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UWP Experiences – App Samples

By Nikola Metulev

The UWP App Experiences are beautiful, cross-device, feature-rich and functional app samples built to demonstrate realistic app scenarios on the UWP platform across PC, Tablet, Xbox and Besides being open source on GitHub, each sample is accompanied by at least… Read more


Introducing Arduino Wiring on Windows 10 IoT Core

By Mahmoud Saleh

Developers targeting Windows 10 IoT Core can use a programming language of their Today, this includes C#, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Python and , but we’re not stopping Arduino Wiring is the latest addition to IoT Arduino is one of… Read more


Building Secure Apps for Windows IoT Core

By Windows Apps Team

Secure communication in the cloud normally involves the following: Data encryption: hiding what is sent Data integrity: protecting data from being tampered with Authentication: validating the identity of the parties in the communication Using a cryptographic protocol such as the… Read more

IoT, Mobile, PC

Introducing New Remote Sensing Features

By Windows Apps Team

In a previous blog, we discussed the new contextual sensing features and innovations we added to the sensor In today’s blog, we will take a moment to understand remote sensing and then take a peek at the new and upcoming… Read more


Network 3D Printing with Windows 10 IoT Core!

By Billy Anders

Since Windows , Microsoft has been providing native support for 3D printers with most popular printers already enabled via USB plug and play (see this full list of supported printers). Today, we have added a new Windows 10 IoT Core… Read more


Windows 10 IoT Core support for Raspberry Pi 3

By Billy Anders

This morning, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced availability of their new board—the Raspberry Pi We're excited to have Windows 10 support the new board via a new Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview update available for download The new Raspberry Pi 3… Read more