May 5, 2016 12:00 pm

Sell apps to organizations through Windows Store for Business

Windows Store for Business is a web-based portal that IT decision makers, purchasers and administrators use to find, acquire, manage, and distribute Windows Store apps across their organization’s Windows 10 devices.

Windows Store for Business allows you to extend reach and offer your apps to millions of business and education users running Windows 10. Based on Microsoft internal estimates, small to medium businesses alone spend roughly $70 billion (USD) annually on desktop software, applications, and utilities.

Starting today, developers from supported countries/regions can sell paid apps in volume through Windows Store for Business. Organizations can purchase your apps in volume with credit cards. Additional purchase options are planned for future releases, including invoicing, volume discounts, and organizational in-app purchases.

If you are not yet familiar with Windows Store for Business, review this short video from Build 2016.

Sell your apps to organizations

  1. Verify that you are a registered developer in supported countries/regions.
  2. For new and existing apps, validate that Organizational licensing is enabled in Dev Center – follow these instructions

Payouts and reporting

Payouts of proceeds from organizational purchases work the same as consumer purchases. The transaction details and payout information will be included in your Payout Statement in Dev Center. For more info, see Getting paid and the App Developer Agreement on MSDN.

Apps acquired via the Windows Store for Business will show in your Dev Center reports as Volume acquisitions by organizations.

Next steps

Submit your apps today via Dev Center. As you sell apps to organizations through Windows Store for Business, please let us know your feedback and experience through the Windows Platform UserVoice for Dev Center. Your feedback will help us continue to evolve Windows Store for Business.

Updated May 5, 2016 12:11 pm

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  1. This is awesome, Microsoft is wonderfully showing how committed it is to both developers and businesses. ?

  2. This is pretty amazing. This increases the value of business. Windows has no app markets like vshare for ios. this is one more reason that paid apps will be purchased from the store only. vshare has now professional version.

  3. As of today, China is still not included as a supported country/region. This is very disappointing. Is there plan to include China in the future?