Inside Windows Phone – Motion design using the Windows Phone Toolkit

Inside Windows Phone – Motion design using the Windows Phone Toolkit

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One of the most beautiful design aspects of the Windows Phone OS is the use of motion design. Windows Phone is alive with motion, which acts as a huge differentiator in quality apps. Unfortunately, motion design can be very painstaking work and difficult to implement. Fortunately, the Windows Phone Toolkit has everything you need to implement powerful animations that bring your Windows Phone apps to life. In this video, Shawn Oster walks us through the steps of adding the Windows Phone Toolkit, and using the transitions and tilt animations to make your app feel like a natural part of the ecosystem. For more information, see the Channel 9 post IWP 58 | Put the Standard Animations in your App.

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  • and when you have got aall those devices into peoples homes

    release a mouse and a keyboard for the xbox one,,

    so people can use the devices as a computer

    it will solve a lot of problems in people homes ,, no more whires and , cables and all othere stuff that comes with a desktop computer ,, a clean devices wicth is both a gamebox and a computer

    get it into people homes is importen vision, you know this

    i have one ? for the xbox one team

    if it was me who has design this i wood have done this anothere way

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    you all you had to do was make a box that transmit the gamepad,mouse imput,keyboard

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    think about this , it wood meen that xbox live will survibe into the future

    and the same time you can open up your platform to all developers


    CHECKMATE,, EA has done that for you, trap you.

  • remember all developers are allso consumers an in reverse order to

    this will get the windows devices into people homes

    turn all the people into creatores,

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    once your devices are in people homes thay will stay there

    do not copy apple , do your own stuff

    and if you what to solve the problem of the future , look into the past mistakes

    and not repeat them

  • great stuff  Larry Lieberman and shawn

    give opengl to developers or release directx for android this will secure you into future

    you are the only platform that does not support an ISO Standard

    all students will not buy your products, course thay have no dollars, so thay will buy a cheap device and than

    start develop for opengl

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    you need to get red of all the old folks at your markinting and hire some new young people

    i clear see the bet you have made with EA and that is your problem ,, people today does like publishers

    what is a publisher some idiots taking a cut of your game

    microsoft you started this trend with XNA on windows 7,xbox 360 , and windows phone 7

    you had a small indie platform, why did you abandon this, and the indie developers

    you had build once and play anyware

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  • Stephen Elop talking about Android :