Inside Windows Phone – code samples

Inside Windows Phone – code samples

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What Windows Phone code samples are available to you, and how do you get them? We publish a large number of code samples that cover a solid range of Windows Phone developer scenarios. In this video, we touch on some of the code samples we’ve created to help you design and develop great Windows Phone apps, and where to find them.

Here’s where you can find some of the Windows Phone code samples and resources we discuss in the video.

Please send us any questions or feedback – we’d like to hear from you.

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  • were do we get help when things are documented - but presented in such a way that they are a working solution?

  • To further our question,

    our current question now is how can we know the contact updated,modified date (if it was modified) so we can sync-two-way according to the most recent update.

    thx for your help, please point us in the right direction - Tim:

  • Trying to wrap up our solution -

    we can't get the "contact Modified Date" from our store - please advise, Tim:

  • I would love to see something on MVVM. Even though I've been using it in, I often feel like I don't really understand it, or what its best practices are.

  • Team,

    What store will the user be able to create a new contact and are there flags for a default store?


    if this solution works then possibly in the next release, there should already be a second store created for enterprise solutions.

    Many thx for your guidance - Tim:

  • @, your application can create a custom contact store, (that can appear integrated with the user's experience in the people hub). Guidance is available here:

  • We're working to accomplish some things for our government customers - however, we find that we cannot import to the contacts in the windows phone 8. We can export all the contacts but can't figure a method to add new contacts programmatically. Please advise why this functionality is not present - or another method to add contacts.

    thx, tim: