Everyone can build an app – introducing Windows Phone App Studio beta

Everyone can build an app – introducing Windows Phone App Studio beta

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Today Todd Brix outlined several new programs to make it easier for more developers to get started with the Windows Phone platform. In this post, I’d like to tell you a bit more about one of them, Windows Phone App Studio beta. I’ll cover what it does today and how you can help determine the future direction of this new tool.

Windows Phone App Studio is about giving everyone the ability to create an app, regardless of experience. It also can radically accelerate workflow for all developers.

clip_image002 I continue to be impressed with the rate at which the developer community has adopted the app paradigm, but I also recognize that the app economy is still in its infancy. From a few hundred apps just a few years ago to millions of apps today, developers have imagined and built amazing app experiences that elevate the concept of a smartphone to new heights. In a way, apps are the new web. Websites began as portals for large companies, then became vital to small and local business, until ultimately we all had a piece of the web via blogs and social networks. The same is now true of apps. With the industry’s best developer tools and technologies, and a growing set of innovative features and capabilities across the Windows family, we are investing in new ways to make it even easier for everyone to quickly create innovative and relevant apps.

Windows Phone App Studio beta is a web-based app creation tool designed to help people easily bring an app idea to life by applying text, web content, images, and design concepts to a rich set of customizable templates. Windows Phone App Studio can help facilitate and accelerate the app development process for developers of all levels.

clip_image004For hobbyists and first-time app designers, Windows Phone App Studio can help you generate an app in 4 simple steps. When you are satisfied with your app, Windows Phone App Studio will export a file in a form that can be submitted for publication to the Windows Phone Store so the new app can be made available to friends, family, and Windows Phone users across the globe. The app’s data feed is maintained in the cloud, so there’s no hosting or maintenance for the developer to orchestrate.

More skilled developers, on the other hand, can use the tool for rapid prototyping, and then export the code and continue working with the project in Visual Studio. Unlike other app creation tools, with Windows Phone App Studio a developer can download the source code for the app to enhance it using Visual Studio.

The Windows Phone App Studio beta is launching with a limited number of templates, plug-ins, and capabilities, and is optimized for Windows Internet Explorer 10. We have implemented full support for Live Tiles in this first release to give developers and users the opportunity to personalize their app experiences.

What features we add next are largely up to you: Windows Phone App Studio is what you make of it. We’re exploring new content, data access modules, and capabilities, and we’re eager to learn just how you use the tool and what sort of additional training, resources, or guidance you may value.

I invite you to sign up and explore Windows Phone App Studio and more importantly, I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions on how we could expand the service.

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  • It was a great experience. But while installing the certificate and the app on Nokia Lumia 520 there was no message whether the app has been installed or not. But, when I checked my phone for installed apps, it was there.

  • nvperk
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    Still awaiting response after requesting invite on 8/8 (~10pm). I was all excited to do something with it this weekend :^(

  • Thom
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    If you haven’t got an invite I’d suggest looking at ZipApp.co.uk

    It’s made by some Microsoft UK developers and supported by Microsoft and Nokia.

    It lets you create apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 by using Youtube, facebook, twitter and RSS feeds

  • Widespread interest in Windows Phone App Studio beta is creating some service disruptions, but we’re working to add more capacity. Thanks for your patience. This is why we do beta. Please share your feature requests to our User Voice page at wpdev.uservoice.com/.../216486 and support requests to our Forum at social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../wpappstudio.

    For new users, we are processing requests for invitation codes sent to support@microsoft.com. You can expect a response within the next 24 hours.  We thank you for your patience.

    Windows Phone App Studio Support

  • How about temples for tablets.

  • Still waiting on my invite Code - Yikes (more vapor ware from MS...)

  • SteveJ
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    News on August 08, 2013 : goo .gl/XD5qYG


  • SteveJ
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    News on August 08, 2013 :  http://goo.gl/XD5qYG


  • fperoux
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    Write an email to studio@microsoft.com ... I'm waiting mine.

  • No where on this article does it mention invitation code, how does one get invited to the app studio?

  • Fletch
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    Would also like an Invite Code if anyone knows how to get one!

  • Miky94
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    How do I sign in to Windows Phone App Studio, which invitation code I have to write?

  • Any info on how to get an invite code?

  • Please correct the error that occurs when trying to create an app. "Internal Server Error 500"

  • I really love the Idea and directly tried to build an App, but the server looks down to me? All presets link directly to a "page not found"?

  • Zetura
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    It would be great to have a template for a great RSS reader. Many blogs have a app for Android or iOS, but none for Windows Phone. With a basic template based on the RSS feed URL, the app will be created in no time and I will be the first to create one ;)

    Ho and I found a bug on the templates page (apps.windowsstore.com/ApplicationTemplate/Template). When you clic first on a template (ex: Catalog), a modal window display some informations about the template. Then select another template (ex: Storyteller), there is still the informations about the first template (Catalog) displaying.

  • It is about time that Microsoft did this!

    It should have been done a long time ago.

    One of the key reasons Google was able to penetrate the marketplace with Android apps early on is because it was free to create them with their online app inventor system. Microsoft should have taken a clue. When you make sure the tools are free and easy, people who have great ideas will come!

    I'm glad that Microsoft finally woke up!

    The other thing that goes hand in hand with this is making sure that getting apps into the marketplace does not cost a lot. The $19 charge is perfect. Google initially charged $25.

    Microsoft is FINALLY doing the right thing to jumpstart developement.

  • SteveJ
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    News on August 07, 2013 :  http://goo.gl/UoFVTj


  • Great idea, but once again you guys have whiffed on the name. Does. Not. Convey. What-It-Does.