Unity 4.2 released: build a better game, get a chance to win big, more than $100,000 in prizes

Unity 4.2 released: build a better game, get a chance to win big, more than $100,000 in prizes

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If you’re a Unity developer, we’ve got great news. Unity and Microsoft announced a new collaboration at last month’s Build Conference, and to celebrate we’re sponsoring a game-building contest with big cash and prizes for the winners.

Submit your most impressive, awe-inspiring, addictive or just plain fun game — something you’ve just developed, or a game you’ve already put out there – and you could walk away with a pretty sweet reward. More than $100,000 in prizes will be awarded overall *.

The new collaboration was highlighted today with the release of Unity 4.2. This includes a Windows Store add-on that brings the Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 platforms to all Unity developers. The add-on is available in the free version of Unity, or as a free add-on for the Pro version – making it easier for all Unity developers to bring 2D and 3D content to Windows games.


So don’t waste a moment to get going on your entry. The Unity beta program started a few months ago, giving early adopters a head start – more than 50 titles have already been published for Windows Phone.  Check them out here.

Show us your stuff. Get creating, start building or porting your game, then enter it here.
We’re rooting for you – because some very talented, very lucky developers are going to be showered in more than $100,000 in prizes very soon!

JC Cimetiere

* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to persons who are registered Unity developers, 18 years or older and live where Windows Store app upload or Windows Phone 8 is available. Contest ends 9/30/13.
For contest details, terms and conditions, and signup info, visit http://unity3d.com/contest/windows.

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  • it will allso be nice if you cood make the repport for our games better in the marketplace

    1 . a look over crash count per. country,

    2.  a look over the phones or tablets these crash.......... so we can fix the problems

    3.  a better statisk over downloads per. country............this will help developers on where to market there games

    i was thinking of an pie chart over phones or tablets

    on users,,crash count, phone models,tablet models , per country

    and update the dev app for the phones to with these feutures

    i am not instered in the payout statiks in the app.. remove these feutures

    this vil help us developers to better understand the user and bugs

    best regards


  • Hello Microsoft is was reading this on spam ,, on games


    look at zombies night out and see the spam in the comments right from the start back in 2011 april to day in 2013

    can you give developers / publishers the power to REMOVE OR MARK THE COMMENT AS SPAM in our reviews of games

    on android we can allso make comments back to the users in order to stop the spam

    the spam kan kill a games ,, and manny developers can not do anything about this

    hope you can fix the problems in your marketplace for windows 8 and windows phone

    best regards


  • This is awesome news! I'll see what I can throw together :D

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    Nokia will adopt Android next year : goo .gl/xQthq