Expanded developer opportunity – new payout markets and billing connections

Expanded developer opportunity – new payout markets and billing connections

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We continue to take steps forward on the path to establish a Windows Phone ecosystem characterized by quality, scale, and developer opportunity. We are seeing strong results for the ecosystem since the launch of Windows Phone 8 with more than a 100% increase in app downloads and nearly 140% increase in paid app revenue. Today I have a few enhancements to announce that can help you expand your app distribution reach and revenue opportunities.

Diverse phone offering and distribution

Nokia’s Lumia 720 and 520/521 phones have just begun to ship across the globe, giving potential Windows Phone customers additional choices in form factor, phone capabilities, and price points. This review from CNET (Nokia Lumia 520 review: One of the best budget phones around) pretty much sums up the sentiment on the new device, stating the Lumia 520 packs an “impressive punch” both in terms of hardware quality and value for the money.

These phones will be available in new markets and distribution channels, given their budget-friendly pricing. In fact, this week the Nokia Lumia 521 paired with an offer from US mobile operator T-Mobile to make its debut on the popular US Home Shopping Network, a first for Windows Phone.

The industry continues to recognize Windows Phone steady growth. According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Windows Phone has already increased its share of all smartphone sales by nearly 2% compared to last year and is attracting first-time smartphone buyers. With over half of the US market (and much of the world) still owning a feature phone, it’s likely many will upgrade over the coming year, which ultimately will contribute to growth for Windows Phone.

Six new developer payout markets

This week we will enable developer payout in 6 new markets via Dev Center bringing the total markets supporting developer payout to 122. The new markets include: Afghanistan, Iraq, Montenegro, Serbia, Timor-Leste, and Ukraine. Developers in these 6 markets will now be able to submit both free and paid apps to the Windows Phone Store to reach customers in 191 markets.

New Mobile Operator Billing Connections

We have added 15 new mobile operator billing partners since August 2012, bringing the total number of supported partners to 25 in 19 markets, surpassing Google Play.  Mobile operator billing gives consumers a payment option with significantly higher conversion rates than credit cards.  On average, an app developer earns 3x more per active user on a paid app published in a mobile operator billing-enabled market than a market that only supports credit card. We will continue to expand this footprint and you’ll be seeing many more connections in the near future.

Simplified app submissions

Finally, I want to point out that we continue to incorporate your feedback and streamline the app submission process. Recently the Dev Center team enabled cancelling submissions, rotating screenshots and automatic screenshot resizing – all items you indicated needed improvement. You can read more about these enhancements on the Windows Phone Developer blog. Next, we’ll add the ability to review your app submission, giving you a chance to make sure everything looks right, before you actually submit. I encourage you to watch for a post from Rushmi Malaviarachchi in the coming week that will provide details on all the latest improvements.

If you haven’t yet developed an app for Windows Phone or if you haven’t updated your app recently, I’d like to encourage you to visit the Dev Center to download the SDK and get started. There’s never been a better time to develop for Windows Phone.

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  • @kibermaks – Please submit a support ticket at dev.windowsphone.com/.../support. Thanks

  • Mursel
    2 Posts

    "Is there any estimate when payout will be avalilable in Bosnia and Herzegovina?"

    Good question senadc. I'm also interested when payout will be available for our country??

  • Ukrainian also require "Unique requirements for Russian developers" from msdn.microsoft.com/.../jj206722(v=vs.105).aspx

    Please clarify that this info will be used.

  • senadc
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    "The new markets include: Afghanistan, Iraq, Montenegro, Serbia, Timor-Leste, and Ukraine. "

    Is there any estimate when payout will be avalilable in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

  • In the beginning you had to apply for and provide an ITIN number to avoid that individual Taxation. It took some time to complete and I never bothered therefore and went with ad supported Apps. This requirement however has now been gone for quite some time now.

    Please check the Situation now instead of asking about clarification for things that are in the past.

  • that is why we are seeing allmost all indie games are free ,, and the xbox live games are dump to the price of 0.99 cent, wicth all xbox live games are run by corprate companyes,, so thay do not have this tax problems

    so microsft please put your head in the indie developer shooes



    YOU ARE DRIVING YOUR OWN PLATFORM DOWN in the expence of the indie developer

    who have no chance of maintaing a verry small profit, hard ly call it that , i call is pocket dollars

    that is the right way to drive the indie developers away from you...


  • StevieBallz i see you have some info on this,, but i like to hear from microsoft on this

    if you registrer as an indie developer / student  NOT CORPRATE DEVELOPER COMPANY

    you are in for the the extra tax by the US,, course you do not have and tax identery to the US gorvement

    and you there is a double taxation agreement between asian country and all the eupa member state to US

    in our case it is 25%

    the extra tax is withhold by microsoft right away, if you do not provide a US tax number ,, like the chicken and the egg ,, what comes first the game or the tax,, it takes a round 7 month from denmark to get all the papers in order to the US

    in all that time you will have to pay the extra tax

    now the ruules in denmark and all most all of eupa is this,,

    microsoft pay out ,, in our case

    30% platformholder : microsoft

    30% extra tax the first 7 month

    60 of all income is gone

    when you make the books for your little indie firm ,, we have to do this every year in all of eupa

    the tax office ,, will send you a notice when you are deling with the US and goods ,,

    you are in for the double taxation agreement

    so the danish goverment will collect an extra 25% from you, or close your company, that they will do..

    so you end up with this

    the first 7 month ,,

    30% platformholder : microsoft

    30% extra tax the first 7 month

    25% double taxation agreement

    = 85 % gone

    net pay 15% to the gamemaker/developer

    the last 5 month of the year

    is this

    30% platformholder : microsoft

    25% double taxation agreement

    = 55% gone

    net pay 45% to the gamemaker/developer

    now hant had happen in the first 7 month ,, the hype of you game is gone, it is not new any more

    you have to upgrade,,

    but based on this ,, it is to expensive to make games for the windows 8 and windows  phone platform

    apple and google ,, does not do this,, the marketplace is just working for developers,, not agenst developers

    that is what microsoft shood look into,, locale submit of app and game, and local payout

    take this as an example

    what if i was to submit and app that only was on sale in denmark

    i will still have to pay this

    30% platformholder : microsoft

    30% extra tax the first 7 month

    25% double taxation agreement

    = 85 % gone

    net pay 15% to the gamemaker/developer

    all this apply only to student and indie developers ,, not corprate companys

    it is all for you to read on when you have to fill out your tax here at apphub


  • Is developer payout supported for Belarus?

    If not is it planned any time soon?

    (I know there is a page at MSDN  about supported markets, but it is not Up to date, e.g. for Ukraine it says payout not supported).

  • Hi,

    interesting info but completely usless.

    What are the absolute numbers ? 100% increment means that downloads increased from 1000 to 2000 or from 10 M to 20 M ? Both are an increment of 100% but in the first case I'll not invest in the platform, in the second I can start thinking to invest in it.

    Thank you

  • @Michael: if there is a double taxation agreement between your country and the US (which most likely is the case with EU member states - at least I know it to be the case with Germany and Austria) then their is no US tax deducted from your 70 %.

    So basically 30 % is kept by MS, 70% is paid to you. You will have to pay taxes on those 70% according to your country's laws but this is the same with money you earn on competing platforms (and basically whenever you're earning money in a commercial setting).

  • and a way a round these tax problems ,you at microsoft can work on

    when we submit our app or game , why not submit it to our local conetry or rignon

    and then put it on sale from there to the world ,,, when we submit to day it will be submit to the  U.S.

    that way we can avoid the tax between eupa and the up

    that is how the android and apple marketplace works

    so if i submit my game to android or apple i get

    platformholder :android / apple = 30%

    no extra 30%

    no tax between us and eupa

    developer get 70%

    tod look into to this,, i ges that is why people do not submit great games for windows 8 and windows 8 phone


  • sorry wrong 85% of all income goes to tax

    and 15% to the developer

  • verry nice Todd Brix.. good work

    i have a couple of ? about pay out,, pehaps you can write a blog post about this..

    here et goes..

    when we first registerer at app hub back in 2010 "we had to egre to a cut of 30% ekstra" some problems with an w8 and tax forms

    so we end up with this

    platformholder : Windows = 30%

    us tax extra = 30%

    between us and eupa tax (denmark = 25% ) (england = 17%) (germeny = 22%) and so on

    so if we sell our game for one dollar

    75% of all income goes to tax

    and 25% to the developer

    so now you support payout in denmark wicth we can save the us extra tax 30%  = please answher

    can you explain more about this, in some blog post,,

    so you can help developers out,, manny hoppyist developers does not know this

    and when one year has past (in denmark) we get the extra tax,, (between us and eupa tax)

    so we will all get a slamm in our bank acounts, from the tax office..


  • Very helpful - thanks a lot.

  • @StevieBallz - this list looks like it might answer your question:


    Hope it is helpful.

  • Is there a list of all the Operators that currently Support Operator Billing?