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November 19, 2013 PC, Tablet

What’s new for XAML and DirectX interop in Windows 8.1

By Windows Apps Team

In Windows 8 we enabled combining the high level UI capabilities of XAML and the low-level rendering power of DirectX within the same app using the three XAML-DirectX interop APIs:SwapChainBackgroundPanel, for overlaying XAML UI onto a full-screen DirectX appSurfaceImageSource, for… Read more

October 17, 2013 PC, Tablet

Now ready for you: Windows 8.1 and the Windows Store

By Windows Apps Team

With today’s announcement of Windows and Visual Studio 2013 availability, we’re also excited to announce that the Windows Store is now open for submitting apps targeting Windows Publishing your apps to the Windows Store for Windows those of you who… Read more

October 14, 2013 PC, Tablet

Raising the Bar with Direct3D

By Windows Apps Team

As we’re just completing the final steps of delivering Windows and Xbox One to customers, we thought this would be a good time to take a moment to recap the advances we’ve made in Direct3D for game developers and share… Read more