Reduced Windows Phone Certification Times

Reduced Windows Phone Certification Times

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We receive a good deal of feedback from the Windows Phone community and one request remains consistent - reduce the time required to certify my app. Over the last several months we have been redesigning our certification workflow to substantially reduce turn-around time while maintaining app quality.

Over the past few weeks we have been rolling out the new streamlined workflow as we prepare for the next stage of growth and scale. While still in the early in the roll out, we’ve seen turn-around time of less than one day and in some cases just one hour.

With these changes, you’ll also notice an improved approach to delivering certification results. In place of the standard PDF attachment, developers will now receive an email notification indicating testing is complete with App Review results available on their Dev Center Dashboard - keeping all important app information in one easy to access location.  We’ve also updated the format to make the results easier to read and included your app icon for instant identification, to help those of you who have multiple apps. While you’re in the Dashboard checking your App Review results, you’ll also want to take a look at the enhanced app download and in-app purchase file exports. Both now contain additional data elements (app version, language, age group, gender, phone manufacturer and mobile operator) to give you added user insights.

Please note it will take several more weeks to roll out the changes and get the entire Windows Phone community onto the new workflow. Thank you for your patience while we make the transition.

For those of you who also develop for Windows, we recently made improvements to the Windows app submission process to give you added control including the ability to choose the release date and time for your app, as well as change that release date while your app is in certification. We also added the ability to remove and restore your app’s listing, which is handy if you need to evaluate a concern or fix a bug. Over time we will continue to make improvements and reduce certification times for Windows developers as well.

Please continue to provide feedback, we’re listening.

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  • That explains why my last three updates were certified in a day each. Great job.

  • Hi Bernardo. I've developed WP7 / WP8  since first first hour Month the device is available on Microsoft Development center. I waited about 30 awefull days until certification allows me to publish. Each test cost me points and after submitting same app 3rd time it was approved some times in case of individual testers.

    Yesterday I've applied to a contest  and was in hurry to get all included. I was approved 4 times in 5 days and I jumped arround like a happy child when reading my email the app was certified each time at first upload between 3 hours - 8 hours. AMAZING JOB. I love you guys. I am very motivated now again. A lot of stuff was approved like the LiveId and colors. I cann apply now to the contest in right time with good version. Thank you

  • Ben_P
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    @BrianT - Okay, I was unaware of the duplicates thing - but I don't see the reasons.

    I started developing for WP7 in January 2011 and my first release was June that year. At that time I had one version of my game, using Guide.IsTrialMode to tell whether or not the player was running the paid version. So that's one version only.

    My region-specific code draws from the culture the phone's user has selected and pulls in the appropriate resources. This may make my XAP size a little, but still only one version.

    So - one version of my game, with all reviews, crash data etc. I get, regardless of region or free/paid state, collated under a single entry in my developer account. I don't have to worry about maintaining multiple versions of the same application, and I'm not using up multiple slots of my "free apps" allowance.

    Like I said, I must have missed the "10 duplicates allowed" point. But I considering that the framework provides us with the tools to handle these free/paid and regions, I still see no need for allowing duplicates, and I think that accusing me of "completely failing to understand how the market works" is a tad on the strong side!

    Also, the games I refer to are listed under different publisher names. Given the recent publicity about app cloning, I think being concerned about people trying to publish duplicate, possibly re-skinned pirated applications, is only natural. Us developers have enough problems trying to promote our games and apps without having to fight against a flood of duplicates.

    @Fran71 - thanks for the info on that link, I'll have to look into it.

  • BrianT
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    Ben_P: "how difficult would it be for Microsoft to decompile XAPs and automatically cross-compare (say) the image content between games? Even if compared only with the last few day's worth of submissions, it would slow down the ability to post what are almost certainly duplicates."

    You completely fail to understand how the market works. You are allowed to submit up to 10 duplicates for very obvious reasons.

    Anybody who has been around since the WP7 days (when there was no in app purchase) will have routinely submitted two versions of most apps: one free (ad-supported) and one paid (ad-free).

    More sophisticated developers (I admit I'm not one) will have, for instance, submitted market-specific versions. For instance, separate versions for western markets, Saudi Arabia and China (you can probably add more to the list) with content suitably tailored as to what is acceptable in the different countries. There already you have 3 versions of the same app. Multiply by 2 for free and paid and you're up to 6.

    Do Microsoft enforce the 10 duplicate limit? I have to admit I don't know. I've never got anywhere near the limit. The maximum I've reached is 3 (1 free, 1 paid, 1 market-specific). However since they published the limit I imagine they enforce it.

  • Thank you for sharing,

  • one more thing

    these reports are delever in PDF format ?

    use Microsoft word or EXCEL..

  • tumbs up Microsoft

    i have one ?

    when i drill down to see the download and crash count

    can you please make us see what these crash are doing, so we can improve our game or app

    and can we have the names of the phones on wicth these app are crash on

    so we can buy the phone and fix the crash

    and i wood like to allso see how manny people that have download our app or game and if it is the second time the user is download our app or game

    and the most importing thing where are these users comming from ,,

    i wood like to know if my users are comming from denmark or USA , this help us market our app or game

    can not wait any more for the Microsoft Android phone.. looking foreward to this..

    best regards

    Michael Hansen

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  • Fran71
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    @Ben_P Other markets have the same problem.  The Play store has a near 24 hour complete turnaround time from submission.  Apps like that will simply get moved to the bottom of the list over time.  Also, there is a Report Concern to Microsoft link you can click on an app that will flag it and allow you enter a reason why which may get it removed entirely.

  • Ben_P
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    This is actually quite concerning - how will this impact the quality of releases? There are already problems creeping in, and faster turn-around time could actually make things worse.

    For example, go to the games store, select "Shooter", then "Free" and scroll down through the list. There are a number of entries with Chinese titles, a description of "This is a excellent plane war game", and same single screenshot (despite the games all having different titles, icons and publishers). I haven't installed these on my phone, nor do I want too as this looks far too dubious for my comfort, but I'm willing to bet that this is the same game entered multiple times.

    How much worse might this be if the certification process was rushed? Not that I'm saying that this will be the case, but I'd much rather see unique apps and games rather than what is blatently an attempt to bait people into downloading the same product in a possible attempt to attack their devices or increase advertising revenue.

    As an option to counter this, how difficult would it be for Microsoft to decompile XAPs and automatically cross-compare (say) the image content between games? Even if compared only with the last few day's worth of submissions, it would slow down the ability to post what are almost certainly duplicates. Also, it would be good to see a "report this app" facility where applications could be flagged for investigation.

  • Great, please do the same for Windows 8 App store cert. process.