June 5, 2015 8:00 am

Dev Center account migration begins next week

Next week we will begin the migration of accounts to the new Windows Dev Center dashboard.

You can expect account migration to take place in waves – starting next week and extending into July. The migrations are scheduled based on account feature usage, for example starting with accounts that have used basic platform capabilities, then moving to accounts that use more advanced capabilities. This allows Dev Center to test that the migrations are successful, in controlled steps, and minimize impact.

You do not need to take any action to have your account migrated. We will automatically migrate you and will notify you via the contact email in your account dashboard once your migration is complete. Please note, accounts will not be accessible for a few minutes during the actual migration process.

Once your account is migrated, you will have the ability to submit and manage your apps in the new Windows Dev Center dashboard (currently available in read-only Preview mode). Upon migration, you will no longer have access to the Windows Phone or Windows Store dashboard. Windows 10 package submissions will not be available upon migration, rather enabled upon release of the new Windows 10 developer tools.

This blog describes the new functionality and changes you will see once your account is migrated.

New functionality available for all accounts

Starting this month, all Dev Center accounts have access to some new features:

App marketing and promotion

  • Promote your app – ability to purchase ads for your apps directly from Dev Center, or create free house ads to cross promote your apps
  • Integrate with analytics to understand more about your apps’ performance – use the new analytics capabilities to gain deeper understanding of which customers are downloading your app, where your app is crashing, how customers are using your app, which operating system customers are running, and many more new analytic capabilities.
  • View new analytic reports export data that was not available before for all apps: ratings and reviews, failure logs and ad mediation fill rate.

Account registration, app submission, management and payout
Get monthly payments through a single deposit for earnings from both Windows and Windows Phone apps.

New functionality available for migrated accounts

Additionally, once your account is migrated to the new Dev Center you will have access to additional features.

Account registration, app submission, management and payout

  • Submit Windows and Windows Phone apps and games through a single submission flow – the new dashboard allows you to submit packages for all Windows devices in a single flow. You no longer need to submit apps to two separate dashboards to publish to phone, tablet and PC.
  • View and manage your linked apps as a single app with multiple packages – previously linked apps will now be managed as a single app with packages for each operating system your app targets (Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 in the future).
  • Set a publish date for your apps – set the date and time for an app or IAP to be published in the future, new for Windows Phone.

App monetization

  • Publish your app to 242 markets – previously on Windows Phone it was 191 markets.
  • Publish IAPs more easily, and publish a larger number of IAP items – update or add in-app products to your app independent of the app publishing process, giving you more flexibility and agility to update your IAPs. The new Dev Center also removes the limit of 200 IAP items that existed previously in Windows Dev Center.

Changes in the new dashboard

The new Dev Center flow is designed to prompt you to accept the App Developer Agreement (“ADA”) before you are granted access for the first time. This is a process required in the new Dev Center, though you don’t need to review the ADA again, as it has not changed since its release on April 29, 2015.

We will continue to roll out new features over the summer. Below are some capabilities that are not available yet in the new Dev Center, but will become available later in summer.

  • Price discounts– the Windows Dev Center will enable in the future to schedule temporary price discounts for apps in the Store for Windows 10 devices. To schedule price changes that show up in Windows Phone and Windows 8.x devices, you need to change the price of the app through a new submission.
  • Beta apps– this feature existed in the Windows Phone Dev Center but is not yet available in the new Dev Center.

App category and pricing set in the new Dev Center will be adjusted to take into consideration differences between the Store for Windows 10 customers and the Store for customers on previous OS versions (the Store in Windows Phone 7.x, Windows Phone 8.x, and Windows 8.x), as described in my previous blog:

  • Market-specific pricing will be ignored in apps shown to customers on Windows 8.x devices
  • The category will be mapped to similar categories in Windows 8 and Windows Phone

One thing you won’t see in the future are the emails you have been receiving to inform you when your Windows Phone apps are being promoted in the Store. These emails will cease on June 8, 2015. The new Store generates personalized app recommendations, so there is not a specific day when your app will appear in all devices.

Also, you will see in the new dashboard that any new app or update will require a Store age rating, so all the apps and games, over time, will have an age rating. This was a requirement previously for Windows, though not on Windows Phone app submissions. This change helps consumers have a more robust way of managing age appropriateness of apps and games. Also, there is no longer a need to use GDF files to add age ratings to app submissions, making it even simpler for you to make your app available in more markets.


Get ready

To prepare for your account migration, you’ll want to read this blog post providing details on changes and the actions you will want to take to prepare. I also recommend you get acquainted with the new Dev Center dashboard by visiting the dashboard preview before your account is migrated, check out our documentation, and view the channel 9 Build sessions for additional insights (summary of what is new in Dev Center, app publishing, advertising and ad mediation, analytics and monetization tools, affiliate program).

Once your account is migrated, please submit a support ticket for any issues you encounter, and send your feedback through the feedback button in the bottom right of the Dev Center dashboard; we’d like to hear from you.

Updated June 28, 2018 8:18 am

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  1. So if the migrations are starting next week, but beta apps won’t be available in the new Dev Center until later this (northern hemisphere) summer, then does that mean there’s going to be a gap period where I’m going to lose access to submitting beta apps for a while? Because I use this functionality currently and the way this blog post is written, makes it sound like there’s going to be a gap between the new Dev Center being rolled out to my account and beta functionality coming to the new Dev Center. Is that the case?

    • @Andrew,
      The account migration plan is designed to minimize impact to your app business.
      So, for example, if you have beta apps, your account will be migrated only when beta apps are supported in Dev Center.
      Bernardo Zamora

      • Hello,
        it would be great if that is the case, but it is not.
        My account has beta apps, but I see my account is migrated anyway.
        So now I’ve lost beta apps functionality which I use weekly (or even more frequently depending on the case), so it greatly impacts my company business.
        Any quick solution to that? I don’t have time waiting for beta apps to become available again.

      • 2 months later there is no availability of beta apps yet, and now I can’t include new people in my beta apps, and late in summer sounds 20th September. Why can’t we return to the old dev center until unified is completely finished?

    • I’m also interested by a universal Dev Center app, the current app is obselete because of financial summary changes.

  2. This may be answered elsewhere, but what has happened to the “Payout Summary” page? Mine went from about $400 in reserved to $144 overnight (about a week ago), with no sign of the missing $$$, they haven’t been paid and are not in reserved or upcoming? Is this a known glitch that the migration will fix, or should I follow up with customer service?


  3. My Account is unable to log in to the old dashboard or the new dev center.
    It gets stuck at the page /StorePortals/en-US/Error/MigrationComplete

    The following message is on the page, but it never redirects to the new Dev Center.
    “Your developer account has been migrated into our new Dev Center. Now you can manage all of your apps for Windows devices in one place.
    Redirecting in 10…”

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    • I have the same problem. Have been in contact with customer support, sent the traces and what not. A week later issue still not resolved. I can only assume that it is not a general problem as I would hope it would receive more attention then.

      But from my point of view it is very unprofessional.

  4. My problem is that previously Microsoft lifted the price of the developer account. Now it is back again? Without mentioning it in the welcome mail is not fair… What do you think about it?

  5. My windows store account got updated to new Dashbaord.
    I wanted to associate an app using visual studio, i performed the steps like
    selected a project
    click on store
    and associate an app with store
    I’m getting the error which is “An unexpected network error has occurred. The app list cannot be refreshed. Please retry by pressing the Refresh button”.
    I tried refresh after couple of minutes, hours and days. I still faces the same issue.
    Is this because of my account upgraded to new dashboard or is there any other issue?
    Can anyone help me on this please?
    Thanks in advance.

    • I’m facing same issue since migrated to new unified dev account. I’m not able to create app package or associate with app store. I have proper internet connection and also developer account. When i clicked Project > Store > Create app packages and signed in, It displaying that visual studio can’t retrieve the list of my apps. Here is the message i’m getting “An unexpected network error has occurred. The app list cannot be refreshed. Please retry by pressing the refresh button.” No response from MSDN forum… Please fix it…
      Image [ http://motiondatacloud.cu.cc/Image/Capture.jpg ]

    • I’m facing same issue since migrated to new unified dev account. I’m not able to create app package or associate with app store. I have proper internet connection and also developer account. When i clicked Project > Store > Create app packages and signed in, It displaying that visual studio can’t retrieve the list of my apps. No response from MSDN forum… Please fix it…
      Image [ http://motiondatacloud.cu.cc/Image/Capture.jpg ]

  6. Where can I see total downloads number? not for the previous year, but total? such a basic feature, I’m dissapointed

  7. My Dev center account has been not migrated yet! Did Microsoft have finished the account migration process? Sorry for my English, I’m not from USA.