New UI and capabilities for Windows Phone App Studio Beta developers

New UI and capabilities for Windows Phone App Studio Beta developers

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We created Windows Phone App Studio Beta as a powerful but easy-to-use tool to help hobbyists, enthusiasts and new developers create content-based apps from end to end, all within a web UI.

To date 350,000 developers of all skill levels have used Windows Phone App Studio Beta, resulting in 300,000 projects and 20,000 apps published to Windows Phone Store. We look forward to more. And we thank you for all the great suggestions you’ve made along the way.

Today we’re pleased to release a significant update with some enhancements we think you’ll really like.

A redesigned UI. We looked at the most-used actions and streamlined the workflow, so the tasks you do most often are faster and easier to execute.


A touch-enabled UI to help support your App Studio development work on a variety of form factors and browsers.

A rebuilt emulator, which now supports dynamic text updates, so you can see your changes on the fly.


New features: Image conversion from JPG to PNG, full-screen image rotation, and a more fluid integration of sections and data sources, increasing the usability of the apps you create.

Better structure, readability, and performance of the source code that you create using App Studio Beta. Source code structure is now based on MVVM.

New templates for businesses, for building apps quickly that showcase company and product info.

Ability to generate a full Microsoft Visual Studio project containing both a Windows Phone and a Windows 8 version of your app, to make your app available through the Windows Store on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.


Go try it out! I’m excited to see what you’ll create with this latest update to App Studio Beta. And please keep the feedback coming–we’re listening.

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  • The high level panorama animation swiping is now laggy. Background also redraws itself when swiping from a screen with an appbar to one without. Makes the experience TERRIBLE.

    These issues mean I can't release an update to my 100+ users of my app made with App Studio.

  • Quite proud to see that the generated apps are now using Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit (

  • dalydose
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    I'm trying to use this to create a simple app to distribute some video content.  The new App Studio has a function to build a tab based on a YouTube Channel.  I don't want the whole channel in one tab.  I'd like to place specific playlists under tabs.  Is there a way to use playlists as data, currently?  Can this be added in the future?

  • Thanks for the POST - I have given Up on this as a Option for doing app dev.