February 2, 2015 1:00 am

Windows 10 Coming to Raspberry Pi 2

This blog was written by Kevin Dallas, General Manager, Windows IoT Group.

Today the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the retail availability of their new board, the Raspberry Pi 2. We’re excited to join the Foundation in also announcing that Windows 10 will support Raspberry Pi 2, which will be free for the Maker community through the Windows Developer Program for IoT later this year.

Recently Terry Myerson took the opportunity to share more details about Windows 10, which will usher in the new generation of Windows. Windows 10 is the first step toward an era of more personal computing. This vision guided our efforts to reimagine Windows for a world that is more mobile, natural and grounded in trust. Windows 10 will inspire and support a broad range of devices – from PCs, tablets and 2-in-1s to phones to Xbox and the Internet of Things.

We see the Maker community as an amazing source of innovation for smart, connected devices that represent the very foundation of the next wave of computing, and we’re excited to be a part of this community. Last year we took an important step in embracing the Maker movement by creating the Windows Developer Program for IoT and delivering Windows for the Intel Galileo board. We are taking the next step by bringing Microsoft’s leading development tools, services, and ecosystem to the Raspberry Pi community for free through our Windows Developer Program for IoT.

Raspberry Pi has quickly become one of the Maker community’s favorite platforms because their highly-capable, low-cost boards and compute modules enable developers to bring their vison to life. Raspberry Pi 2 is a surprisingly powerful device that opens up the world of computing and programing to a huge range of people and skill levels.

We are excited about our work with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and to share that Windows 10 will support Raspberry Pi 2. We will be sharing more details about our Windows 10 plans for IoT in the coming months. I encourage you to register for our developer program on the Windows Developer Program for IoT site to get the latest information on our Maker efforts.

I look forward to sharing more details with you soon. We can’t wait to see what you will make!

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  1. Please! Tell me, that you give support not just to Raspberry PI, but to other single board computes too!

    I understand, that Raspberry PI is very popular, but to be honest, when it comes to actually building something, it cannot hold a candle to other devices. It simply does not have enough peripherals (8x GPIO pins isn’t enough for anything!!!), and real time programming is practically impossible!

    If you want to support the maker community, release Windows 10 for BeagleBone Black! It has lots of GPIO, and its PRUs are amazing when you have to do a task, where timing is important!

    Please, release win 10 to BeagleBone Black!

      • You left out the quotes.. it has “40 GPIO pins”, that is entirely different than 40 GPIO pins.

        What Gábor Dobos was getting at is there 8/40 are grounds, 4/40 are voltages, 9/40 are UART/SPI/I2C…

        8/40 are dedicated GPIO

    • Yes, I definitely want BeagleBone Black support. If they are willing to support the Raspbery Pi 2, they should be also able to support BeagleBone Black. I can understand developing for the Raspberry Pi first, but since the BeagleBone Black as a Cortex-A8, it shouldn’t be very hard to write a single core version of this Windows 10 for the BeagleBone Black. I have used Windows CE on my BeagleBone Black, but having this (which hopefully will be built on the NT kernel) would be even better.

  2. The license terms are a little underwhelming: one single copy of pre-release software, may not be used “in production”, and only for 60 days.

    • If you’re referring to what’s on the Windows on Devices site, that’s the license for Windows on the Intel Galileo. We haven’t release any license terms for Raspberry Pi 2 at this point. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. @Gábor: This is the second board we’ve released support for in the WindowsOnDevices program. It’s safe to assume we will support additional boards in the fullness of time, although I don’t have any specifics to share at this point.

    @Pat: We haven’t released the software yet, so it’s a little early to talk EULAs and supported use cases.

  4. Totally confused, is a general embedded Windows 10 being ported to ARM a la WinCE or the tools & ability to write portable apps?

  5. Will the Windows 10 build for RPi 2 include support for .Net Framework, Powershell and adding in Powershell modules?

  6. This is really cool. If I get the Pi 2 right now, will I get a free windows 10 download when it comes out? (I’m not a member of IoT either so will that make a difference?) can somebody help me out?

  7. Kinda blown away by this, following on from the .Net “Free” news. I can see why this is being done, runaway trains and all that, but nice one anyway. If this will then run with powershell and .Net micro it will fill a nice niche in test robots for a lot of people. Free or not free is kinda moot for most of us, just make sure it works.

    I have to be honest, I have not looked forward to an MS OS since Windows XP even though I was nicely surprised with 7 SP1. But I kinda can’t wait to get my hands on 10. This cross platform Idea finally makes me wonder if I need to recompile everything from ARM to x64 or if the Frameworks can hold a candle and finally introduce portability?

  8. I am surprised how Microsoft is diving into the maker scene. And I am waiting for this kind of solution long time ago. Well, lets have a look….

  9. This is great. This reminds me of Windows RT, a version of NT ported to ARM. Unlike Windows RT, I hope this has support beyond the “metro” interface. Since you are willing to support the Raspberry Pi, hopefully you will also be willing to support other devices. My guess is I am not the only one that wants this. While I personally want BeagleBone Black support, I am sure there are other single board computers out there people would like this to support.

  10. Sincerelly, I don’t know why Microsoft keeps unconsidering their customer!. I have a Surface RT, and I don’t want to stay with Windows 8.1. I want to be able to upgrade, so, I think the best Microsoft could do it’s to allow all RT devices update to Windows 10 for phones and ‘small’ tablets! What’s the real problem wirth that?: none! – I don’t care about the old desktop in my RT… If they’ll be bringing Office 16 (for touch), the only thing that I’ll loose it’s the desktop… and it’s pretty much useless now on Surface RT. C’mon Microsoft, give us Windows 10 for small tablets and phones!!!

  11. totally awesome; how small can we get Windows10 😀 could it run on arduino type devices? albeit with reduced functionality but supporting core os operations like network, filesystem, usb, serialport plus GPIO

    • Yes, I think I have said that I want support for that platform too many times. Hopefully somebody at Microsoft is listening to us. I would be happy to do testing, on my Beaglebone black, if somebody wanted me to. I like linux, but I also like options. This gives me the option to run a full .net framework environment, and work with existing windows tools.

  12. please do make the same for beaglebone black ..it is also as cool as RPi…it has more cool hardware supports than RPi..matter of sadness only few things are around. Being a C# developer and coundnt had a chance to build portable awesome soft with cool GUI because of not having windows support..great to RPi2 gonna have the support.. i would feel great if Beagle-bone Black gets the same privilege…waiting for it ..:]

  13. Does anyone know if the Win 10 for Pi2 is anything more than vapours? It was announced to great fanfare a couple of weeks ago, (http://blogs.windows.com/…/windows-10-coming-to-raspberry-…/), even being picked up on National media… but if you sign up, you get links to content that is all four to six months old, focused on a different platform, and/or filled with “will support” phrasing and “soon” promises.

    Even in the hinterlands of Canada, we have Pi2’s in our hands, and the open-source folk are growing more derisive of the Microsoft fanboy (ya, right) and the Windows play. It comes across as marketing without substance, which doesn’t tend to win over the Maker community, to put it mildly.

    Other people are busily downloading and linking and swapping SD cards and trying out all sorts of different OS varieties and distros, several of which could be ordered with the Pi 2… and people walk by with comments like “that’s the one that will do Windows, too”, “heard it was supposed to, but it doesn’t”.

    In other words, by pre-announcing, the team got two weeks of hype, and then scored a fail. The most likely people to have been willing to try Windows in the Maker community are ALREADY moving on because they read the announcement, found nothing to use, and I believe, are unlikely to rewind if/when something becomes available.

    I had a (in my mind) great Maker Faire project that this would have perfectly enabled. But it gets less and less likely to happen as the next shiny object floats by with no change in this “soon” status.

    I kept hoping that I just don’t have the right URL, but I fear that is not the case. frown emoticon

    If any of you want to pass this on to Kevin Dallas (who is a 2nd-level connection of mine on linked in, but I’m shy), feel free.

  14. Is there an estimated date that this will be released? I don’t see one anywhere.

  15. Any news on when we can download this version of win10 for devices? I’ve joined the IoT dev program, but haven’t received any info from there yet.

  16. Hi, I purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 for the exact reason of trying Windows 10 IoT on the device and two months later there hasn’t been any more information.

    Please could you provide an update on an expected release as we’ve had preview for mobile and PC devices?

    Thanks in advance

  17. Why thank me for joining months ago, only to send me a link to a dated webpage announcing that windows 10 is coming to Pi ??? What a letdown, I though it was news that the beta was going to be released. That’s what you really call a Raspberry lol

  18. I bought 2 Raspberry Pi 2.
    I did over-clock them to 1GHz as default.
    Everything looked good.
    I am still waiting for the Windows 10.
    AS we all know, Windows interface is much user friendly.

    One of the advantages of the RBP2 is the a lot of GPIO.
    I have checked the Broadcom chip datasheet. BCM2836.
    But I couldn’t find it at all.
    I hope the Windows 10 already include some features for the user to access those GPIO.

    It will be great something Visual Studio Express software for the Windows 10 + RPB Pi2.
    I expect the VC++ or VC# will be available for it.

    Once the Windows 10 release to market, it also means the Windows for ARM platform will be available as well.
    And A20 and A80 will be supported – I expect this will happen soon.

  19. I need the new windows on Beaglebone, it is a better hardware with more real time support and a lot more GPIO.