Microsoft doubles down on Windows 10 IoT with added support

By David Lemson

Companies making IoT devices have demanding expectations of their hardware and Microsoft is dedicated to delivering high quality, reliable IoT solutions for the devices which operate in harsh environments and are expected to last for many For decades, Microsoft has… Read more

Man in front of three monitors in an office, the back of his head is shown

Changes to Windows and Office servicing and support

By Bernardo Caldas

As part of our ongoing commitment to help our enterprise customers with their deployment and maintenance of Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus, today I join my colleague Jared Spataro in sharing news about servicing and support You can read… Read more

Two men sitting in an office working.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations: Power through advanced workloads

By Augusto Valdez Ruggiero

In the new world of work, advanced professions increasingly require high-performance computing We’re working to ensure Windows meets your needs, even in demanding and mission-critical scenarios, which is why we announced Windows 10 Pro for Workstations in For data scientists… Read more

Commercial office space

Accelerate Windows 10 Migration with Windows Analytics

By Klaus Diaconu

Windows Analytics accelerates enterprise Windows 10 Traditionally, migrating to a new operating system while ensuring legacy applications and drivers are compatible has been a time-consuming and costly project for Windows Analytics transforms this With Update Compliance and Device Health services… Read more

Panasonic factory

Behind-the-scenes at Panasonic: factory to field

By Toshiya Matsumura

The rugged TOUGHBOOK and TOUGHPAD devices that have made Panasonic a familiar name in industries such as public safety and manufacturing are now being evaluated for View a behind-the-scenes factory tour and see how one farmer is already finding success… Read more