links to related info:


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    ohh..! sorry, here is windows phone blog.

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    i have few suggestion for Windows 8.1 :

    Please make it beautiful like Windows 7. When windows 8 released i didn't migrate to it because it was not beautiful and it's theme was ugly for me. i like glass windows with bow corners. after few months finally i decide to migrate to Win 8.

    Nothing start menu is not problem eventual to Start page and right-click menus be custumizable. for example i added Notepad link in win+X menu, for this i getting help than windows customizable programs. if Start page was more customizable maybe i add Notepad link in first items of start page.

    Please add direct desktop loading feature. always when i turn-on my PC after login, and loading Start page, first i should click on Desktop.