May 25, 2012 1:35 pm

Windows Celebrates National Small Business Week

On Monday, the United States kicked-off National Small Business Week, proclaimed by President Obama as a celebration of “generations of entrepreneurs who have given their all to realize a dream.”

Here at Microsoft, we couldn’t agree more and also celebrate the important role that small businesses play in the U.S. and the global economy. Today, I want to recognize some of our small business customers who are using Windows 7 Professional to improve their business.


BrandMuscle, located in Cleveland, OH and works with brands to help strengthen their image through harnessing the power of technology. They were looking for a more responsive and longer lasting OS that would help their employees be more productive. The solution – they paired Windows 7 Professional with Dell Latitude E6400 PCs to give employees a more powerful, secure system that ultimately helped them be more efficient on a daily basis. Overall, the company saved 108 hours on restart time and 133 hours with desktop enhancements each month. Click here to view their full case study.


Borton Overseas, a travel company in Minneapolis, MN, provides custom travel packages for individual and corporate clients. They were looking for a more responsive OS so employees could get more done in less time, ultimately improving client satisfaction. The solution – by deploying Windows 7 Professional on new ThinkPad SL Series, Borton Overseas provided employees with a more powerful, responsive, and easy-to-use system that helped employees work more efficiently and effectively. Employees reported that they had faster network connections, enhanced efficiency, and improved communication across the board. Click here to view their full case study.


Deepwater Wind is an energy and environmental agency located in Providence, RI who develops wind farms in deep waters of the east coast. The company needed a faster, more intuitive, and energy-efficient system that would enhance productivity while aligning with its commitment to sustainability. The solution – they provided employees HP ProBook 5310ms loaded with Windows 7 Professional so that they had more mobile flexibility, easier ways to accomplish tasks, and more energy efficient systems that aligned with the company’s overall mission. Additionally, they saw faster network printer connections and enhanced security. Click here to view their full case study.


Hankins & Anderson is an engineering consultancy firm in Richmond, VA, who provides guidance in the areas of mechanical, electrical, life safety, structural, and civil engineering to federal, embassy, military, and government markets. They were looking for a way to improve productivity, enhance flexibility for mobile workers, and boost security while minimizing costs. The solution – investing in Dell Latitude E6400s with Windows 7 Professional gave their employees more intuitive, efficient ways to complete tasks, work on the go, and protect sensitive information. Employees also saw enhanced productivity and mobile performance, which boosted efficiency both in the office and on the go. Click here to view their full case study.

This National Small Business Week, we say thank you to all of our small business customers and wish you continued success! To learn more about how Windows 7 Professional can help your small business we encourage you to visit

Additionally, if you’re interested in winning a new PC loaded with Windows 7 Professional we partnered with TechCocktail to host a PC giveaway in honor of National Small Business Week. Please click here to find out how you can be entered to win!

Updated November 8, 2014 1:21 am