February 12, 2015 2:28 pm

Reporting enhancements for Windows Phone developers

Today Windows Dev Center released reporting changes to Windows Phone App downloads and In-app products reports. 

We know having data as soon as possible is important to make decisions about your apps, so in this release, the Windows Phone download and in-app purchase reports have been optimized to deliver information faster. We released this change for Windows in December, and now are aligning these improvements to Windows Phone. 

You will see transaction data no more than 2 days following the transaction itself, and in many cases the turnaround will be faster. The reports also load and display faster, so if you have large number of apps or large number of transactions, you will see reports appear faster and data export generated in less time than before. 

Additionally, the report filters and export formats are aligned for both Windows and Windows Phone, simplifying the analysis you have to do on apps available in both Windows and Windows Phone:

  • The App Downloads and In-App Download graphics date ranges are predefined (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months)
  • The App Download and In-App Download exported reports have the same format as the Windows reports

 Example of new data range filters:



 Please keep sharing your feedback to help us continue to enhance Windows Dev Center reporting.

Updated June 28, 2018 8:16 am

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  1. Something went wrong with this enhancement…

    I have the Dev Center app on my Windows Phone and it shows 2 completely different number as the number of downloads.
    Additionally the Dev Center website’s App downloads report shows a 3rd number for the same.

    Plus the cumulative number is also changing when I select different periods in the App downloads report.

    • Gabor and Bruno, could you please submit a support ticket (find the link at the bottom of Dev Center) so we can take a look at your case, and figure how to resolve it?
      Thank you
      Bernardo Zamora

      • Hi Bernardo,

        I just submitted a support ticket by e-mail following the Contact \ Support link at the bottom of Dev Center.
        Thank you for your help.

        Best regards,
        Gabor Csizmadia

  2. The BEST (and only) thing you can do to stop developers from switching to other more $$$$ Stores is relaxing your royalty policy from 30% to 0% till WP will be almost at 30% of market share.

    • It’ s NOT CORRECT to aplly the same 30% of Apple and Google. WP share is 3% (cause people are stupid, not a Ms fault…) so the business is very poor here.

  3. I’d love to see data exports go directly to Excel Online (or something like that). Getting them via the phone app would be nice, too.

  4. Please get the update for the bug of Lumia 1020
    Because its mic is not working for cortana or loud speaker or for video recording….

  5. I would not call this an “enhancement”. In my opinion all changes were to worse direction. I liked selecting date range freely. New predefined options are a good addition but they are all too limited. At minimum you should add options “All” and previous years (2014, 2013 etc.), preferably also “Custom” for selecting date range freely. You have also removed option for filtering by language (which was your earlier real enhancement).

    Biggest issue is that reported downloads are not correct: selecting different date range results different cumulative downloads. In other words all reports are currently useless (you cannot trust them).

    Overall you are enhancing these reports all too slowly. Only enhancement I remember is the addition of “filter by language”, which you now removed. For example there are still not reports for ratings/reviews over time. Or proceeds ($) over time. For other examples see what Google has.

    • I am also quite disappointed in a few things in this update.

      Language filtering was very useful feature. It helped me to decided to which languages I should translate my apps next. As we know, there are sometimes languages that are used in a few countries and countries that have a few languages in use, so filtering by country isn’t that helpful here.

      Adding predefined ranges for date range is a good decision, but there should be also option to choose the range freely. The same goes for the export range – we can’t export more than one month.

      Other things, like reports for ratings and earnings would be very useful and it hard to understand why there are not here yet.

      From the good things, I like it that reports are finally delivered much faster (although crash reports are still a few days behind, would be great to have them on the same day too).

  6. This is a very basic question about Windows 10 on the smart phone family…..will an existing .exe file that runs on a Windows 8 PC (and earlier versions of Windows) execute on the W10 phone?

  7. Learn from Google Play Store and you really can improve windows dev dashboard. We need to know all about downloaders of our apps: hardware, Os version, install and unistall time, etc ect.

  8. It’s nice that MS improving DevCenter and I appreciate it. But actually only positive thing on this update is getting faster data. But it’s bring some bugs, (which I supposed will be fixed soon), and removed functionality which I was using (filtering by language and selecting date range).
    And for me, I have a lot of ideas for improvement, but few, which should be not so difficult:
    1. earning chart (or just get to know how many money I earn for last day/week…)
    2. improve rating/review – for example filtering just only for 1 start review, or just for device, and get know to average rating and how many for worldwide
    3. improve filtering in downloads – at least OS version
    and some more difficult stuff but would be nice to now:
    – uninstalls and update count

    • Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the new reporting deployed in the last week for Windows Phone developers. As you pointed out, we did indeed have a data discrepancy in the new reporting, and a fix will be deployed this afternoon to correct the issue.

      Once the fix is live, Dev Center reporting will show an accurate count of transactions and for many of you this count will be lower than what you saw this weekend, as the fix removes a small percentage of duplicate transactions. I would like to encourage you to continue to provide feedback through User Voice, to help prioritize the future reporting improvements.

      Bernardo Zamora

      • Are you seriously? Show me please that User voice thread where people asking to remove ability to select dates! I really doubt that you (MS) ever read UserVoice.

        Right now your reporting is totally useless! If I cannot check single day, its no use at all.
        And why apps are not sorted now!???
        What a hell are you doing there???

  9. Enhancements!??? Are you seriously?
    You removed very useful ability to select SINGLE day! Now there is no way to see download day by day!
    Who ever told you to remove it??? Is it was users!? I doubt that!

    You are not in the position when you do whatever you want! <3% of marketshare and you still making life of developers worse and worse!

    Thank you very must fro you such beautiful "enhancements"

  10. Has there been any work done to by chance show developers how much of their proceeds have *cleared* vs “been earned”? I find it pretty confusing when I have earned $____ by day X, then receive a payment for much less than $____ on payday. It might prove useful for devs to see “yes you’ve earned this much, but here’s how much has cleared to be paid”

    • Thank you everyone for the feedback.

      I wanted to share with you some background on this recent change: to prepare for the Windows 10 unified store, the first step was to move the reporting services to a new architecture. The new solution is now in place and delivers faster and more reliable reporting, and supports much larger volumes of information. To accomplish this change, it was necessary to reduce some of the data analysis that was previously available. Now that this is in place, we are working on adding back functionality over time, and adding several new capabilities that have never been available.

      Bernardo Zamora

  11. Hi Bernardo,
    I really appreciate the enhancements made to reporting. But not at the price involved.
    I have apps in the store since 2010. To get the download numbers until Feb. 12th I made queries to the data by setting an arbitrary start and end date. With these dates I could export a report which showed me all the neat details regarding paid/trial/free and per country.
    Later additional stats have been introduced which was another benefit.
    The fact that I could not access daily transactional data was not so bad as I could go back anytime to the report dashboard to make another query for a different time period.
    Specifically I make quarterly reports of my apps to get the download details within a 3 month period.
    When I last time tried to do that, suddenly all the fancy stuff was gone. No report could be formed for that three month period because of the changes introduced by the Feb. 12th update. With a sudden change I cannot now access data beyond 31 days in the past (besides the charts…). For me this data is lost.
    I have an app which even shows not any downloads at all (not even a cumulated download number) since it has been out of store for over a year.
    I also contacted support about it but the message was that each developer is responsible to store their own data. But the question about _how_ developers were supposed to save the data so that they can query it later again was never answered. To save the reports is not sufficient since those reports are query results and contain only cumulated data for the selected time period. If another period is of interest a new result cannot be formed from an existing report. That’s true even if the time period is a sub-period of the report.
    Also I want to criticize the way developers were notified to the most extent. This blog article was published when the changes was introduced and in place. No developer was notified through their registered email address about this change and that it will cause data loss.
    Not being able to query “old” data is a restriction to my data. Not even telling me about it beforehand is outrageous. Not even providing appropriately the possibility to back up data but claiming that developers are in their own responsibility to do so is just insulting.
    Although the new features are cool the way how this change is done is the poorest and dumbest thing I have seen in my whole life from a company that large (and I have seen a lot of dilbert comic strips)!