Design Resources for Windows Phone and Windows app development

Design Resources for Windows Phone and Windows app development

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If “designer” isn’t currently on your resume, you may not realize that developing and publishing an app means you are a designer – you designed your app! With the many tools available to Windows Phone developers, it’s easy and quick to get started creating apps, but good design often is overlooked. Visually appealing apps are critical, and can help increase downloads.

We’ve built our unified set of design principles into our developer resources to help make it easy for you to build beautiful apps, and not only for Windows Phone. You can – and should! – apply Microsoft design principles to apps you create for both Windows Phone and Windows.

To get started, check out the following design resources:

The very best apps show an attention to design and user interaction that help make them successful. The resources we’ve listed here give you the basic information you need to improve your app quality, or you can use them to create an outstanding new app. A little bit of conscious design planning can go a long way in terms of improving the quality and performance of your app.

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  • YUHOOOO...... Hey guys, my game for this Christmas has gone live on windows phone store.

    I'm talking about "Santa In The Valley of Gifts".

    Its is story based Santa Claus Christmas Game on the Windows Phone Store.

    And here is the link

    Must check it out.  ;)

  • You guys may want to check out an app I published a while back called Style Explorer -

    It is a visual reference for Windows Phone developers highlighting Fonts, Colors, Styles, Icons, etc built into the WP OS.

  • @danielmaxwell I recently posted in Reddit /wpdev asking exactly this question, where can I find template assets for WP8? - I am really interested in your project and would be interested in taking a look if you decided to make the results public. Please let me know if you post to Github or something - my email is Untill then its back to using WP7 templates ...

  • In general I have found a scarcity of assets or UI kits on the web for Windows Phone 8 and I think this hampers beautiful looking apps from being created by more people. Why are there not more helpful starters for wireframing or mockups available for Windows Phone 8?

    I have seen two Photoshop editions for design assets. One was for Windows Phone 7 and included many separate PSD files of different pages with components on the page and another was those same files put into one PSD file. The problem is that these looked nice but were of little actual use creating a mockup because of the time it takes to use each of the components. I am working on a UI kit now and will try to post it but I also feel like this is a weak area for the culture surrounding developing for Windows Phone 8. I do not know of any vector based wireframing kit for Windows Phone. Sketch Flow is only for the upper class in Visual Studio.