Enhancements to the App download and In-app purchase reports

Enhancements to the App download and In-app purchase reports

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We know that the Dev Center reports are one of the data points you use in Dev Center to monitor progress on your apps and determine ways improve your apps. We continuously enhance Dev Center, and this week we delivered improvements to both the App downloads and the In-app purchases reports.

As part of this update, report data may be delayed or unavailable. We are targeting completing the updates over the next few days.

App downloads report

In the App downloads page, we’ve added a filter to allow you to select a language and view only downloads for that language. This could help you determine the next language to localize your app in, or view download trend of a newly localized version of your app.


App download and in-app purchase file exports

We’ve also added additional data to the App downloads and In-app purchase export spreadsheets, so you can slice and dice the data yourself in Excel. This includes App version, Language, Age group, Gender, Phone manufacturer, and Mobile operator. You can use this data to find trends in your download count and help optimize your app further.


We hope this added information about where your app downloads are coming from is useful. If you have ideas for more reporting features, please post these to the Windows Phone Dev Center UserVoice forum.

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  • Thank you for sharing,


  • @t_sch, could you wait until the end of the week, try again, and if you still see these discrepancies open a support ticket so we can investigate? (the support link is at the bottom of Dev Center).

    Thank you

    Bernardo Zamora


  • t_sch
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    thanks for the improvements - really appreciated.

    I got inconsistent results, however. App version and OS version not matching for example or a 0 in the Downloads column.

    Any ideas?