September 17, 2014 9:32 am

New Dev Center lifetime registration and benefits program

This month we are releasing several new features to enhance your development experience: the lifetime Dev Center account, and the new Dev Center Benefits program. I’d like to encourage you to visit the Dev Center and take advantage of the new benefits available to you.

We also continue to invest in our advertising platform for apps, and I’d like to share several new features and capabilities, whose early results show that ad revenue in Windows Phone apps is increasing at a faster pace than before.

Lifetime Dev Center registration starts today

As we continue to execute on the vision to integrate the Windows and Windows Phone developer experiences, we have taken another step by moving to a one-time lifelong Dev Center registration fee.

Starting this week, Windows Dev Center requires only a one-time registration payment, which grants developers the ability to submit apps to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, with no annual renewal fee.

This change is effective immediately. Each of our 600,000+ registered developers will no longer need to pay any additional fees to maintain their account. It’s also a very good time for developers new to the platform to get a Dev Center account and start submitting apps.

Lifetime Dev Center subscriptions

Dev Center Benefits program for registered and new developers

We have also heard your feedback to add more capabilities that help you develop and promote your apps.

We listened and are very pleased to have launched two weeks ago the Dev Center Benefits program. The Dev Center Benefits program is designed to accelerate your success on our platform by helping you develop, improve and market your apps with a variety of offers and tools and is available to all registered developers worldwide of all experience levels and platforms.

Dev Center benefits

There are three offer packages in the program, tailored by experience level:

  • Explorer, gets you started quickly with design and architecture guidance and consulting help from a Microsoft expert, Gift Cards, and Dev Center registration fee.
  • Expert, helps you reach more users faster with advertising offers, a publishing contract, and more.
  • Master, unlocks VIP access to developer marketing and support, SDK early access and more.

Developers move from Explorer to Expert, then to Master as your apps get more downloads, higher revenue, better ratings, and improved app experiences. The offers help your app in each of these areas.

The program is open to all registered Windows developers, as well as developers that want to bring their apps to Windows or Windows Phone. Take advantage of the Dev Center Benefits program today.

Improved monetization and performance for ads in apps

Advertising in apps is a key source of revenue for many developers. We are working hard to increase the revenue that developers can earn from ads in their apps, and I want to share how some of this hard work will help you with your apps:

  • Last month, pubCenter launched custom reports that developers can use to analyze their ad performance by market.
  • Earlier this month, Microsoft Advertising released several systems improvements that allow Windows Phone ads to be matched better with apps. Initial results are very encouraging, with +50% higher total ad revenue for Windows Phone apps. In fact, last week we saw the highest total weekly Windows Phone Store ad revenue so far this year.
  • Also in September, streamlined payout process, resulting in more than 50% faster payout. Any developer that has reached the payout threshold will receive payment earlier than in previous months.
  • Yesterday, announced that Windows and Windows Phone Ads-in-Apps inventory is now available on the Microsoft Advertising Exchange in 10 markets. This opens up more screens for advertisers to run campaigns globally, helping to increase the fill rate in the future.

In order to take advantage of all the additional improvements, make sure your app is using the latest version of the Microsoft Ad SDK, and take a look at the latest guidance that Microsoft Advertising created to help improve app monetization.

We understand that developers often use multiple ad providers, so I also want to share that Smaato released a new ad SDK for Windows Phone 8.1 XAML, which supports Windows Runtime XAML. This is the first third party SDK developed exclusively for Windows Phone 8.1. Smaato now offers ad SDKs for all your Windows Phone projects.

So we encourage you to register for a developer account, enroll in the Dev Center Benefits program, and update your apps to the latest Microsoft Ad SDK.

We welcome your feedback.


Updated June 28, 2018 7:24 am

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  1. Since I am a registered developer for both Windows Phone and Windows Store, I understand that I don’t have to do anything further.
    >>Each of our 600,000+ registered developers will no longer need to pay any additional fees to maintain their account.

    Am I right?

    • Hi,
      I just has a chat with Microsoft Support regarding this matter. We don’t have to do anything. Our account is now for lifetime. It will never end.

      • Ram, as Siddhant mentioned, as a registered developer, you don’t need to do anything: the lifetime registration applies automatically.

        Bernardo Zamora
        Windows Apps and Store team

      • You can double check this under “Account->Subscription/View Info” in your Dashboard. There is:

        “Developer accounts don’t expire. You won’t need to renew your account in order to keep your apps in the Store.” 🙂

  2. Is the lifetime registration applies to both individual and company account, or only for individual account?

  3. No more annual fees is great; but unlike Android; Windows Phone emulators need Windows Pro; you guys should bundle / offer Pro license (free or discounted rate)
    Given most of the new laptops / desktop machines are coming with “Single Language Edition” of Windows 8.x; I know atleast five guys who decided not to support Windows Phone as it increased their development seat cost!

    • Just apply for Bizspark you get EVERYTHING for free for 3 years and thousand of dollars of Azure credits!

  4. Any word on an Ad SDK for JS WP 8.1 apps?

    I have three awesome HTML5 games in development. I want to release it in on the Windows Phone 8.1 platform. But the current Ad SDK has no support for HTML5 projects.

    Please please add support for this as soon as possible 🙁
    How is it possible on Windows 8.1 and not be present on WP8.1?

  5. Yay! Thank God!! Long Live Microsoft and Long Live my Dev Account!!!

  6. As an individual developer for Windows Phone since 2012-06-06 I paid €150 (2 x €75) to Microsoft …

    Payment report says I got €112.32 for app purchases from my users but €0 were transferred to my account since there is a limit until Microsoft will transfer it. Would be cool if will Microsoft transfer it regardless how much money I made with my apps …

    Anyway I is really great that the subscription is a lifetime subscription now! Hope that this will help all WP developers to make the WP platform more attractive as before!

  7. Amazing! Simply amazing! Thank you. I’m loving to develop to Windows Phone. Huge step on the right direction!

  8. Does this apply to people who had an account in the past? If not, I’ll just stick to Windows & Web development.

  9. OK, so that’s good news in the end but I do think you people could improve your communications. I came to this site to find out what was the huge one-off registration fee I would need to pay to get my lifetime license. And when I clicked on the link above with the photo of the guy skipping on the beach to Learn More I couldn’t get anywhere till I realised the whole thing was a .png. I only found out I didn’t have to pay any more by looking at the comments at the bottom of the page. I do think it would be nice if it had been plainly stated, preferably in the email, “If you are already registered then you are now registered FOR LIFE and you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY MORE MONEY.” That I would have understood. Looking at the comments, it’s clear I’m not the only person who had trouble understanding.

    • Alexei,
      If you have been charged a renewal fee for Dev Center, please open a support ticket (support link at the bottom of Dev Center), so they can investigate what happened in your case.
      Bernardo Zamora

      • I just registered as a developer and in that subscription window it looks like i have yearly subscription…