Required pubCenter Update for Microsoft Ad Units

Required pubCenter Update for Microsoft Ad Units

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Microsoft Advertising is committed to increasing advertiser demand and growing advertising revenue for mobile app developers. The latest improvements to increase developer monetization and end-user relevancy have just been released – these involve changes in the pubCenter categories used to target ad units. To fully leverage these new capabilities, developers need to visit pubCenter to take action to select one category for each ad unit and align that category with the selection in the Windows Phone Dev Center. This is a category update only and no app resubmission or certification is required.

What do you need to do?

  • For new ad units, just follow the instructions in pubCenter to enter the category when you submit new apps. Make sure you enter the same category that you use when submitting your app to Windows Phone Dev Center.
  • For existing apps that already use Microsoft Advertising ad units, you have until September 12 to update the ad unit information in pubCenter. Ads will not be displayed in your apps after September 12, 2013, if you don’t update the ad unit information.

You can read more about this change in the Microsoft Advertising blog post, Changes in PubCenter Ad Units.

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  • As part of the recent PubCenter updates, we modified the reporting to more accurately reflect the number of Ad impressions delivered and the eCPM of these Ad impressions.

    You might see Ad impression numbers decreasing, and eCPM increasing. However, your average revenue should not be impacted.

    If you have any questions, please open a ticket with PubCenter, in the "Contact Support" section of the PubCenter portal, and include the App ID and Ad Unit ID.

    Bernardo Zamora


  • o.bang
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    SAME PROBLEM HERE, guess need to open a ticket as well..

  • anatolyl
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    @bzamora [MSFT]

    I also observe a sharp drop of more than 60% across all apps registered in the system after the change.

    Same as commentators above have mentioned.

    You guys have a critical bug in the system and don't want to acknowledge that.

    The most bad thing is that those missing impressions don't go anywhere - they just not delivered and fail silently without any error.

    Please fix or roll back this change!


  • @wsoftvn: if you see any issues with your ad impressions, please submit a ticket through PubCenter, and make sure you include the Ad Unit ID and Application ID that is seeing the problems.

    Bernardo Zamora


  • wsoftvn
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    I also saw a huge impression drop from about 900k to 300k. I haven't updated anything in the system.

  • @moich4no, there should have been little or no impact to your daily impressions. If you see this issue, please open a support ticket in pubcenter.

  • What happened? After this update I saw my daily impressions drop from 80K to 10K. Please help.