June 29, 2015 4:47 pm

Release Dates and Compatibility: Visual Studio 2015 and the Windows 10 SDK

July will be a big month for developers with the releases of Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, and the Universal Windows App Development Tools, which includes the Windows 10 SDK. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the key dates and some things to keep in mind with regard to version compatibility between the tools and SDK.

Here are the key release dates:

  • July 20: Visual Studio 2015 (“VS 2015”)
  • July 29: Windows 10, the Windows 10 SDK, and the Visual Studio Universal Windows app development tools

You’ll notice that Visual Studio 2015 will be available several days before the final version of the Windows 10 SDK and Universal Windows App Tools.  During that brief gap, the release version of VS 2015 will not work with the pre-release versions of the Windows 10 SDK and Universal Windows app tools so you won’t be able to develop a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.

Here is our recommended approach to bridge this gap:

If you are actively working on a UWP app (or plan to before July 29):

You are in the group that will be affected for the nine days between releases. We recommend that you wait to install VS 2015 RTM until July 29. Until that date, continue using the VS 2015 RC that you have today.

When Windows 10 becomes available on July 29, you can install Windows 10, then VS 2015 with the Universal Windows App Development Tools. You can then continue working on your Windows 10 apps and targeting he Universal Windows Platform with no interruption.

If you are not yet working on a UWP app (and don’t plan to before July 29):

You can install VS 2015 RTM with no issue. If you already have the beta Windows 10 SDK installed, you will be asked to uninstall it.vs2015preRtm1

If you then want to develop a UWP app after July 29, there will be two ways to get the applicable SDK. You will be able to use the stand-alone SDK installer (from the Windows Dev Center), or, to launch the Visual Studio installer, use the Universal Windows App Development Tools option.

vs2015postRtm2.1 vs2015postRtm1


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Updated June 28, 2018 9:09 am

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  1. JE me réjouis de voir venir fin juillet pour cette la nouvelle version WINDOWS 10 et de pouvoir y travailler Merci a cette formidable équipe

  2. Me parece excelente lo que se esta haciendo con el nuevo windows, como se predice y supone, le faltan aun detalles de normalizacion y estabilizacion para lograr que se mantenga fluido y se congele a momentos, ya que por ejemplo, la barra inicio (bandera windows), se congela de momentos y no funciona, hay quereiniciar.
    Mi procesador es doble nucleo 1.2Ghz y 4Gb de ram

    • According to Channel 9, 3:30pm UTC (8:30am PDT) – so as of writing this, 2 hours and 15 mins until the launch event kicks off 🙂 I assume the release will be during or immediately after the event.

  3. What a mess.

    What about driver development, how will that work without the SDK?

    Maybe it would have been better to just release both on the same day, and then this post (and subsequent comments) wouldn’t have a reason to exist.

  4. Where is the link to download the Visual Studio 2015 SDK, I cannot find it as of 7/20/2015 12:55pm central time.

  5. Does this warning still applies after the release of Build 10240? Should we still wait for July 29th or are VS2015 RTM and W10 B10240 compatible? Thanks.

  6. Il existe une solution si on a installer la nouvelle version ? Je n’avais pas vus l’article et la je risque d’être bloquer 6 jours sur mon dev :/

  7. Big problem with VS 2015 RC

    Windows build 10.0.10240, freesh update, I install VS2015 RC and need to reboot after
    when rebooting, Windows seem to do update and then reboot again.

    I was unable to boot again in Windows 10. reboot 3 time to repair mode, I tried safe mode Nothing work, the only way is to chose restore point before installing VS 2015 RC

    Here my spec
    Intel Core i7 960 3.20Ghz, Bloomfield socket 1366
    Motherboard MSI X58 (MS-7593)
    Memory DDR3 12 Gig 553.6 MHZ
    AMD Radeon R7 200 Serie
    Marvel Controller, raid 0, 2 SSD crucial 250gig

    Maybe it’s the raid 0 that cause the problem ?? I don’t know, I tried Visual Studio 2013 and did the same thing can’t install, maybe it’s the SDK of Windows 10 that make it hang ? because I can install it in Windows 8 and not Windows 10.

  8. OK today is July 29th and the win10 sdk is still not available… Where can we get the updated sdk that works with the final release of VS2015

      • Great, It’s not only me! I thought my VS 2015 Comunity just broke and tried to use “repair” function in the installer, because I didn’t saw the Win 10 SDK while trying to update VS. Took 2 hours to repair, then I went here and realised it’s MS fail.

        • Im am currently trying a fresh install of the VS 2015 Community RTM + Win Universal App SDK. I will post an Update to see if that worked

  9. 2015 is consistently freezing and hanging when I load projects on Windows 10. Both VS and Blend. 2013 has no issues like this. Not impressed.

  10. I cannot install the SDK for windows 10. It fails everytime. I tried the standalone version of the sdk and when i try to launch a uap template project i get an error that i am missing the assembly.

    This happens on both my laptop and my desktop, both machines were upgrades of the RELEASED version of windows 10 and vs2015 community.

    Others MUST be running into this as well, this cant be “something i did” i simply clicked install.