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Introducing Arduino Wiring on Windows 10 IoT Core

By Mahmoud Saleh

Developers targeting Windows 10 IoT Core can use a programming language of their Today, this includes C#, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Python and , but we’re not stopping Arduino Wiring is the latest addition to IoT Arduino is one of… Read more

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Building a Great Hosted Web App

By Windows Apps Team

Hosted Web Apps, the Windows bridge for web applications, have become a popular choice among developers for building Universal Windows Platform (UWP) It's no surprise that some of the top apps in Windows Store are built as Hosted Web Apps… Read more

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UWP Tile Generator Extension for Visual Studio

By Windows Apps Team

Windows 10 comes on a variety of form factors, which means so do your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) It’s important to make sure that your app looks great on whatever device the users are tapping, typing, or clicking on—even when… Read more

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Visual Studio Walkthrough for iOS Developers

By Michael Crump

In the first post in this series, we talked about using the Windows Bridge for iOS to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that can run on Windows 10 devices using existing Objective-C Our third post explores using the iOS… Read more